Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP’s)

>> National KONP   STP’s: What you need to know
>> Carol Ackroyd   FAQ’s about STP’s
>> Patients4NHS  Information sheet
>> Unite the Union  Mythbusting: STP’s
>> Centre for Health and the Public Interest   STP’s: Five Key Questions for Planners  
>> London South Bank University  STP’s: How serious are the proposals? A critical review
>> Public Matters (Feb 2018)  Will the written evidence to the Health Select Committee bring about the end of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans?
Local and national NHS documentation relating to STP’s include:
>> Draft Northumberland, Tyne, Wear and North Durham Sustainability and Transformation Plan (Nov 2016)  Full document: NTWND-STP-final-submission-combined   
>> April 2017 Guidance from Newcastle City Council’s “Wellbeing for Life Board” about the “Communities and Neighbourhood model” is here  This paper proposes ways in which the STP may fit within organisational structures.
>> NHS England guidance on engagement and consultation re STP’s is here: engag-local-people-stps
>> NHS England guidance on operational planning is here: NHS-operational-planning-guidance-201617-201819 (1)


Accountable Care Systems (ACS’s) and Accountable Care Organisations (ACO’s):

>> Comprehensive briefing paper on ACO’s from national KONP:
The online summary and link to the full document, the summary pdf document  and the full pdf document
>> Jon Ashworth identifies serious concerns re STP’s and ACO’s: Changes regarding healthcare provision must be debated and voted in Parliament      New Statesman 8.12.17 
>> Legal Challenge to the ACO’s number 1: 999 Call for the NHS is here
Working with public law firm LEIGH DAY, 999 Call for the NHS believe that the ACO contract is unlawful under current NHS legislation, on the grounds that the contract does not link payment to the number of patients treated and/or the complexity of the medical treatment provided. It fails to ensure that there would be sufficient money to meet the cost of delivering NHS services to the required quality standard. 
>> Legal challenge to the ACO’, number 2: Judicial Review for the NHS (JR4NHS) is here
 Working with public law firm LEIGH DAY, the JR4NHS team believe that  ACOs would fundamentally change the NHS and many private businesses could profit from this radical reorganisation of health and social services. These private businesses would have control over the allocation of NHS and taxpayers’ money. Their accountability for spending it and their obligations to the public would be under commercial contracts, not statutes. This is not in the public interest. It is also against the public interest that ACO’s are being introduced by stealth, without proper public consultation and without full Parliamentary scrutiny. 
>> House of Commons briefing paper on ACO’s


Local and national NHS documentation relating to ACO’s include:
NHS England guidance on contracting for ACO’s (August 2017)  – “Integrating care – contracting for accountable models”
and the NHS England webpage which provides links to associated operational documents is here


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