Livi Whitley Bay 3

In early 2020, the private firm Livi was awarded a one-year contract to carry out virtual consultations in Primary Care in North Tyneside. This is undoubtedly part of a very slippery privatisation slopeLivi claims to be Europe’s largest digital healthcare provider. 
North Tyneside CCG has now evaluated this one-year pilot period, and has decided to extend the Livi pilot contract while it procures a ‘Complementary GP Video Consultation Service’ for North Tyneside. The timescales for procurement have not yet been finalised given the changes in CCG’s and Integrated Care System. Details of the procurement timeline will be published on the website once it has been confirmed”.
Unsurprisingly, members of KONPNE remain angry that North Tyneside CCG have seen fit to extend this contract to this private business for a further and unspecified period, and members remain wary that the future procurement of this or a similar service will firmly embed privatised services within Primary Care across the Borough. There is no doubt that our Primary Care services require more resources and investment, and this should now be provided to existing, localised GP services – North Tyneside CCG should not be wasting taxpayers money by contracting out to private, profit making companies with shareholders. 
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