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Information from “We Own It” is here:

Did you know the government no longer has a legal responsibility to provide healthcare to the British public? 

Read this article about why the NHS model is better than a privatised model, with part 2 of the article here.

Watch this talk on the Privatisation of the NHS by Professor Allyson Pollock (18 minutes)

and reading! Check out NHS For Sale by Jacky Davis, John Lister and David Wrigley, NHS plc by Allyson M Pollock,  How To Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps by Youssef El-Gingihy, or NHS SOS by Jacky Davis and Raymond Tallis

Protecting the NHS from Trade Deals has public support. 84% of the British public said that they want the NHS to be fully public. In last year’s elections, all major political parties pledged to protect the NHS. We ask all politicians to fulfil this promise.

The NHS in England is being dismantled and only a change to the law can stop the damage. 


Keep backing the Bill….

Over the last 25 years, the founding vision of the NHS as a universal health service which is free at the point of need has been slowly but surely eroded. The final blow was the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which forced a commercialised model on the NHS in England.
We believe that the NHS should return to its founding vision as an accountable public service which treats patients and staff well. It should be available to everyone equally, free of charge, and should not be provided by commercial companies. The government’s duty to provide the key NHS services needs to be reinstated.
Changes in the law have brought about the dismantling of the NHS over recent years – only a change in the law can re-establish it as a publicly owned and publicly provided National Health Service.  Legislation is needed to re-establish the principles of the NHS.
The NHS Bill has been developed to do this and, for the Bill to successfully pass through Parliament, it is CRUCIAL that our MPs support it.
The details of the Bill are here:


Keep writing to your MP….

  1. Please check to see if you MPs name stands in support of the NHS (reinstatement) Bill. Find out if your MP supports the NHS Bill here
  2. If your MPs name is not listed (and many MPs have not yet aligned themselves to this Bill), then please write to him / her now and request (in a reasonable but assertive manner) that s/he signs up to the Bill.  Please ask your MP to demonstrate support by taking a photo with this poster. Your MP’s email address is found here (Parliament list) and here (KONPNE website list). Please email, tweet, or ask in person. It doesn’t matter how, it just matters that they do it. And of course if your MP has already shown support, then please thank him / her.
  3. Please be persistent (it may take two or three emails) and please let us know at how you get on
It is as straightforward as that – and it will take you ten minutes….
****NHS BILL EXTRA****As part of the KONPNE anti-privatisation exhibition in the summer of 2018, we invited all 22 North East MPs to send us a one-liner statement about where they stood regarding the NHS Bill ….some positive responses, some surprising responses (reading between the lines) and (sadly / interestingly) no responses from some….even though they are our elected representatives….
Click konpne st thomas exhibition mp quotes june 2018 to find out what your MP does (or doesn’t) say, and whether s/he has signed up…..and if your MP is one of the 12  non-signatories, then please drop him / her a line…..    We have added the line “Supporter of the NHS Reinstatement Bill” to those 10 MPs who have already signed up to the Bill (according to the website)

Keep signing the petition….

If you haven’t already done so, please sign the NHS Bill petition on the 38degrees website…and then share and tweet…the petition is here


Keep gaining support within parties….

Whilst KONPNE firmly remains a non-political party aligned organisation, this request goes to all people who are in the Labour party. Model motions promoting the NHS Bill and rejecting the STPs is provided here  KONP-model-motions Greenwich 2018  and here clp-motion a
Please adapt and work with your CLP in moving forward a motion – we urgently need the support of all Councillors and MPs. Thank you.


More information?

NHS Bill
Read more about the content of the NHS Bill here and check out the NHS Bill website, facebook and twitter


Hear the Public Lecture and Q&A session delivered by Professor Allyson Pollock in Newcastle upon Tyne in July 2017. Entitled “Post-election reflections on the fate of the NHS in England and health and social care services in the North East“, Professor Pollock reviews past and current developments in health provision and provides insight into ways forward for all who support and care for the NHS. Watch the video here.


Recorded at Newcastle University in October 2017, Professor Pollock outlines the ins and outs of health policy over the past twenty years, culminating in the Accountable Care Systems of today – an American import which is clearly orientated to a private health takeover. Our NHS was the model for the rest of the world in 1948 – low cost, efficient and universal – and many European countries followed our health care model. We now need to reinstate it to public ownership. It is not too late, but we do require a change in law – and we can all contribute to making this happen. Listen to the audio recording here.
Progress made at the Labour Party Conference in September 2017 is recorded here.


The “Open Democracy” article by Professor Pollock on the need to legislate to reinstate the NHS is here.
Parliament      Information about the passage of a Bill through Parliament is here