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ACTION –  Now (current campaigns and action to get involved in)   |    Local Councils (recent KONPNE questions to full council meetings, decision making at Councils, contacting your local Councilllor)   |   MPs (contacting your MP)  |  SOS NHS (our collaboration and actions as part of the national coalition SOS NHS)
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NEWS –  Local Campaign News
OUR NHS – page in development… OUR NHS will comprise key statements and photos from supporters
PRIVATISATION –  NHS privatisation (articles, videos, books)   |   Private health care (the actual cost of private treatments)  |    Covid 19 and NHS privatisation (Peoples Covid Inquiry, Test and Trace chaos, Outsourcing, PPE suppliers, cronyism, private hospitals, way forward)   |   The Peoples Covid Inquiry (KONPNE accuses the Government of ‘misconduct in public office’  |    Questions to NE Councils re NHS Privatisation (presented at full Council meetings)   |   Privatisation in Primary Care(Centene takeover in London)   |  Livi (link page to the KONPNE campaign re Livi) |  Privatisation in Primary Care in North Tyneside (Livi)   | KONPNE response (our response to North Tyneside CCG re privatisation)  |  Privatisation in A&E (York)   |   Privatisation of Urgent Care(in the North East by Northern Doctors, Vocare and Totally Ltd)   |   Privatisation of health interventions and treatments (outlining some additional medical treatments which are now being privatised)   |   Cuts in Dentistry (an update regarding dentistry in the UK, Toothless in England)  |  Wholly-owned subsidiaries (backdoor privatisation by NHS Trusts)   |   Sale of NHS Land and Buildings  (sale of assets) | Health and Care Bill 2021 (Bringing the structures for “Integrated Care Systems” | The Police and Crime Bill 2021 (Silencing public protest about NHS privatisation)   |    KONPNE Powerpoint Presentation (KONPNE presentation to local groups and organisations)
INTEGRATED CARE SYSTEMS –  ICS (Campaign action, leaflets, links, North East and North Cumbria ICS)  
NHS DATA GRABOur health data (Information, action, links)
WORKFORCE – a page to support our NHS Staff
NHS AND MIGRATION –  Campaign against NHS Charges and the hostile environment (the hostile environment, championing patients and staff, charging for NHS treatment, pregnancy care, Campaigns in the North East, Covid 19, “Vaccines for All” Campaign, “No Borders in the NHS”, Campaign actions now, clarifications, translations, links, toolkits, articles)
NHS CUTS –  information relating to cuts to services (info re cuts and closures, update from “Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign”, reduced critical care capacity, links)
WAITING LISTS – information about the lengthening waiting times for treatment 
SOCIAL CARE  – all about the crisis in social care, and ways forward
RESOURCES –  a range of resources (recent reports, health campaigning, books, film and videos, KONPNE teeshirts)
LINKS –  Links (email addresses for MPs, Councillors, members of Health and Wellbeing Boards / Health Scrutiny Committees, CCGs, Healthwatch, local Health Campaign Groups, national organisations)
ARCHIVE –  KONPNE archive news (from 2010 – 2019 – materials, past campaigns and actions, photos, reports), archive page on the Trade Bill (2020 Campaign reports, photos, actions), archive page on Sincere Thankyou (2020 photo report) | STPs and ACOs (definitions, past Campaign information, links)  |
BLOG –  guest blogs and musings from KONPNE supporters
CONTACT US –  KONPNE contacts (email, twitter and facebook, plus the KONPNE online contact form – please get in touch)


No cuts or cash-driven closures     |     Fair pay for all NHS staff     |     A fully-funded, universal, publicly owned and publicly provided National Health Service 


Roker / Seaburn beach, March 2021, facebook – thank you to this wonderful person on the beach and, YES, we completely agree….