The following five references highlight the growing evidence linking austerity and privatisation with avoidable deaths:
The Guardian     (5th October 2022)     Over 330,000 excess deaths in Great Britain linked to austerity, finds study
LSE British Politics and Policy    (3rd August 2022)    Areas of England with increased outsourcing of NHS services have more deaths of people with treatable conditions
OpenDemocracy     (29th June 2022)    NHS privatisation linked to 557 ‘treatable’ deaths in five years
The Mirror     (29th June 2022)    ‘Treatable deaths’ rise under privatised NHS services, study finds
The Guardian     (29th June 2022)     NHS privatisation drive linked to rise in avoidable deaths, study suggests
National Audit Office     (30th March 2022)     Investigation into the management of PPE contracts   This investigation examines Department of Health and Social Care performance in managing PPE contracts. It aims to provide greater transparency to Parliament and the public around what is being done by the Department when the PPE it bought cannot be used as planned. 
New Economics Foundation     (18th February 2022)   UNIVERSAL QUALITY SOCIAL CARE:Transforming adult social care in England   A great paper from NEF & women’s budget grp on a new settlement for social care. Mirrors NaCSILS programme. It also shows how the money could be ready raised to fund it.
Institute for Public Policy Research       in The Guardian     (2nd March 2022)      Private healthcare boom adds to fears of two-tier system in UK
Excellent film from “Your NHS Needs You”    (January 2022)    is    here
The Commonwealth Fund      (4th August 2021)     Mirror, Mirror 2021: Reflecting Poorly:  Health Care in the U.S. Compared to Other High-Income Countries
“Health Campaigns Together” and “Keep Our NHS Public”     (July 2020)    2020 Vision for a post-Covid NHS      Plus background / more information is here
Medact     (October 2020)     Challenging Healthcare Charging in the NHS
University of Greenwich and We Own It     2020    Privatised and Unprepared – the NHS Supply Chain (2020)
We need to hold the government to account.  Click here for the Tory Party 2019 manifesto, incl plans re health and social care (pages 10 – 12)  
Read the We Own It blueprint (May 2019) here:  WHEN WE OWN IT – A model for public ownership in the 21st century

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