Highest ever number of NHS England patients waiting for routine hospital treatment

Patients in every town and city are forced to endure lengthening waits for treatment, often in debilitating pain, and NHS clinicians are working flat out to try to cope with demand. Waiting list statistics reveal a health service in crisis, struggling without adequate resources and staff. It is clear that, in addition to the pressures brought about by the Covid pandemic, we are now also paying the price for the ongoing cuts and closures, and the failure to support the NHS and staff over past years.

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In addition to this unacceptable wait for treatment, the long NHS waiting times are pushing increasing numbers of people into paying for private treatment. There were 69,000 self-funded treatments in the UK in the final three months of 2021 – a 39% rise on the same period before the pandemic – a sign of how desperate people had become.
The BBC has seen evidence of people taking out loans and resorting to crowdfunding to pay for private treatment. The figures from the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) do not include those who have private insurance – instead they are the people paying the full cost of treatment themselves, leaving them liable for huge bills. The numbers paying for care topped 250,000 last year.
Patient groups warned there was a risk of a two-tier system being created, with the poorest losing out because they were the least likely to be able to afford to pay for treatment.

Self funding treatment

The above graphs and text is at   BBC News     (22nd July 2022)      NHS waits force patients to pay for private ops


ACTION: Sign the “”We Own It” petition

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Over 5 million patients in England alone are waiting for treatment right this second. We don’t want this crisis to push people to go private, and create a two tier system like the US.
The government has been underfunding our NHS for 10 years. And now, instead of investing in our NHS, it is propping up the private sector by paying them £10 billion (£200 million in shareholder profits) to run private hospitals using NHS staff to treat NHS waiting list patients.(1) This is not a solution. NHS staff should be working in NHS hospitals.
We are calling for the government to commit to new funding for our NHS in its autumn budget update. That means: 
– Funding of at least £10 billion revenue a year to cover ongoing Covid costs and care backlogs (2)
– Funding of at least £10 billion capital this year to urgently maintain and upgrade hospitals and vital equipment like ambulances and scanners (3)
– Funding for the extra 90,000 NHS staff that are needed – increasing the number of doctors, nurses and healthcare staff through training and encouraging staff to stay with better pay, terms and conditions (4)
– Funding for hospital beds – reopen the 22,000 beds closed since 2010 (5)
– Funding for A&Es – reopen the 100+ A&Es closed since 2010 (6)
– No more selling off hospital land, no more outsourcing NHS staff
– Funding and a plan for social care so that people are cared for when they leave hospital
The public’s top priority for the NHS is improving waiting times.(7) Instead of wasting time, energy and money privatising and reorganising the NHS, the government should urgently give it the funding it needs.
Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised to give the NHS “whatever it needs, whatever it costs”. We urge him to deliver on that promise.
To sign the “We Own It” petition 




Recent Ipsos MORI poll

ipsos MORI

“These results show yet again the pride that the public has in the NHS, no doubt bolstered by its work during the pandemic. However, the data also shows the challenges that lie ahead for the NHS in terms of public expectations, at a time when the service is facing a backlog of elective surgery cases, increased demand for mental health services, and the ongoing impact of caring for patients affected by COVID-19.”   
Anna Quigley, Head of Health and Social Care at Ipsos MORI, 13th April 2021




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