(then scroll lower down this page for detailed information about these current Campaigns and events: 
1: Log onto the next KONP North East meeting all welcome; Thursday 6th April 2023 @7pm via ZOOM
2: KONPNE supports the NHS Strike Actions
3: Our NHS staff deserve better – the “pay rise” is not good enough. 
4: Protect the Right to Strike: Sign the TUC / Megaphone petition
5:  Read about Northumbria Health – and then contact your MP re Early Day Motion 805; Oppose the use of NHS Hospitals for private patients
6: End NHS privatisation, save lives; sign the new “We Own It” petition NOW 
7: Support the Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign
8: Find out more about “Integrated Care Systems” and contact the Chair of “North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System”
9: Read our response to North East and North Cumbria ICS about the ICS Strategy
10: KONPNE puts formal questions to full Council meetings – read about our contact and responses from Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, North Tyneside, Northumberland, Gateshead and South Tyneside Councils….
11: No Palantir in our NHS. We don’t trust them with our health data, and we don’t trust them to respect the values of our NHS. Find out more and sign the petition
12: Steve Barclay must rebuild our NHS – sign the petition
13: End the social care crisis – sign the petition
14: Help with our admin, monitoring and scrutiny
15: Your help is needed – please donate to KONP North East
16:  Save the date!! Durham Miners Gala 2023; Saturday 8th July 2023
17:  Access information about the NHS Campaign
18: Link to NHS Campaigning organisations – much going on… 
19: Watch incisive films about the NHS
20: Follow decision-making in the North East Councils
21: Keep in touch with KONP North East


WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORTKeep Our NHS Public North East comprises, mostly, members of the general public, together with some local doctors, nurses and other health professionals who believe in a publicly funded and publicly provided NHS. Your involvement in the following current Campaigns and events is very much welcomed.

“Almost every day I’m asked “but what can I do?” The answer is the same as it has always been. Combine with other people. Mobilise. Build the movement until it becomes big enough to reach a social tipping point. The key to resistance is persistence”.    George Monbiot, 8th April 2022





Thursday 6th April 2023, 7pm via ZOOM

KONPNE 2 (2)

BE ACTIVE IN THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST NHS PRIVATISATION – Join us at the next “KEEP OUR NHS PUBLIC NORTH EAST” meeting: Thursday 6th April 2023 @7pm via ZOOM.  Meetings are always held on the first Thursday at 7 via Zoom.
We look forward to meeting you.
Zoom meeting ID: 880 6603 9258 / Password: campaign / Please feel free to use these to join the meeting – ALL ARE WELCOME. If you have never attended before, you will find that the meetings are open, and you are welcome to voice your thoughts and ideas, or sit back and listen – whatever suits you best.
The Campaign continues as strong as ever; the Agenda includes updates from across the NE region, update on NHS privatisation in the North East, campaign work regarding the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System, updates on collaborative work with “We Own It” regarding private contracts, further discussions around the increased use of private beds on NHS wards in the North East, planning for the campaign art installation in the North East in mid-2023, feedback on our question to the “Integrated Care Board”, updates on national events and petitions, and much more….   We will continue to fight and stand up for our NHS until it returns to be publicly accountable and publicly provided.


to read the notes from previous KONPNE meetings – scroll to the first Thursday of each month 




KONPNE supports the NHS Strike Actions

NHS staff are striking for their pay, our health, and the future of #OURNHS
Their struggle for pay justice is right at the heart of the huge problems facing our NHS services.  If we cannot win better pay and conditions for NHS staff, the staffing shortage crisis will only get worse. The worse the crisis, the more enabled the Government will feel to ‘rescue’ the NHS with increasing private sector involvement. 
KONPNE supports @theRCN @RCNNorthern our nurses, ambulance staff and doctors; we stand in full solidarity with all NHS staff who are fighting not only for fair pay, but for the safety of us all and the future of our NHS. We now wait to see if the Government faces up and stands up.
JUNIOR DOCTORS STRIKE***Members of the British Medical Association will stage a four-day strike action from 11th to 15th April 2023***
Click here for a report from the Chronicle (13th March)
Click here for information about the BMA Junior Doctors strike 

strike jnr drs


for the Strike Map – which gives the location of current strikes


for our Workforce page, which provides posters, information and links regarding Strike action
Supporters of KONPNE attending the picket lines at the RVI and at North Tyneside General Hospital


strike 6

NHS Workers say no 2






to sign the petition

NHS Workers Say No

Join “NHS Workers Say NO! to Public Sector pay inequality”


to register on the facebook page




Protect the Right to Strike: Sign the TUC / Megaphone petition


Our right to strike is under attack.
Rishi Sunak has detailed his anti-union legislation and plans to introduce new laws in the coming weeks. It means that when workers democratically vote to strike, they could be forced to work and sacked if they don’t. That’s wrong, unworkable, and almost certainly illegal. These new laws are a direct attack on working people’s fundamental right to strike to defend their pay, terms and conditions.


to sign the TUC / Megaphone petition




Read about Northumbria Health – and then contact your MP re Early Day Motion 805; Oppose the use of NHS Hospitals for private patients

EDM Feb 2023

that Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust are actively promoting private treatments – these have been present in the background for a number of years, but we question the fact that they are now being advertised and promoted, at a time of huge waiting lists. Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust appear to be opportunistically targeting people with current complaints and a need for one-off treatments and, as we all know, people are desperate when in pain, and many are resorting to use their lifesavings to cope. Essentially, this system is one of prioritising people who are able to find the funds to pay for healthcare.  Their mission is explicit here:  and their pricelist is also explicit here:
Using the title “Northumbria Health” (as distinct from their organisation Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust), they outline that “as we move forward we aim to position ourselves in the market more strategically as a provider of private healthcare for those living in Northumberland, North Tyneside and beyond.”  When outlining facilities, the Northumbria Health website clarifies that there are no private facilities – the fee-paying patient will be treated on a NHS ward, but efforts will be made to ensure a single room – although this can’t be guaranteed.
It is very relevant that these private treatments will require qualified staff to carry them out – a drain on the pool of staff available to provide NHS care, and also relevant is that many staff received NHS training – with no recompense to the NHS for this. This system is, essentially, one of queue-jumping. The Northumbria Health “vision” states that all profits generated will be re-invested in NHS frontline services – this does sound vaguely positive but the point remains that this type of blatant opportunistic advertising and availability further consolidates a two-tier health system. 
We have contacted (13th February 2023) Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust / Northumbria Health to outline our concerns and to access more information via “Freedom of Information”, and we await their response.   Click here to read our FOI request. 
Click here to read the Guardian article (7th January 2023) : Revealed: NHS trusts tell patients they can go private and jump hospital queues
Margaret Greenwood MP has put forward an Early Day Motion (EDM 805) calling on the government to put an end to NHS facilities being used to provide services to private patients, referencing the provision in the Health and Social Care Act 2012 for NHS Foundation Trust Hospitals to make up to 49% of their money out of treating private patients.
Margaret Greenwood is a KONP patron.  It is great to see that Kate Osborne MP (Jarrow) has sponsored this Motion alongside Margaret Greenwood, and that Ian Lavery MP (Wansbeck), Grahame Morris MP (Easington) and Emma Lewell-Buck MP (South Shields) have already signed their support.  Mary Glindon MP (North Tyneside) has contacted us to say that she cannot sign the EDM as she is classed as a front bencher, but has agreed to contact Jim Mackey (Chief Exec of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust) to outline the concerns that we have raised. 
KONPNE and KONP Sunderland have now written to all 22 NE MPs (Labour and Tory) regarding this situation. Click here to read the template letter used – this template was amended slightly from MP to MP in order to personalise it to their circumstances.


to see which MPs have already supported the Motion


for yourself to send a message to your MP, requesting their support for EDM 805
EDM 805 text
That this House notes that the Health and Social Care Act 2012 in effect allows NHS Foundation Trusts to earn 49 per cent of their income from treating private patients; acknowledges that, before it was amended during its passage through Parliament, it set no limit on private income, demonstrating that the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition Government had initially planned to enable NHS Foundation Trusts to earn as much of their income as they wanted from treating private patients; further notes that in 2011 the majority of NHS Foundation Trusts had private income caps of between 0.1 per cent and 2 per cent; is concerned by recent reports that NHS Trusts are promoting expensive private healthcare at their hospitals, offering patients the chance to jump NHS waiting lists; is further concerned that this will increase waiting times for NHS patients; believes that this is leading to a two-tier health system where people who have the means to pay can get treated more quickly, while NHS patients face longer waits, often in pain and discomfort; notes that this is not in the spirit in which the NHS was created; further notes that with waiting lists of over 7 million, there is no excess capacity in the NHS; recognises that the NHS is publicly owned and publicly funded and should remain a comprehensive and universal service, free at the point of use; and calls on the Government to put an end to NHS facilities being used to provide services to private patients.




End NHS privatisation, save lives; sign the new “We Own It” petition NOW

WOI -NHS-557Deaths-Graphic-770x430-1_0

Sign the “We Own It” petition to demand that local NHS leaders in the North East and North Cumbria commit to end NHS outsourcing. 
We were told that outsourcing was ‘the most efficient way to provide services’ and, for over a decade, the ideology of privatisation has been gaining a strong foothold in our NHS. But many people always knew that this wasn’t true, and now they’ve been proven absolutely right. A new national research study has found the evidence to be crystal clear: preventable deaths of 557 people have been linked to the outsourcing of NHS services. Ben Goodair, the Oxford academic behind the research, told over 300 people at the petition launch rally (20th October 2022): “My research found that wherever privatisation increased, deaths from preventable causes also increased. It is clear that there is a connection there”.
NHS leaders now have to face the facts: privatisation fails our health. 
Please add your name to the petition and demand that local health leaders in the North East and North Cumbria commit to end outsourcing in our NHS now…..and then share it with family and friends
To date (beginning of March 2023), 1,168 people across the North East region have put their name to it. We need to double or treble that number!  It is a two minute job….


to sign the “We Own It” petition


to receive leaflets to distribute to houses on your street


to read the research which links preventable deaths with outsourcing (scroll to the “We Own It” section)

WOI -NHSSaveLives-banner-1920x300-1-1




Support the “Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign”

facebook: SaveSouthTynesideHospital
Twitter: @SaveSTHospital
Phone: 07963 506 451





Find out more about “Integrated Care Systems” and contact the Chair of “North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System”

NENC region-map-with-boundaries


Our NHS was reorganised on 1st July 2022. This followed the passing of the Health and Care Act 2022 (click here for more info) and, subsequently, England was geographically divided into 42 health units called “Integrated Care Systems” (ICS). In our region, “North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System” is now responsible for commissioning all health care in the North East and North Cumbria. 
In May and June 2022, over 1500 people in the North East emailed the Chair of the new “North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System” (NENC ICS) to demand the pledge: NO PRIVATE COMPANIES ON ICS BOARDS. This time-limited action was co-ordinated by the campaign group “We Own It”, and provided a very clear message to the new Chair of the fledgling Board.
There remain a number of issues, and we need to make it clear to the Board that the residents of the North East and North Cumbria are against any further privatisation of NHS services within the new “North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System”.


to go to our “Integrated Care System” page, for more info and to write to the Board regarding your concerns.


“It is really important to understand that ‘integration’ as in Integrated Care Systems means ‘disintegration’, centralisation, loss of public accountability, opening door wider to private companies, driving down quality to reduce costs, rationing, and a fundamental shift way from a universal service providing comprehensive care to all, free at the point of use”   Dr John Puntis, KONP Co-Chair, 7th February 2021




Read our response to “North East and North Cumbria ICS” about the draft Strategy


Screenshot (355)
The local “Integrated Care System” (now responsible for all NHS commissioning in the North East and North Cumbria) has developed a strategy which set outs ambitions and goals for the future.
The ICS invited feedback from the public and all stakeholders on their initial draft, and we responded accordingly – KONPNE supporters felt that there are a number of important issues to develop further in this document, including *the need for the NHS to be the default provider of services, to work towards decreasing outsourcing *a commitment to providing a free and comprehensive health service to all  *no private sector representation on NHS decision-making bodies  *Emergency Care for all – no need to be registered with a NE GP  *thorough assessment of needs prior to discharge  *commitment to nationally agreed pay and conditions for staff, and commitment to work alongside Unions.


to read our feedback to the local ICS about the initial draft strategy


to read the finalised ICS strategy




KONPNE puts formal questions to full Council meetings

North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System (NENC ICS) is responsible for commissioning all health care in the region, from 1st July 2022. We have massive concerns about this new system – see our webpage here.
Over the last 6 months, NHS campaigners in the North East put formal questions to seven North East councils to determine their stance on this development – given that the ICSs are under instruction from NHS England, our local Councillors are our representatives regarding this new programme, and we need to ensure that they are accountable in standing up for our NHS.  


to read the responses from Durham, Sunderland, Newcastle, Northumberland. Gateshead and South Tyneside Councils
the shameful response from North Tyneside Council




No Palantir in our NHS. We don’t trust them with our health data, and we don’t trust them to respect the values of our NHS. Find out more and sign the petition

no palantir

Trust: it’s the beating heart of the NHS. Every time someone talks to their doctor or nurse, joins a clinical study, or decides to get vaccinated, they’re showing trust in their carers and in the NHS as a whole. There is no public health without public trust. So every partner of the NHS must be held to the highest standards. We can’t allow any public partner in the NHS who would undermine that trust.
Palantir fails the trust test. Palantir, a secretive US data company, wants a long-term role deeply embedded in NHS infrastructure. But it’s spent most of its history helping the powerful abuse the powerless. The CIA’s dirty wars in Afghanistan. The Los Angeles Police’s racist predictive policing scheme. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s brutal operations at the US-Mexico border. For years, Palantir’s tools have been used not to care – but to harm.  A company like Palantir has no place in our NHS.
We demand that Palantir are dropped from the NHS as quickly as possible. We also call on the government to consult on alternatives that will preserve the sacred bond of trust at the heart of the NHS.


to sign the multi-agency petition, supported by KONP


to send a formatted email to your MP


to read the Observer article (13.11.22): “Controversial £360m NHS England data platform ‘lined up’ for Trump backer’s firm”


to read the KONP article “Your Data is At Risk”




Steve Barclay must rebuild our NHS

Rebuild the NHS
From national KONP:
The Health and Care Bill is now an Act. This major change to how our NHS will work is happening at a moment when people are dying on record high waiting lists and going far too long without urgent treatment. 
The Health and Care Act will not make the situation any better. The sad thing is the current crisis in the NHS is unnecessary and avoidable. It arises from government policy and not inherent problems in our NHS. The government must step in to save lives and end needless suffering now.  It will not do so of its own volition. We put on the pressure to make it change course. 
That’s why we’ve launched a new petition demanding that Health Secretary takes urgent action to rebuild the NHS. 
To do this the government must: 
  • end the staffing crisis, including paying staff properly
  • train and recruit more staff by scrapping tuition fees and bringing back the NHS student bursary
  • ensure the NHS has the funds it needs (to the level of comparable countries) – this is affordable for the fifth largest economy in the world
  • stop the flow of cash to the private sector and invest in rebuilding the NHS instead
We urge you to sign the and share the petition now!


to sign the petition




End the social care crisis – sign the petition

social care petition

Many people who need social care don’t get the care and support they need, because they cannot afford the care charges. Additionally, millions of people who are paying the charges are being forced into poverty and debt – some of these people are being pursued by their local authority for this debt and being taken to court. 
Furthermore, we need a trained social care workforce who get a living wage and decent work conditions. Many care workers are on zero hours contracts, have to undertake training in their own time, receive less than the real living wage and are only paid statutory sick pay if they cannot work due to illness. Care workers who support people in their own homes are not paid for their travel from one person’s home to the next. The care sector is short of 165,000 staff, because pay and conditions are so bad, leaving 500,000 waiting for social care assessment or support.
We also need to provide a service which provides a range of supports for unpaid carers.


to sign the KONP petition.
The current system of social care is a disgrace.




Help with our admin, monitoring and scrutiny


KONPNE is a busy regional NHS campaign group – and we can do even more campaigning with your help….
There are a number of background routine tasks and jobs that need to be done – everyday tasks that keep the Campaign ticking over – but which are also VITAL in providing a strong structure for our campaign work.
Some of these tasks are “one-off” and others are monthly commitments – but each one would take less than an hour or two… honest. Please contact us at if you are able to assist and wish for more information – we will provide the support and information to help you get started….
This month, we need help with
> updating our email address list of all Councillors in the North East (going on to the Council websites, and updating our word doc, so that we have email contacts for all new Councillors post-May 2022), This is a one off job!
>New “North East and North Cumbria ICS Board” – one or two people to research the meeting joining process, observe (online) the new ICS Board meeting, and feedback to our October meeting
> Research the “North East and North Cumbria ICS” strategy / operational policy / aims
> Our blog (on this website here) needs an injection of energy – please be a “one off” guest contributor and write about your NHS and campaign-related thoughts / reflections / experiences and musings. Maybe you have attended an event recently, or have reflections on campaigning
> Our campaigning in the North East primarily covers five local authorities (Northumberland, Newcastle, North Tyneside, Gateshead and County Durham….Sunderland KONP cover Sunderland, and Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign covers South Tyneside) …..PLUS there are a number of meetings (as yet unspecified) connected to the new Integrated Care System. We need one person from each of the five areas to keep a monthly check / have a general awareness of their Council and NHS minutes and meetings, and to keep us updated regarding discussions and decisions regarding the NHS in their area, as identified in these minutes. This monthly task is more straight-forward (and not as onerous) as it sounds!  Please contact us for more info if you are able to help with this valuable work.




Your help is needed – please donate to KONP North East

donate 3

Please help us to develop our Campaign activity further over the coming months.
All of our supporters give freely of their time and expertise; no-one is paid. Expenses such as transport costs and parking charges are also paid willingly by the person concerned, and all this will continue.
We do, however, have a range of financial outgoings for a number of Campaign items and costs such as leaflets, posters, printing costs, banners, badges, room hire, Zoom, display materials, copies of the Health Campaigns Together newspaper (distributed free), annual membership of national KONP, and domain / website hire. After 12 years with a handheld megaphone, our big purchase in 2022 was a portable PA system (our voice will be heard even louder), and we have exciting Campaign plans for 2023 which will involve some financial outlay.
Click here to see our activity over the past year 2022!
And we could do more!!
If you are in a position to help financially with either a one-off donation or a monthly standing order, then this would be a HUGE help. All contributions are very gratefully received, however small.  


for our Donate page
All help is greatly appreciated, and every penny is used wisely in our campaign to Keep Our NHS Public.




Save the date!! Durham Miners Gala 2023

Saturday 8th July 2023

The Durham Miners’ Gala is the world’s greatest celebration of community and international solidarity – a unique and inspiring event.  More than 200,000 people pack the streets of Durham to enjoy the sights and sounds of The Big Meeting.
We will be assisting on the Keep Our NHS Public / SOS NHS stall,  and will need help leafletting and providing information – please keep the date free – more info to follow!!





> Look through our KONP North East website. Click on the menu header on each page, OR click here to go to the site map, OR click on the following links for updates and information regarding…. 
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Peoples Covid Inquiry
♦ Integrated Care Systems
♦ The Health and Care Bill 2021
♦ The Police and Crime Bill 2021
♦ NHS and migration – fight racism and defend migrants
♦ NHS Data Grab
♦ Resources – recent reports, books, films, video
♦ Links to people and organisations
KONPNE archive – our activity over the past ten years
♦ KONPNE Blog – an opportunity to air your views and experiences – all contributions are welcome!!





> The national KONP website provides information and news from all over the country

NHS news

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> The KONP 2020 Vision for Healthcare


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> Read the Health Campaigns Together news bulletin to catch up on local and national news and developments.  

hct 2

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> Check out The Lowdownsuperb, free, online health campaigning journal


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> An excellent series of 20 virtual meetings, each with expert speakers, hosted by The Peoples Assembly
For the complete playlist of meetings click here

> Click here for the “We Own It” campaign website re the NHS and click here for the facebook page

we own it

> Read and circulate issues of “NHS Staff Voices”, the newsletter for staff working in our health and care services:

NHS staff voices

NHS Staff Voices 5     (October 2021)
NHS Staff Voices 6     (Summer 2022)
Find out more about NHS Staff Voices here and check out the NHS Voices facebook page here

> See the Care and Support Workers Organise facebook page here

Care and support workers organise 3

> Join “NHS Workers Say NO! to Public Sector pay inequality”

NHS Workers Say No

Click here for the facebook page

> Click here, and find out more about the SOS NHS coalition of pro-NHS organisations and campaign groups, and click here for information and reports on recent actions in the North East

sos nhs 4












Click here for links to documentaries about the NHS: The Great NHS Heist  (Drew McFadyen and Bob Gill, 2019), Sell Off (Peter Bach, 2014) and Sicko  (Michael Moore, 2007)  – all are timely reminders about why we do not want an American healthcare system. 





KONPNE are keen for people to follow decision-making at local Council meetings – either by tracking Council minutes online or by attending (via Zoom) as an observer. It is crucial that we are aware of discussions at specific meetings  (the “Health and Wellbeing” and the “Health Scrutiny” meetings) so that we are able to keep up-to-date with CCG and Council decision-making regarding “Integrated Care Systems.
Please click our page here if you are interested in finding out more….




KEEP IN TOUCH WITH KONP NORTH EAST…and tell your family, friends and contacts

We hold monthly meetings via zoom – always the first Thursday at 7pm.  Details of all scheduled zoom meetings are posted above and in our social media  – it would be good to see you and hear from you!!  Please click on our home page here to find out more about us.
We circulate a regular Campaign briefing by email –  If you would like to add your email address to the circulation list, then please click here and….job done.
Also, we host busy and lively facebook and twitter platforms…please help the Campaign by liking, following, commenting, sharing, tweeting, retweeting….Our social media is updated daily and works well….so long as it is shared….. find us at and   
We warmly welcome new members and encourage all to be involved and in and to support the future of a publicly-funded and publicly-provided NHS. People can help in many different ways – involvement in specific Campaigns, practical assistance in organising Campaign work, liaison with other organisations, keeping an eye on Council and CCG minutes, assisting with our social media, etc etc etc – please let us know if you have time to assist and be assured of a warm welcome. There is a role for you!!
And finally, wherever you are in the North East, and whatever you are doing, please let us know and keep in touch at
At this time, we offer our gratitude and MASSIVE respect to all health workers and keyworkers.
Take lots of care and keep in touch – all at KONPNE xx




Please see these short youtube videos, which summarise some of the campaign activity throughout recent years:







More details? Please click the next link below for updates, media articles and photos relating to earlier Campaign activity:

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KONPNE 2 (2)

No cuts or cash-driven closures     |     Fair pay for all NHS staff     |     A fully-funded, universal, publicly owned and publicly provided National Health Service