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1: SOS NHS: All welcome to join this multi-organisation online rally for the NHS – Wednesday 19th January 2022 @ 6.30pm
2: Log onto the next KONPNE Zoom meeting – all welcome; Thursday 3rd February 2022 @7pm 
3: Campaign against privatisation in North Tyneside Primary Care
4: We strongly oppose the “Health and Care Bill” and “Integrated Care System” – find out why, and take action (includes information about writing to the House of Lords, signing the petition and, also, info about the North East and North Cumbria ICS)
5: MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE: Read (and circulate) the findings of The People’s Covid Inquiry, plus report to Police Commissioner Cressida Dick 
6: 5 Million Waiting – sign the “We Own It” petition re the NHS waiting list
7: The NHS Data Grab – find out more
8: Protect the right to protest – The Police and Crime Bill
9: Our NHS staff deserve better – the “pay rise” is not good enough.
10: Stand up for migrants – hospitals should not be a hostile environment
11: Centene Corporation takes over more GP practices
12: Prescriptions charges – sign the 38 degrees petition, plus update
13: Access information about the NHS Campaign
14: Link to NHS Campaigning organisations – much going on… 
15: Watch incisive films about the NHS
16: Follow decision-making in local Councils
17: Keep in touch with KONP North East


WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT – your involvement in the following current Campaigns and events is welcomed





SOS NHS: All welcome to join this multi-organisation online rally for the NHS – Wednesday 19th January 2022 @ 6.30pm

sos nhs

We need emergency funds to save lives now.
Health and care staff are under the worst pressure ever, with full beds, huge waiting lists, staff shortages, and an insulting 3% pay offer for workers facing 7.1% inflation (and rising). Legislation is needed to protect the NHS as a publicly-run and funded service, but instead Government refuses to properly invest, while its Health and Care Bill allows greater influence from the private sector. This must change. 
All are invited to join the online rally. Speakers from Keep Our NHS Public, Health Campaigns Together, People’s Assembly Against Austerity, Unite the Union, GMB, We Own It, NHS Support Federation, NHS Workers Say No, NHS Staff Voices, Doctors in Unite, Doctors for the NHS, personalities, politicians and more….
Click here to book a place, and more information is on the facebook event here. A bespoke website for this event and the associated SOS NHS campaign is here.



KEEP OUR NHS PUBLIC NORTH EAST” MEETING: Thursday 3rd February 2022, 7pm

KONPNE 2 (2)

BE ACTIVE IN THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST NHS PRIVATISATION – Join us at the next “KEEP OUR NHS PUBLIC NORTH EAST” meeting: Thursday 3rd February 2022 @7pm via ZOOM
We look forward to meeting you.
Zoom meeting ID: 880 6603 9258 / Password: campaign / Please feel free to use these to join the meeting – ALL ARE WELCOME. If you have never attended before, you will find that the meetings are open, and you are welcome to voice your thoughts and ideas, or sit back and listen – whatever suits you best.
The Campaign continues as strong as ever; the Agenda includes updates from across the NE region,  Livi privatisation in North Tyneside, protest work against the Integrated Care System in the North East and much more….   We will continue to fight and stand up for our NHS until it returns to be publicly accountable and publicly provided.


to read the notes from previous KONPNE meetings – scroll to the first Thursday of each month



LIVID – North Tyneside on the slippery privatisation slope

Livi Whitley Bay 3

In early 2020, the private firm Livi was awarded a one-year contract to carry out virtual consultations in Primary Care in North Tyneside. This is undoubtedly part of a very slippery privatisation slopeLivi claims to be Europe’s largest digital healthcare provider.
North Tyneside CCG has now evaluated this one-year pilot period, and has decided to extend the Livi pilot contract while it procures a ‘Complementary GP Video Consultation Service’ for North Tyneside”. 
Unsurprisingly, members of KONPNE remain angry that North Tyneside CCG have seen fit to extend this contract to this private business for a further period, and members remain wary that the future procurement of this or a similar service will firmly embed privatised services within Primary Care across the Borough. There is no doubt that our Primary Care services require more resources and investment, and this should now be provided to existing, localised GP services – North Tyneside CCG should not be wasting taxpayers money by contracting out to private, profit making companies with shareholders.  


to read the recent KONPNE responses to North Tyneside CCGs “evaluation” of Livi (3rd November 2021) and to record your feedback on Healthwatch North Tyneside “What Matters to You 2021”





The Health and Care Bill will bring about MORE American-style privatisation of our health service, it will give private companies BIGGER roles in decision-making and MORE contracts will be awarded without any checks and balances. There is no doubt about it – this government is hellbent on the further involvement of the private sector in our health service.  
We need to show them that this is not acceptable: we want an NHS run for the public, not profit, and amendments must be made to this Bill as it passes through Parliament


for our Campaign information about the “Health and Care Bill 2021” and “Integrated Care Systems”, for information about writing to the House of Lords, to sign the petition, and to update about the newly appointed Chief Exec, Board and draft constitution for the ICS in the North East





MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE; Read (and circulate) the findings of The People’s Covid Inquiry, plus report to Police Commissioner Cressida Dick 

Peoples Covid Inquiry 6

Wednesday 1st December: The People’s Covid Inquiry organised by national Keep Our NHS Public presented the finished report “Misconduct in Public Office”. 
In the absence of a formal public inquiry into the pandemic, The People’s Covid Inquiry began in February 2021, took place over 9 sessions and concluded it’s hearings in the summer. It covered all aspects of the government’s handling of the pandemic and heard testimony from a wide range of people and organisations. These included previous government advisors and key academics, as well as frontline workers and bereaved family members. The Inquiry was chaired by world renowned human rights barrister Michael Mansfield QC who, together with a panel of experts, delivered their findings and recommendations on all main aspects of the pandemic to date.
Tuesday 21st December 2021Dr Tony O’Sullivan and Dr John Puntis, Co-Chairs of National KONP, have written to Police Commissioner Cressida Dick re Governments gross negligence and misconduct in public office, requesting that she authorises an investigation of the facts with a view to considering prosecutions. Misconduct in public office is an offence under common law defined as where there is wilful neglect of duty ‘to such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder.’  The report also suggests there may be the offence of corporate manslaughter. 


to read the findings of The People’s Covid Inquiry “Misconduct in Public Office” and the letter to the Police Commissioner
…and then share the link and our facebook and twitter posts – our thanks go to national Keep Our NHS Public for all of their hard work in gathering this huge body of evidence, to the contributors for standing up and being counted, and to all involved in bringing this information into the public domain. At our KONPNE meeting of 2nd December 2021, it was agreed that we write to national KONP to give our thanks, and it is now up to us all to circulate this information widely.



5 MILLION WAITING – Sign the “We Own It” petition re the NHS waiting list 

We Own It 2

Patients in every town and city are forced to endure lengthening waits for treatment, often in debilitating pain, and NHS clinicians are working flat out to try to cope with demand. Waiting list statistics reveal a health service in crisis, struggling without adequate resources and staff. It is clear that, in addition to the pressures brought about by the Covid pandemic, we are now also paying the price for the ongoing cuts and closures, and the failure to support the NHS and staff over past years.
The long waiting lists for care are UNACCEPTABLE.


to find out more and to go to the “We Own It” petition





20210609_231401 (2)
The Government is trying to slip through a massive change to how NHS patient data is handled. It wants to take the patient records which GPs hold on everyone in England, and enter them all into one massive database – and it wants to make this data available to “third parties” – including private companies.

nhs data grab


for more information, to opt out and to sign the petitions





Through the “Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021”, the government is planning to make important changes to the law that will restrict the right to protest.

Police Bill 2

“The whole point of protest is that it does have an impact and may well cause unease or annoyance to those who do not agree with its aims. The value of our freedom to assemble peacefully and express our views is supremely important, and is protected in law by the Human Rights Act 1998″.  National KONP   23rd March 2021


for more information / public petitions





pay rise


to sign the petition

NHS Workers Say No

Join “NHS Workers Say NO! to Public Sector pay inequality”


for the facebook page






hostile environment 3

Keep Our NHS Public has campaigned against the introduction of NHS charges for migrants since the introduction of charges in 2014. 
Go to our webpage NHS and Migration – Fight Racism and Defend Migrants for information about how you can help with the Campaign…..





Centene Corporation takes over more GP practices

GP practices header

“We Own It” petition:
Centene Corporation, an American health insurance giant, has recently taken over AT Medics, a primary care provider responsible for 49 GP surgeries and over 370,000 patients in the Greater London area.
Before these new acquisitions Operose Health, Centene’s UK subsidiary, was already running GP practices in Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Luton, Birmingham, etc. totalling 21 surgeries and practices. 
With a total of 70 GP surgeries and practices, Centene is almost certainly the largest single provider of NHS primary care in England. Check whether your GP surgery is now owned by Centene.
Even the Daily Mail has called Centene a “profit greedy American health giant”.  Sign the petition and oppose the take-over of our GP surgeries by Centene or any other corporation.
Your GP’s surgery might be next – wherever you live


to get involved





Prescription charges


Over 60 year olds could soon be charged for NHS prescriptions under new plans being floated by the government to raise the age limit for free prescriptions from 60 to 66.   This is unacceptable. The pandemic has put a strain on the public finances – but that shouldn’t mean more people being forced to choose between their next meal and receiving medicine they need.


to sign the 38 Degrees petition

***UPDATE***September 2021****

“We wanted to say a huge thank you for being a part of the campaign to stop the government scrapping free NHS prescriptions for over 60s.
More than 187,000 of us signed the petition and more than 64,000 of us shared our views in a survey. 
We turned the results of the survey into a consultation submission, and share it – alongside the petition – with the Department of Health and Social Care. They’ve confirmed that the petition will be referenced to “demonstrate the strength of the public opinion”.
They’ve also confirmed that the responses from tens of thousands of us will be included in their evaluation, and thanked us for sharing our views. Their response shows just how powerful our voices can be – and that we can make a difference when we come together to take action on issues like the NHS.
We’ll keep you informed of the next steps on this campaign.
Thank you for your continued support,
Michael, Jonathan, and the 38 Degrees team.”





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NHS Workers Say No

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Click here for links to documentaries about the NHS: The Great NHS Heist  (Drew McFadyen and Bob Gill, 2019), Sell Off (Peter Bach, 2014) and Sicko  (Michael Moore, 2007)  – all are timely reminders about why we do not want an American healthcare system. 





KONPNE are keen for people to follow decision-making at local Council meetings – either by tracking Council minutes online or by attending (via Zoom) as an observer. It is crucial that we are aware of discussions at specific meetings  (the “Health and Wellbeing” and the “Health Scrutiny” meetings) so that we are able to keep up-to-date with CCG and Council decision-making regarding “Integrated Care Systems.
Please click our page here if you are interested in finding out more….




KEEP IN TOUCH WITH KONP NORTH EAST…and tell your family, friends and contacts

All of our regular face-to-face monthly meetings are, of course, cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we are now holding meetings via zoom.  Details of all scheduled zoom meetings are posted above and in our social media  – it would be good to see you and hear from you!!
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And finally, wherever you are in the North East, and whatever you are doing, please let us know and keep in touch at
At this time, we offer our gratitude and MASSIVE respect to all health workers and keyworkers.
Take lots of care and keep in touch – all at KONPNE xx



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