Privatisation in York Hospital’s Emergency Department  

Campaign created by Rachael Maskell MP

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Calls on the Government to recognise that the proposal to outsource work done by the Emergency Department of York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is ill-conceived, poorly timed and against the interests of patients; to prevent this outsourcing to the private sector; and to revise these plans for York Teaching Hospital only when the Government has published its White Paper and subsequent Bill on NHS reorganisation.

Why is this important?

We oppose all proposals to move access to some services at York Hospital’s Emergency Department (initial assessment, streaming and minor injury care) away from the NHS to a private company;
further that the Royal College of Emergency Medicine clearly states that the Emergency Department should control the front door of the Emergency Department, not some third-party organisation;
further that clinical governance have not considered how this reorganisation will disrupt patient pathways and clinical networks;
further that the governance have not considered how this will impact the clinical supervision of staff and governance of patient care;
further that they have not fully engaged with the clinical specialists working in this field;
further that this extends the privatisation of the NHS in a critical care facility and that such a move is not in the interests of patient care or clinical governance within the Emergency Department;
further that we are managing a very difficult pandemic where there should be no distraction from the delivery of clinical services;
and notes that the Health Secretary expects to bring forward a White Paper outlining a reorganisation of the NHS, which could have implications for access to Emergency Departments, the treatment of minor injuries and trauma and general practice. 


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Not many miles away….and perhaps a situation to avoid….?

Guernsey charges

Emergency Department charges in Guernsey, Channel Islands:
“Users to the Emergency Department pay a basic ‘Attendance, Assessment & Advice Only’ fee, which is tiered according to the time they attend.
In addition to this basic fee, one of four defined tiers of ‘Consultation Fee’ will be added to the total service fee incurred by a user if specialist treatments/procedures are required. The categories reflect the different levels of resource that are required to effectively manage the healthcare issues presented by an ED user and might range from a simple bandage, to a very complex support care package, for example in respect of treating the often multiple clinical care issues relating to the effective treatment of a road traffic victim.”


The absolute devastation carried out by the Tory Government, in one slide. Johnson must go.

A and E 7

FT Graphic – April 2022



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“Hello Ambulance Service – is the patient paying by cash or card?”