British Dental Association    (24th November 2021)   England: MPs press for service fit for 21st century
Conservative MP Peter Aldous: Problems in the sector “has been brewing for a long time”, with parts of the country now having “dental deserts”. He called for an increase in dental funding and urgent progress on contract reform, as well as a voice for dentists on integrated care boards and partnerships. “We need to act now to put in place an NHS dentistry system that is fit for the 21st century, instead of reversing into the 19th” he summed up, urging the Ministers to set out a clear plan to address the crisis in dental services.
Labour MP Peter Dowd: Dentistry is “a vital component in people’s health.” He stressed the role dentists play not just in treating teeth and gums, but also in early detection of diseases such as oral cancers. “Let us make sure that dentistry gets the recognition it deserves. Let the Secretary of State report on access to NHS dentistry and give it a seat at the table on integrated care boards and partnerships” he urged.

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The Guardian front page, May 2nd 2022
‘Dental deserts’ – read the article (1st May 2022) here



The Great British Oral Health Report, August 2021

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The findings are clear: millions of patients are struggling to access NHS dentistry, there is a growing gulf between the North and South of the country, and funding pressures and an acute shortage of NHS dentists mean hundreds of dental practices may have to close in the years ahead.
Read the full report here

Read the Healthwatch report, December 2021:
Healthwatch dentistry report
Sir Robert Francis QC – Healthwatch England Chair:   “With fewer NHS appointments available, it’s not surprising that we’re hearing from people struggling to cover private fees, or worse, taking matters in their own hands. The big worry about the shortage of NHS appointments leading people, who can afford, to private dental care is that it further deepens the health inequalities that COVID-19 starkly highlighted. It is also far from the direction the Marmot report calls for. ……The ongoing neglect of NHS dentistry will have repercussions for the life-long health of current and future generations, particularly among the most disadvantaged communities.”
Read the full Healthwatch report here

Centre Think Tank    (August 2022)    Dentistry must be brought back into the NHS
The Guardian    (24th May 2022)   ‘One woman took out 13 of her own teeth’: the terrifying truth about Britain’s dental crisis
The Guardian     (1st May 2022)   ‘Dental deserts’ form in England as dentists quit NHS, experts warn
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BBC North East and Cumbria – video     (21st January 2022)    16 dentists leave their practices in South Tyneside
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East Anglian Daily Times    (29th November 2021)    Suffolk – Survey finds no NHS dental practices taking adult patients now
My Dentist     (August 2021)     The Great British Oral Health Report

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