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NHS Cuts and underfunding

Reducing spending below where it needs to be to meet demand is used to undermine public services. Though NHS services are frequently overwhelmed, whether by the Covid-19 pandemic or winter pressures, KONP believes the NHS is not failing, it is being failed by Governments who refuse to fund it properly. 

Ten years of austerity

Since the 2008 economic crash the Conservative Government, who have been in power since 2010, have been making the argument that the UK needs to ‘balance the books’ with austerity economics after spending billions of pounds bailing out failed banks.
This saw spending fall or flatline for the past decade. Budgets rose by just 1.4 per cent each year on average (adjusting for inflation) in the 10 years between 2009/10 to 2018/19, compared to the 3.7 per cent average rises since the NHS was established.
In this time spending on public health services by councils was also 8 per cent lower in 2017/18 compared to 2013/14 (on a like-for-like basis).

Cuts and-underfunding_privatisation


Impact on patients

The impact on NHS staff and patients has been catastrophic with A&E waiting times worsening significantly over the past decade. The Kings Fund reports The NHS has not met the four-hour waiting time standard at nationally since 2013/14, and it has been missed in every month since July 2015. 
Mental health services have also been badly affected with waiting times for treatment so long that two-fifths of patients waiting for mental health treatment contact emergency or crisis services, with one-in-nine (11%) ending up in A&E, research by the Royal College of Psychiatrists has found. 

Creating an opportunity for private companies

These long waiting times for services open up an opportunity for the private sector to offer alternative services to desperate patients, but also for the Government to outsource ‘failing’ services to organisations who claim (though not prove) they can do it better. For example £10bn has been offered to private hospitals to clear the waiting lists caused by loss of capacity during the Covid pandemic.
This is why cutting spending to the NHS is an issue for campaigners who oppose privatisation of our public services.  
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Reduced critical care beds

The NHS is underfunded. The Government says that we can’t afford more, but we know that this underfunding is a political choice – along with the subsequent cuts, closures, lengthening waiting lists and demoralisation of staff.
The reality is that the UK, the worlds sixth largest economy, chooses to spend significantly less per head on health than Germany or France – and less than half what is spent in the US or Switzerland.

cuts 2

Unbelievable but shockingly true; the number of critical care beds/100,000 people:
U.K. 7.3
Germany 33.8
United States 34.3


….. and reduced over-all number of hospital beds in the UK


“The beds aren’t there anymore”….Tory cuts, not covid

cuts 5


Comparative Government spending on health 1955 – 2022

IMG-20210707-WA0000 (2)


….and more recently:

health spending

The pandemic did not help, nor did Brexit…. but the real culprit is the continuing Tory austerity-led poverty together with 13 years of starvation NHS funding.



Comparative public spending in five European countries, 1980 – 2024


This graph (Prof Danny Dorling, in “Public Sector Focus”) shows the UK consistently spends the smallest % of GDP on public services…..we are the red line bumping along the bottom.  Yet people keep voting Tory….


Nursing and medical staffing crises

Screenshot (258)

“Across primary and secondary care, there are currently 2.8 doctors per 1000 people in England, while the average in comparable OECD EU countries is 3.7. If the rate of medical workforce growth remains the same, it will take until 2046 before the NHS has the number of practicing doctors needed to match that average. That puts us 25 years behind where we should be today”.​     BMA     (13th July 2021)     Medical staffing in England   


staff numbers


docs and nurses

…..and the need for INCREASED funding

The data below relates to 2010 – 14 and demonstrates the need to invest MORE, not less, in the NHS.
See article in Financial Times     (17th November 2022)      UK health spending over past decade lags behind Europe by £40bn a year

Bar chart of Lung cancer age-standardised 5 year survival rate, 2010-14* (%) showing survival rates in the UK for some diseases lag those in other developed countries

More graphics and tables are on our “NHS Privatisation” page here


Reduced cash, reduced staffing, reduced NHS beds, reduced ongoing social care …. all obviously have an impact on emergency care:

The Guardian    (14th November 2021)   NHS patients dying in back of ambulances stuck outside A&E, report says

ambulance 2


….and that is just one part of the NHS healthcare system….



Update from Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign:

These cuts are not in our name with over 44,000 signing our petition. It is our hospital and our NHS and we should be able to retain and restore the vital acute and community health services that we all need.
The Chronicle    (14th September 2021)    ‘Staff pressures’ blamed as South Tyneside Hospital temporarily sends expectant mums to Sunderland
Shields Gazette   (30th July 2021)     Save South Tyneside Hospital campaigners turn out in rain to protest against ‘downgrading’ of children’s A&E
Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign website: http://www.savesouthtynesidehospital.org
Chair: Roger Nettleship (roger.nettleship@blueyonder.co.uk) 
facebook: SaveSouthTynesideHospital
Twitter: @SaveSTHospital
Phone: 07963 506 451


Further cuts to our NHS: Prescription charges


Over 60 year olds could soon be charged for NHS prescriptions under new plans being floated by the government to raise the age limit for free prescriptions from 60 to 66.   This is unacceptable. The pandemic has put a strain on the public finances – but that shouldn’t mean more people being forced to choose between their next meal and receiving medicine they need.


to sign the 38 Degrees petition

***UPDATE***September 2021****

“We wanted to say a huge thank you for being a part of the campaign to stop the government scrapping free NHS prescriptions for over 60s.
More than 187,000 of us signed the petition and more than 64,000 of us shared our views in a survey. 
We turned the results of the survey into a consultation submission, and share it – alongside the petition – with the Department of Health and Social Care. They’ve confirmed that the petition will be referenced to “demonstrate the strength of the public opinion”.
They’ve also confirmed that the responses from tens of thousands of us will be included in their evaluation, and thanked us for sharing our views. Their response shows just how powerful our voices can be – and that we can make a difference when we come together to take action on issues like the NHS.
We’ll keep you informed of the next steps on this campaign.
Thank you for your continued support,
Michael, Jonathan, and the 38 Degrees team.”


cuts 6




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How to Protect Our NHS by Aileen Gemmell, performed by Kenny Boyle:
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The Tories did not ‘restore the nursing bursary’.  https://twitter.com/keepnhspublic/status/1362369239999479809
The Guardian    (6th April 2021)   I don’t blame colleagues for leaving the NHS: the government has betrayed them
Left Foot Forward    (1st July 2019)     Medicine menus: How the NHS is being chipped away by stealth




And watch the performance:

How to Protect Our NHS by Aileen Gemmell, performed by Kenny Boyle: