Your help is needed

Please help us to develop our Campaign activity further over the coming months.
All of our supporters give freely of their time and expertise; no-one is paid. Expenses such as transport costs and parking charges are also paid willingly by the person concerned, and all this will continue.
We do, however, have a range of financial outgoings for a number of Campaign items and costs such as leaflets, posters, printing costs, banners, badges, room hire, Zoom, display materials, copies of the Health Campaigns Together newspaper (distributed free), annual membership of national KONP, and domain / website hire. After 12 years with a handheld megaphone, our big purchase in 2022 was a portable PA system (our voice will be heard even louder), and we have exciting Campaign plans for 2023 which will involve some financial outlay.
Click here to see our activity over the past year 2022!
And we could do more!!
If you are in a position to help financially with either a one-off donation or a monthly standing order, then this would be a HUGE help. All contributions are very gratefully received, however small.  
Our bank details are:
Bank – Co-op       Sort code – 08 92 99       Account – 65517907       Name – KEEP OUR NHS PUBLIC – NE
All help is greatly appreciated, and every penny is used wisely in our campaign to Keep Our NHS Public.

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No cuts or cash-driven closures     |     Fair pay for all NHS staff     |     A fully-funded, universal, publicly owned and publicly provided National Health Service