KONPNE powerpoint presentation:

KONPNE has devised a Powerpoint presentation summarising the privatisation of the NHS in the North East, which can be delivered via Zoom. The presentation has been trialled successfully with several North East groups and has been followed by q&a and discussion. The idea is that the presentation is flexible – slides can be shown in their entirety (this takes 30 – 40 mins) or selectively (for a shorter presentation), to fit with the needs of the audience. If you know of any groups that would like to book this presentation and a KONPNE speaker for a meeting – political, social, educational, religious or any other interested group – then please contact us at konpnortheast@gmail.com and we will do our very best to assist. Thank you.
We recommend that the presentation is delivered by a member of KONPNE – this provides an opportunity for your group to ask questions and find out more about KONPNE and current campaign work. Having said that, in the spirit of openness and for your information, we have posted the powerpoint presentation below, and individuals are warmly welcomed to look through the slides on an individual basis.
KONPNE comprises, mostly, members of the general public, together with some doctors, nurses and other health professionals who believe in the NHS. We are not aligned to any one specific political party (members belong to the range of parties – or none), and we aim to build the widest coalition of individual members, and work together with the widest range of local groups and organisations to achieve our aims.

Click here for the powerpoint slides:

KONPNE powerpoint presentation updated March 2021
technical note – to access the presentation, you will need to have the powerpoint programme already installed on your computer, and the presentation will need to be downloaded to your device

Presentation / discussion:

If your group would like a speaker to do a verbal presentation without the slides, or lead or take part in a discussion, then please contact us – we will do our best to assist

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements….

….   konpnortheast@gmail.com

Over the past ten years, many North East groups have invited a speaker from KONPNE and it has been a pleasure to meet up.

Since devising the powerpoint presentation in mid-2020. it has been great to meet up with the following groups so far:
** = powerpoint slide presentation and discussion
^ = talk, comment, presentation or panel discussion – often including some of the powerpoint slides
**  15th June 2020 – North Tyneside Green Party
**  30th June 2020 – KONPNE 
** 31st July 2020 – Unite the Union, Community Branch
** 5th August 2020 – Cullercoats Branch Labour Party
**  1st October 2020 – Morpeth and Pegswood Branch Labour Party
**  13th October 2020 – North East Peoples Assembly
^   23rd October 2020 – North East Peoples Assembly gig – observations on Governments handling of Covid 19 pandemic
^   12th November 2020 – NW Durham CLP
^   7th January 2021 – Socialist Health Association – presentation focused on privatisation in North Tyneside Primary Care
**  3rd March 2021 – Students for Global Health, Newcastle University
**  14th March 2021 – Tynedale Transformed
^   19th May 2021 – Cullercoats Branch Labour Party – presentation on “Integrated Care System”
^   28th July 2021 – Benton Branch Labour Party – presentation and discussion on “Integrated Care Systems” and the Health and Care Bill 2021
^   9th February 2022 – North West Durham CLP – presentation and discussion on the Health and Care Bill
^   14th April 2022 – Socialist Health Association North East – presentation and discussion on the Health and Care Bill, and campaigning in the North East


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