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NHS Data Grab

What’s happening? 
from OpenDemocracy – more information is here
The Government is trying to slip through a massive change to how NHS patient data is handled. It wants to take the patient records which GPs hold on everyone in England, and enter them all into one massive database. And it wants to make this data available to “third parties” – including private companies.
This plan would mean incredibly sensitive data about all of us who use the NHS – including sexual health, mental health, criminal records – being pooled and shared.
The plan was announced quietly, via a single website. Health data could be used for the good of the NHS. But any changes to how our health data is handled must be done in a transparent, trustworthy, legal way. The scheme is being rushed through by stealth. Patients have been denied a meaningful say in what happens with their data. No safeguards have been included to prevent private companies using our data for their own profit.

Dodge the NHS Digital Data Grab
from Open Rights Group – more information is here
NHS Digital is planning to transfer the sensitive medical histories of over 50 million patients registered at GPs in England to a database accessible by commercial third parties. Protect your medical data by opting out today.
The data will include diagnoses, symptoms, observations, test results, medications, allergies, immunisations, referrals, appointments, information about physical, mental and sexual health, data on sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation and more.
Though names won’t be collected, this data will only be pseudonymised. This means it will still be possible to identify patients by cross-referencing data like postcode, age and diagnosis.
The official line is that sharing this data will aid in the research and development of cures for serious illnesses, but the Government has a lot to gain by selling access to companies too. The secretive way that NHS Digital is going about this will only undermine public trust amidst an ongoing health crisis

NHS data – an incredibly valuable public asset
From Foxglove – more information is here
The NHS holds a huge amount of health data. In fact, it’s the largest set of structured, machine-readable health data in the world. The data is so good thanks to the fundamental values of the NHS as a health service that cares for everyone – that means the data covers all of us, across the UK, regardless of wealth or background.
Responsible use of this data can be of huge benefit, helping improve care and develop new treatments. Patient data has helped the response to Covid, and, with proper safeguards to protect the public interest, more could be done in the future. One estimate of the value of patient data to the NHS puts it at a staggering £10 billion per year.
An asset to be stripped?
Private corporations have also spotted the value of NHS data – and are keen to cash in. They are seeking contracts from the government to provide outsourced data services to the NHS. These contracts can be lucrative in themselves – Palantir’s latest contract is for £23million – but the even bigger prize is access to the data itself. Many companies see public data as a resource they can exploit to develop highly profitable new products and services.

An excellent video from Double Down News

double down news

is here  



****OPT OUT !!!! 

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Information from MedConfidential about the opt-out process is here
You will need to fill out the opt-out form here  and take this to your GP
Information from NHS Digital is here

opt out

Additional info from the campaign group 999CallforNHS is here
They make the point that “THIS IS NOT THE NHS GRABBING YOUR DATA – this is the Government / Dept. of Health / NHSEngland grabbing your data and making it available – to whom?”


AND PROTEST !!!! ****


Sign the Foxglove  petition here  “NO PALANTIR IN OUR NHS”

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Sign the OpenDemocracy petition here    NHS PATIENTS WANT PRIVACY,  NOT PRIVATISATION


Latest news: NHS data platform?  Possible sell off?   (23rd September 2022)

From Foxglove:
Last year, thousands of you from across the UK backed our coalition’s campaign to stop the NHS Data Grab. In the end, over a million people – including the government’s own health data guru Dr Ben Goldacre – opted out of the scheme, forcing it to be scrapped.
Having failed in their attempts to pool GP data in the NHS Data Grab, the government is now taking a different route. They recently announced plans for a ‘Federated Data Platform’: a vast new £370m health data system with spy-tech firm Palantir as the front runner for the contract. What’s it for? Details are murky – but the plan seems to be for more and more control over your health records to be taken from caregivers, like your GP, and put in the hands of central government decision-makers at NHS England. Don’t be fooled by the branding – these folks are officials, not clinicians.
Some doctors fear this will jeopardise the doctor-patient relationship. Sure, some aspects of care can be centrally managed – most people don’t mind getting a text to book a Covid vaccine appointment. But what about when a central government department starts asking you about weight management? Or teen contraceptives? Some things we just want to talk about with a doctor – face to face, in private.
Foxglove and our partners Just Treatment, The Doctors’ Association UK and the National Pensioner’s Convention have serious concerns about these plans for our NHS health data. That’s why we’ve sent an initial legal letter. Once central government can access this data under the umbrella of giving us ‘care’, without super-careful safeguards, it’s a slippery slope before access is given to private researchers for profit.
Foxglove’s mission is to stand up to tech giants and governments, and work for a future where technology is used to benefit everyone, not just the rich and powerful.  


Private Company in line to run NHS data platform?  Possible sell off?   (13th April 2022) 

Left Foot Forward    (13th April 2022)     Company co-founded by Trump supporter Peter Thiel in line to run NHS data platform

Big breakthrough – An update from Foxglove – 23rd July 2021

“We’ve had a big breakthrough. In the face of a public outcry, huge petitions, and a crowd-funded legal challenge, the government has announced changes to its new NHS database – including scrapping the deadline for patients to opt out.  They’ve also binned the ludicrous system where an opt-out only stopped your data being taken in the future – but your lifelong health record stayed in the system.
Taken together, these changes massively reduce the threat of patient data being taken without patients’ consent. Opting out of the new NHS database should now actually do what it says on the tin.   This is a direct result of our collective campaign efforts. So a huge thank you, and congratulations, to all of you who got involved…..We’re very proud to be part of the coalition working on this, alongside: Just Treatment, the Doctors’ Association UK, the National Pensioners Convention, the Citizens, openDemocracy and David Davis MP.
However, there are some big remaining concerns – including about the role of private corporations in the new NHS database. We’re currently examining these in detail.  A health minister told MPs in parliament this week that the existing system for deciding who gets access to NHS data is “onerous” and “long-winded” and that it was “a drag anchor on progress”. That sounds like he may want to weaken the rules granting private companies access.  The minister also wouldn’t commit to writing to every NHS patient to tell them about the changes to GP data. That could leave some people, particularly older and more vulnerable patients, without a meaningful chance to opt out.
We’re not letting this go. We’re consulting with our partners in this case, and others, and will be able to update you soon on the next steps. Watch this space!”

A further update from Foxglove   (17th September 2021)

Foxglove    (17th September 2021)    Palantir just got booted out of a government social care contract!

Not all good news – a warning from National KONP    (15th September 2021)

National KONP    (15th September 2021)    The Health & Care Bill and the new NHS Data Grab

An update from The Observer      (22nd August 2021)

The Observer    (22nd August 2021)      NHS data grab on hold as millions opt out

…and watch (and share) this brief update video from “999 Call for the NHS” (31st July 2021)….3 million people!!!!



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