How many times do you email your MP each year?

Once?  Twice?   More often?

S/he is your representative, and it is crucial that you get your points across….

There are 22 MPs in the North East (16 Labour and 6 Conservative) and one of these is YOUR representative. Please write now, asking him / her to stand up for the NHS.
Please check out our Action page here for details about our current campaigns and include these in your email, ask for a pledge of support, add specific questions, mention that you are a supporter of KONPNE, provide your name and address, specifically request a reply and copy us in (….
It is very straightforward – and CRUCIAL that your voice is heard.
15 minutes, twice per year….but, working together, we can make a difference.
There is a list of local MP email addresses on our Links page here; alternatively, you can find the name and email address of your MP by entering your postcode here.