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14th May 2022 – Shut Hassockfield Down

Hassockfield 2

It’s time we made the UK a welcoming, supportive and kind place that welcomes those who are forcibly displaced, no matter where they come from. No one chooses to be a refugee. The health needs of refugees can be considerable, given recent trauma, displacement and separation, and places such as Hassockfield serve to intensify symptoms. It is time the Government abolishes its hostile policies, and closing immigration prisons like these is the first step in doing so.
It was important for supporters of KONPNE to be present today and to stand in solidarity with many other groups and individuals against this abhorrent facility. 
Mary Kelly Foy, MP for the City of Durham: “I am fundamentally opposed to the detention of vulnerable refugees. Instead of this dehumanising process, I echo the call of human rights activists that asylum claims should be resolved in the community without the trauma of detention.”
Agnes Tanoh, “Women for Refugee Women”, started a petition against the new detention centre that has now been signed by over 16,700 people. She said: “I know how detention destroys a woman, because I was locked up for over three months at Yarl’s Wood detention centre, before the Government accepted that I am a refugee. I witnessed the suffering of vulnerable women while I was there. The Government promised to reduce its use of detention because of the harm it causes, but they broke this promise by opening Derwentside detention centre – the first one to open in over seven years. Protest is an act of solidarity. Together we have one strong and loud voice”.
CLICK HERE for the No to Hassockfield Campaign, HERE for the report in the Northern Echo, HERE for the video from Rochelle, and HERE for our NHS and Migration website page  

23rd April 2022Three questions to put to candidates in the forthcoming Council elections

polling station 2

Knock knock….
At this time of the year, we can guess who’s there….
Here’s three key questions to put to prospective Councillors – or, indeed, all Councillors even if they are not facing an election this year….and if there is no knock on the door, please click here for email addresses of current Councillors….


a) What will you do to encourage local NHS commissioning services to keep healthcare within the NHS? (Over the last decade, £96 billion has been paid to private companies for NHS services – privatisation puts profits before patients).
b) How will you work to increase democracy in local health structures?  (The Health and Care Bill reduces the contributions of councillors and local people on NHS decision-making bodies)
c) What are you doing to fight for fair pay for all NHS staff?  (The current pay offer of 3% is derisory and unacceptable. It is not surprising that there are 100,000 vacancies in the NHS – an average nurse in the UK has lost 20% of income over the past 10 years)
….and please let us know responses at konpnortheast@gmail.com – thank you!

20th April 2022 – Order NOW!! 

Book 10

𝐍𝐇𝐒 𝐔𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑 𝐒𝐈𝐄𝐆𝐄 The fight to save it in the age of Covid – Edited by John Lister (Health Campaigns Together) and Jacky Davis (KONP), with a foreword by Michael Rosen….
Published 19 May 2022 and PRE-ORDER NOW from merlinpress.co.uk

14th April 2022 – “Rebuild Our NHS” Campaign – out and about in Wallsend and Tynemouth


Further to the KONPNE Campaign meeting last week, today saw our first leafletting session of the “Rebuild Our NHS” campaign. We made a very good start in Wallsend town centre and in Tynemouth – and the challenge now is for much further distribution, far and wide. We need your help.
Please click here to order free leaflets from “We Own It” – these will be posted to your address, for you to deliver to houses in your street or locality, or for you to distribute via an organisational street stall, etc.
You can read up on the background to ICSs on our website here  and remember: If we don’t fight to protect our NHS, we will always lose. But if we fight we have a chance of winning.

14th April 2022 – Socialist Health Association


Great to be invited to speak at tonights SHA North East meeting, alongside Coral Jones from London. Much discussion and many ideas generated regarding possible ways forward, especially with regard to challenging some of the issues associated with the proposed Integrated Care System. It will be great to carry out further Campaign work together in the future.

7th April 2022 – Monthly KONPNE campaign meeting

KONPNE 2 (2)

Discussions and planning regarding the “We Own It” Rebuild Our NHS campaign, Integrated Care Systems, asking questions at forthcoming Full Council meetings, Livi, digital access to health, Hassockfield and TUC demonstrations, and the start of a KONPNE activists WhatsApp group =  a busy meeting. The notes from this meeting are here – these are open and available for all to read. 
Our next monthly meeting will take place on Thursday 12th May at 7pm via Zoom – this is a week later than usual due to the local elections. Please join with us – all welcome. Further information about this meeting and details for joining via Zoom is here.

2nd April 2022 – Cost of Living March and Rally, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

PA April 2022

Today’s Cost of Living Crisis demonstrations is the fourth in a series of protests organised by the People’s Assembly, and supported by trade unions, community, and campaign groups, including KONPNE. As the Tories’ cost of living crisis continues, we continue to protest.
We must not let the Tory government make us pay for their Cost Of Living Crisis – collectively we must continue to fight back and force the changes we need.
Crucial that we join forces to keep up the pressure on the government.
Many thanks to North East Peoples Assembly for organising. Contact:  peoplesassemblyne@gmail.com
Read the report in the Chronicle here

24th March 2022 – Rebuild Our NHS; Get Private Profiteers Out

Great that John Whalley, KONPNE Steering Group member, was invited to speak as one of the panellists at the national  launch of the new “We Own It” Campaign. Rebuild our NHS is one of the most ambitious campaigns ever launched by WOI, and will enable unprecedented pressure to be placed on local NHS leaders to kick private companies out of local NHS bodies and put local people first.
Locally, this Campaign will involve supporting people in the North East and North Cumbria to send 3000 emails to the chair of the “North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System” (ICS) + leafletting + newspaper and radio coverage. The same actions will also take place, regionally, with regard to the other 41 ICSs across England.
At the national launch rally this evening, NHS campaigners from across the country spoke about why action on the local level is effective. Pamela Sloan who helped stop the closure of a local A&E in Chorley reminded us: “mosquitoes are tiny, but together they can run a mighty buffalo mad”. Len Hockey, a Unite workplace rep, spoke about how they won their fight to get Serco-employed hospital workers in London insourced into the NHS just last month. Mike Forster and Louise Irvine spoke about how they won fights in Huddersfield (West Yorkshire) and in Lewisham (South East London) respectively, to save their local hospitals. Speaking about health campaigning in the North East, John Whalley highlighted the recent successful “SOS NHS” day of action; the event, at Longsands, Tynemouth, centred around raising public awareness and engagement, and involved speakers, local musicians, poets and public participation in a “sand sculpture” – this beach event was a “first” for KONPNE….
KONPNE will be prioritising the Rebuild Our NHS Campaign over the next few weeks. To get involved immediately, please use this link https://weownit.org.uk/find-my-nhs  then add your postcode and send the prepared email to the ICS chair….and please share this link with your family, friends, colleagues and contacts on your social media too. KONPNE will also be arranging some local events to get this message out to the public – we will let you know places and times.

9th March 2022 – Surfing in North Tyneside?

computer 2

Moving away from Longsands to a very different kind of surfing….North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group has recently commissioned Northumbria University to carry out a survey relating to residents access to digital technology. The researchers comment that “we want to gather as much information on digital technology use to inform a digital plan for North Tyneside. This information will also be used to help to shape how people access future services. When referring to digital technology, we mean the devices used to access the internet, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, smart speakers, etc.”
Whilst there is a place for digital technology in public services, it is crucial that quality of healthcare is not undermined. The prolonged underfunding of the NHS, staff shortages, and the ongoing cuts to services, coupled with the Covid pandemic, have all impacted on the NHS, and the increased use of digital technology must not be used as an inadequate quick-fix. Nor must it be used as a backdoor for increased NHS privatisation. We are aware that, in early 2020, the very same North Tyneside CCG awarded the private company “Livi” an initial contract to carry out virtual consultations in Primary Care. This company has very recently been given a 5 year contract, and all is undoubtedly part of a very slippery privatisation slopeLivi claims to be Europe’s largest digital healthcare provider – see here.
So, North Tyneside residents, please fill out the survey at the following link: https://northumbria.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/resident-survey     
Question 34 is freetext, and supporters of KONPNE have recorded their huge concern about the health inequalities that may be heightened through increased digital technology (some patients can’t use such technology, or can’t afford to use it), the decreased continuity of care brought about through virtual consultations with private health companies, and the misdiagnoses (symptoms are more accurately assessed at a face-to-face consultation). And, of course, the reality that many digital healthcare platforms are underpinned by finance from private companies, all eager to placate the shareholder…  Other supporters may wish to highlight these and other important issues.

5th March 2022 – We Won’t Pay for the Crisis

PA rally March 2022 1 (2)

Many thanks to North East Peoples Assembly for inviting KONPNE to speak at today’s Cost of Living Crisis Rally in Newcastle – inflation and rising prices are squeezing wages with no pay rise in sight for healthcare staff, all working tirelessly within services which face relentless cuts or privatisation. This Government does not care.
Speakers included Matt Perry (UCU), Steve Swainston (PCS NEC),Tay Pitman (Green Party), Bill Corcoran (NUFC Fans Food Bank), Tony Dowling (People’s Assembly) and Jude Letham (KONPNE).
Jude Letham, KONPNE Co-ordinator, Cost of Living Crisis Rally in Newcastle, 5th March 2022: “Please do not leave campaigning for the NHS to someone else. If you want an NHS, you must become an NHS campaigner. Start this week: sign the SOS NHS petition, follow KONPNE on social media and talk to family and friends about what is happening to the NHS”
Click here for the news coverage and video from The Chronicle

4th March 2022 – Some excellent news….


KONPNE sends huge congratulations to the striking workers at Barts Hospital who have now won their long fight to be brought back in house. Hundreds of cleaners, porters, security guards and domestic staff are to benefit from NHS pay, terms and conditions – these staff will be transferred across to join the existing Barts Health staff as NHS employees under the Agenda for Change (AfC) conditions – clickherefor info.
Outsourced workers at St George’s Hospital have also won sick pay alongside their NHS colleagues after prolonged pressure from the GMB union too. 
The truth is that campaigning works, Government’s and organisations can and often are forced to make U-Turns and are occasionally even pushed from office. Public consciousness can and does frequently shift and arguments are won.
Never give up the fight…. 

3rd March 2022 – KONPNE speaks

KONPNE 2 (2)

Wide-ranging discussions and planning at tonights meeting – feedback on the “SOS NHS” campaign and actions of last Saturday, updates on the Health and Care Bill and a possible refocus away from the Parliamentary process and onto local “Integrated care Systems”, North Tyneside CCG survey, Patients Not Passports update, discussion around campaign funds, and dates for future speakers and rallies. It’s looking like a busy Spring and Summer ahead!  The notes from this meeting are here – open for all to read.
Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 7th April at 7pm via Zoom – please join with us – all welcome. Further information about this meeting and details for joining via Zoom is here.

28th February 2022 – in todays Chronicle…….

DSC_0005 (2)

and also on Chronicle Live – click here

26th February 2022 – Proud to stand up for #OURNHS in Newcastle, Tynemouth and Sunderland


(1) Approve emergency funding of £20 billion to save lives this winter

(2) Invest in a fully publicly owned NHS & guarantee free healthcare for future generations

(3) Pay staff properly: without fair pay, staffing shortages will cost lives 

sos nhs events

Scroll down for reports ⇓

26th February 2022“SOS NHS” at Seaburn Beach, Sunderland  3pm 

TO #OURNHS, with heart from Seaburn

AG_Bdc88kLB0cZW6YBo7WkLvkokOWg8xRLta1zL_I8vL5CbEndTXlEh65IrkxhveJFBT64vWY2JRJMh48p9LQQ8uHXdTgEggbMG1t_t8t_5dvPNbWjuuT5n5z9eyzs6lvw__ (2)

Congratulations to all at the KONP Sunderland and District group for this absolutely amazing piece of artwork!!
Created as part of the SOS NHS national Day of Action, this took residents and visitors to Seaburn by surprise, and led to many conversations.
Whose NHS?



to read the article in the Shields Gazette

26th February 2022“SOS NHS” at Longsands, Tynemouth 2.30pm

SOS NHS 8-page0001

TO #OURNHS, with heart from Tynemouth

011A4564 (2)
All Photos with kind permission of Mark Husmann
Part of the SOS NHS national Day of Action (click here for details), 


(1) Approve emergency funding of £20 billion to save lives this winter

(2) Invest in a fully publicly owned NHS & guarantee free healthcare for future generations

(3) Pay staff properly: without fair pay, staffing shortages will cost lives

Organised and supported by local residents and by “Keep Our NHS Public North East”, the beach event at Tynemouth was a first for KONPNE!!
A celebration of #OURNHS, but with a very serious message relayed through a mix of superb music, poetry, speeches and a HUGE human sculpture in the sand for #OURNHS….all buffeted by a gentle wind, much sun (especially early on) and a little chill (especially towards the end). Many thanks to all who turned up to make the event so successful…..
**Dr Helen Groom (Retired GP, NHS campaigner and member of the “No to Hassockfield Campaign”)  **Julia Charlton (Retired Nurse Tutor / Academic)  **message from Gail Ward (Disabled People Against Cuts / Protect Tynedale NHS)  **Joe Kirwin (Councillor and chair of North Tyneside health scrutiny committee)  **William Jarrett (Unite, Newcastle Hospitals Branch)  **message from a GP  **Tony Dowling (North East Peoples Assembly)  **Sean Fahey (North East Pensioners Association)  **Jude Letham (Keep Our NHS Public North East)
**Harry Gallagher – Cullercoats poet. His book “Northern Lights” is a love letter to the people of the North, a region often buffeted and battered by stormy conditions but which in the end always prevails
**Joan Hewitt (Award-winning Tynemouth poet. Joan read a poem by Michael Rosen, whose treatment during a Covid- induced coma and long recovery left him with enormous gratitude to NHS staff.
fantastic acoustic sets:
**Pete Shaw – Artist and singer songwriter, Pete has appeared at the Cambridge Folk Festival, Brampton Live, WOMAD and many other festivals and venues across the UK. He is locally loved for his brilliant guitar- playing , warmth and cheeky humour
**Jimmy Ince – well-known and loved on the northeast music scene for his acoustic versions of standards, recents and rap, all delivered with a highly-individual twist.
and special thanks to:
**Mark Husmann – photographer extraordinaire
**Joan Hewitt – for boundless energy in event planning and organisation

20220226_160501 (2)


to read the report from Chronicle Online

011A4800 (2)

…..and the curtain falls on Longsands….until another day…..
Read Joan’s guest blog about the poetry at Longsands on our blogpage here
and some quotes and transcriptions of some of the speeches here
This event was one of 85 events taking place across the country today. Click here for the article from National KONP

26th February 2022 – “SOS NHS” at the Monument; 12 noon

SOS NHS Monument

All photos with kind permission of Davy Ellis

National Day of Action for the NHS

STAND UP FOR THE NHS: Part of a national Day of Action for the NHS, and co-hosted by NE Peoples Assembly and KONPNE, the “SOS NHS” Rally in Newcastle demanded that the Government
> Approve emergency funding of £20 billion to save lives this winter
> Invest in a fully publicly owned NHS & guarantee free healthcare for future generations
> Pay staff properly: without fair pay, staffing shortages will cost lives
In 2010, after a decade of investment, our NHS was delivering its best-ever performance: after more than a decade of austerity – despite heroic efforts by staff – it has sunk to its worst-ever. The problems were there before the pandemic but have been deepened by the continued high level of Covid infections. We need emergency funds to save lives now. 
Our line up of speakers, covering a wide range of health service topics, included**Dr Pam Wortley (Socialist Health Association)  **Roger Nettleship (Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign)  **message from Gail Ward (Disabled People Against Cuts / Protect Tynedale NHS)  **Sean Fahey (North East Pensioners Association)  **Grace Dowswell (Psychologists for Social Change)  **Dr Helen Groom (Retired GP, NHS campaigner and member of the “No to Hassockfield Campaign”)  **Stacey Richardson (NHS Staff Voices, North East Peoples Assembly)  **Jude Letham (Keep Our NHS Public North East)  **with David McAllister (acoustic guitar and vocals). Many thanks to Tony Dowling (North East Peoples Assembly) for introducing the speakers.
Thank you to all.  Events took place all over the country, and it is CRUCIAL we continue to work in a concerted manner to overcome the policies and actions of this regressive Government.    More info:https://sosnhs.org

26th February 2022 – Fresh air is free

A busy day ahead….. three events…..
26th Feb 8.30am kicked off bright n chilly with an early-morning leafletting session outside the Labour Party Conference. This took place at the Helix Centre, Newcastle city centre; this futuristic, blue, angular high rise campus opposite St.James Park seems a very impressive environment and is part of Newcastle University but at the end of the day is only bricks and mortar – importantly, its crucial for us to keep the UCU pensions and deteriorating pay and working conditions in sight.
Great to speak with Labour Party members in the queue – many expressed their solidarity – but it would have been even better inside!! KONPNE had asked Labour North for a table inside the venue (to provide information, display posters and chat with delegates regarding health campaigning in the north, the privatisation of services in the region, the Health and Care Bill etc etc) and were quoted £250 !!!…. reduced to £200 on our appeal !!!…. but all totally out of reach for a Campaign group.  We made the decision to stand outside for free,  have thawed out now, but appeal once again: we are all in this together, we need to join forces and work collaboratively in fighting for #OURNHS and PLEASE, next year, lets share ideas around a table and a coffee?
Great to meet up with our friends in the Socialist Health Association.

26th February 2022 – “SOS NHS” in Gosforth

Wonderful for the NHS to have the continued support of East and West Gosforth Labour Party Branches – Party members leafletted and spread the word about NHS privatisation to people on the busy Gosforth High Street. A BIG THANKYOU to all involved.
And if you care for the NHS, this Campaign belongs to us ALL – KONPNE as an organisation does not align itself with any one specific political party, and we are happy to support all individuals or groups who support a publicly funded and publicly provided NHS and wish to get involved. Please get in touch with us at konpnortheast@gmail.com… we are happy to update you on the latest details and point you towards the most appropriate resources.
Many thanks, once again, to all in Gosforth.

25th February 2022 – All sorted for tomorrow…..

Info is here

SOS NHS Monument

SOS NHS Tynemouth

Sunderland social media pic

21st February 2022– Supporting UCU

It is crucial that we step forward to show our respect, support and solidarity with our University and College academics and staff. They are experiencing  devastating cuts to pensions and deteriorating pay and working conditions; in healthcare, these people teach and supervise trainee doctors and other health professionals.
This morning, members of “Keep Our NHS Public North East” were proud to support NewcastleUniversity UCU members and also to promote our “SOS NHS” events at both King’s Gate, Newcastle University and outside the main medical building in Framlington Place. Solidarity.

19th February 2022 – 1000 leaflets in one morning….

sos nhs 10

Joan, Jude and Clare from Keep Our NHS Public North East…..And what a great reception we got this morning giving out leaflets in Whitley Bay and Cullercoats— from cafes, shops, beauty parlours and chemists! One passerby took leaflets from us and did four streets herself!
We asked a family on the seafront to take our photo and a 1 min video on the phone; two turned out to be professional photographers – at the coast for their nonegenarian mum‘s birthday – and passionate about the NHS. Watch this space for their proper photos arriving soon!
See you next Saturday 26th February 2022 2.30pm SOS NHS at Longsands Beach, Tynemouth, near the Grand Hotel. Events also in Newcastle and Sunderland – click here for details….

15th February 2022“SOS NHS” gathers force across the NE

KEEP THE DATE: Saturday 26th February 2022. The Day of Action is taking shape across the NE – please contact us at konpnortheast@gmail.com if you are able to assist with organisation and/or leafletting, before the day or on the day itself.
More info is here

sos nhs 9

9th February 2022 – Discussions in Consett


Great to be invited by NW Durham CLP to present an update on the Health and Care Bill, which is currently going through Parliament. This Bill, if passed as it stands, marks the end of a national health service, sets up a postcode lottery for care, and will lead to growing health inequalities and increased privatisation. Much discussion and information on ways forward (see here), and many thanks to Andy for arranging.
KONPNE are regularly invited by groups and organisations to present updates on campaigning work for the NHS, and to provide information about ways of getting involved. We are not aligned to any political party, and we are pleased to help out wherever possible – click here for further information, and contact us at konpnortheast@gmail.com

3rd February 2022 – KONPNE Zoom


Good discussions and planning at our monthly Campaign meeting – focussing on Livi privatisation in North Tyneside, the Health and Care Bill, campaign activity by KONP Sunderland and District, and the forthcoming SOS NHS National Day of Action. Many thanks to all who attended – it was good to see you.  The notes from the meeting are  here, and are available for everyone to read – our meetings are open, and all are welcome.
Our next meeting is on Thursday 3rd March (always the first Thursday), at 7pm via Zoom. All are welcome!  Click here for more info and joining details.

26th January 2022 – KEEP THE DATE: 26/2/22

sos nhs 2

(1) Approve emergency funding of £20 billion to save lives this winter
(2) Invest in a fully publicly owned NHS & guarantee free healthcare for future generations
(3) Pay staff properly: without fair pay, staffing shortages will cost lives
The details of local North East events planned by KONPNE will be posted here (if your group or organisation is also planning an event for the Day of Action, please let us know, and we will be pleased to publicise)

17th January 2022 – Contacting the Lords

House of Lords 2

The Health and Care Bill is currently being debated in the Lords, and we need your help in emailing up to 5 Peers. This is a very straight-forward and quick task.  Please go to our page here and scroll to Part 3 for guidance.
We need to stop private companies from sitting on NHS Boards and we need to ensure that NHS Trusts (and not private companies) are the default position when commissioning future services.
Please do all that you can to support this crucial action, and please get your family, friends and all contacts involved….it is not an understatement to say that the future of our NHS lies within this Bill.
Thank you, KONPNE

15th January 2022 – Fight to protect the right to protest

Kill The Bill National Day of Action – Rally at the Monument, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Is there anything more deserving of protest than a plan to infringe the right to protest?
Voting on the Police and Crime Bill takes place in the Lords next week and THIS BILL MUST BE STOPPED.   KONPNE were proud to speak at the Kill The Bill Rally in Newcastle today, and many thanks to North East Peoples Assembly, Stand Up to Racism North East, Resist Ncl and Extinction Rebellion North East for organising the event. A great turn out – and, now, we expect our representatives in London to do the right thing by voting to uphold democracy and human rights.
Jude Letham, Co-ordinator, spoke on behalf of KONPNE.  Click here  to watch (most of) the speech on video, and click here for a written version
Click here for more info about the Police and Crime Bill

20220115_125705 (2)

KONPNE Co-ordinator Jude Letham speaks at the Kill the Bill Rally, 15th January 2022

6th January 2022  …..And into the New Year


Our first KONPNE meeting of 2022 – and much campaigning to plan and action. Our planning and discussions included **an update on lobbying individual members of the House of Lords re the Health and Care Bill, **the latest developments regarding the Livi privatisation in North Tyneside Primary Care brought about by North Tyneside CCG, **our question to North Tyneside full Council meeting taking place on 20th February, **campaigning work regarding healthcare to refugees, **the online rally “SOS – NHS” hosted by a number of Campaign groups (incl KONP) taking place on 19th February, and the Covid Public Inquiry hosted by national KONP.
Notes and links from this meeting are freely available to all to view, and are here.
Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 3rd February 2022 at 7pm and ALL ARE WELCOME. Make it your New Year resolution to stand up and fight for the reinstatement of a publicly provided NHS. Your help is needed, and rest assured that you will be made to feel very welcome. Zoom log in information is here.

31st December 2021 – New Years Eve 2021

Christmas 1

NEW YEARS EVE: Behind the NHS tinsel and glitter is the reality of life and death – 24/7 operating, assessing, measuring, scanning, recording, medicating, exercising, washing, cleaning, feeding, transporting – and we give our heartfelt thanks to all NHS workers for caring for us in many varied ways over the festive period and throughout the year….
Some say that the NHS is a system or organisation – but we know that it is our friends, relatives, the guy next door, the woman in the cafe and that person up the street who want to do their very best – not “angels” or “heroes”, but people with families and homes who have their own share of happiness and joy and stress and sadness and who, at work, are caring and hardworking professionals who want to make a difference.
Throughout 2022, the Government now need to match this by providing a good working environment – and not running down our services; by ensuring adequate staffing – and not diminishing our workforce; and by paying a fair wage – and not a low wage.
Behind the tinsel and glitter, that is the reality. 2021 has been a long and difficult year, and we give our sincere thanks to all NHS staff. We also thank all KONPNE supporters for their persistence in fighting for a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable NHS, which is available to all. Thankyou for being part of the team in 2021 – and we’ll be back in the New Year to join forces and to continue the fight. See you then – and wishing all a very happy and healthy New Year
xx Keep our NHS Public North East

24th December 2021 – Festive Greetings!


Christmas 2

Festive Greetings!
Thank you very much for all your support this year and our best wishes for a happy and healthy 2022 


21st December 2021 – KONP contacts Police Commissioner Cressida Dick

misconduct 3

Further to the People’s Covid Inquiry earlier this year, Dr Tony O’Sullivan and Dr John Puntis (Co-Chairs of National KONP) have written to Police Commissioner Cressida Dick re Governments gross negligence and misconduct in public office, requesting that she authorises an investigation of the facts from the Inquiry with a view to considering prosecutions. Misconduct in public office is an offence under common law defined as where there is wilful neglect of duty ‘to such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder.’  The report also suggests there may be the offence of corporate manslaughter. Click here to read the letter and for further information – and watch this space….

12th December 2021: Further privatisation by North Tyneside CCG

Article in the national newspaper “Health Campaigns Together”, published today


Screenshot (257)

More info is on our website here

9th December 2021: Cartoons received from Awry

Many thanks to cartoonist Awry for the pictorial response to recent goings-on in North Tyneside. It is clear to many people, perhaps with the exception of North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group, that North Tyneside CCG should not be wasting taxpayers money by contracting out to international private, profit making healthcare companies with shareholders….and for North Tyneside CCG to describe these predatory private companies as being part of a rosy and cosy “NHS family” is, itself, laughable…. if it wasn’t such an appallingly serious issue.

Livi in North Tyneside cartoon 1

“North Tyneside CCG, following an evaluation exercise, has extended the Livi pilot contract while it procures a ‘Complementary GP Video Consultation Service’ for North Tyneside”. North Tyneside CCG website   (September 2021)
NHS Happy Family 2
KONPNE disagrees with North Tyneside CCGs warm and glowing portrayal of private providers as being part of a rosy and cosy “NHS family” (North Tyneside CCG: “Livi: Complementary GP Video Consultation Service Pilot Evaluation” page 33).  The reality is, of course, very different.  We strongly object to the insidious privatisation of the NHS: North Tyneside CCG should not be wasting taxpayers money by contracting out to private, profit making companies with shareholders.
Read more about this issue, our KONPNE response to the CCG commissioning, and national press reporting here

2nd December 2021: Winter in the NE – and the Campaign heats up


Our final KONPNE meeting of the year – but no slowing down…in fact, the Campaign heats up – good to have feedback about initiatives in the North East, and also conversations about our future campaigning regarding “Livi” in North Tyneside, and the Health and Care Bill. The notes from our meeting tonight are here.
No KONPNE social gatherings are taking place this Christmas due to Covid – but our thoughts are with all over the festive period, and as we move into the New Year. And, of course, our Campaigning does not stop. Please click here to find out how you can assist over the Christmas period.
All are welcome to launch our 2022 Campaigning at the 6th January 2022 KONPNE meeting, commencing at 7pm, and lasting for 1 hr 30mins – log in details are here. We meet on the first Thursday of every month.

1st December 2021: Findings of The People’s Covid Inquiry are published

Peoples Covid Inquiry 6

Today, The People’s Covid Inquiry organised by national Keep Our NHS Public presented their final and completed report. 
In the absence of a formal public inquiry into the pandemic, The People’s Covid Inquiry began in February 2021, took place over 9 sessions and concluded it’s hearings in the summer. It covered all aspects of the government’s handling of the pandemic and heard testimony from a wide range of people and organisations. These included previous government advisors and key academics, as well as frontline workers and bereaved family members. The Inquiry was chaired by world renowned human rights barrister Michael Mansfield QC who, together with a panel of experts, delivered their findings and recommendations on all main aspects of the pandemic to date.
The Full Report and an Executive Summary are on our webpage here

27th November 2021: No stopping the Campaigners from East and West Gosforth

Gosforth Labour Party 3

It is always great to get support from local groups and organisations and, today, campaigners from East and West Gosforth Labour Party branches held their usual monthly street stall on Gosforth High Street. In the wake of Storm Arwen, it was decided to do without a table – it would have blown away!  The action focused on protecting the NHS from privatisation, and especially the current atrocious Health and Care Bill.  Party members gave out a fair number of KONP leaflets, despite the awful weather.
A big THANKYOU to all involved. Whilst individual supporters of KONPNE may have a personal membership of one of the wide range of political groups and organisations, KONPNE as an organisation does not align itself with any one specific political party. We are happy to welcome and work alongside any individual or group who support a publicly funded and publicly provided NHS. A range of leaflets are available for individuals or organisations to buy and distribute (very cheaply, at £9 for 500, or £15 for 1000). Please get in touch with us at konpnortheast@gmail.com if you as an individual, or with friends, or as a member of your organisation are willing to host a street stall, hand out leaflets or post through the letter boxes in your street… we are happy to update you on the latest details and point you towards the most appropriate resources

6th November 2021: NE England Global Climate Day of Action

Great to join with “Patients Not Passports”, “Medact, health professionals and members of the public at todays march and rally in Newcastle upon Tyne. No doubt about it – climate change is a (life or death) health issue…. 
Many thanks to the organisers of todays very successful event.  Click here for coverage in the Chronicle.

20211106_120625 (2)

4th November 2021: KONP meets – locally and nationally

Monthly meeting this evening – but much shortened (30 mins) and at an earlier time, so that supporters may attend the national KONP online rally. A brief discussion on plans to support the forthcoming climate change march and rally in Newcastle, plus updates on the campaigns re Livi and the Health and Care Bill.
Notes from the KONPNE meeting this evening are here
A link to the national KONP rally is here – some powerful speeches. Rally hosted by “Keep Our NHS Public”, “NHS Workers Say No” and “NHS Staff Voices”
All are welcome at the 2nd December KONPNE meeting – next month at the usual time of 7pm, and lasting for 1 hr 30mins – log in details are here. We meet on the first Thursday of every month.

2nd November 2021: Freedom of Information request to North Tyneside CCG re “LIVI”

Dear North Tyneside CCG
Freedom of Information Act 2000 – Request for Information – NHS North Tyneside CCG
I would be grateful if you would please provide the following documents / information regarding the “Livi” pilot scheme in North Tyneside Primary Care, commissioned by North Tyneside CCG, commencing Summer 2020:
1) Please provide the formal minutes, action plans and notes relating to past meetings of the Livi Steering Group (the multi-agency group, hosted by North Tyneside CCG, to oversee the Livi pilot and evaluation). We have the minutes for meetings in October 2020 and January 2021 – no need to resend these.
2) Further to the Livi evaluation provided on the North Tyneside CCG website, we are particularly interested in minutes and notes relating to the process of this CCG evaluation and the associated decision making. We expect feedback to include the membership of the Steering Group / panel and key comments and/or statements made by individual panel members. Please also clarify and provide information as to whether the decision to extend the Livi contract and procure a complementary GP video consultation service was unanimous or otherwise.
3) We understand that North Tyneside CCG now intend to make a case to take this type of service to procurement. You will be aware of the huge outcry from local people regarding the further privatisation of our NHS in North Tyneside, and it is essential that future investment remains within locally-based NHS primary care services – and not to private business with shareholders. Given that a new service will be commissioned, we anticipate public engagement and public consultation – please provide information of CCG plans and timetable.
Your responses will be made available to members of “Keep Our NHS Public North East”

I thank you for your attention

Keep Our NHS Public North East
More information about the Anti-Privatisation Livi Campaign in North Tyneside is on our webpage here

1st November 2021: Emails to three North East MPs

Further to the very successful campaign actions in the North East on Saturday (see post below, 30th October) regarding the Health and Care Bill,  KONPNE has today written to Ian Levy MP (Blyth), Richard Holden MP (NW Durham) and Dehenna Davison MP (Bishop Auckland). We await their responses, which we will share with all supporters.
“Dear ………………………………..MP,
As part of the national day of action against the Health and Care Bill, “Keep Our NHS Public North East” and “We Own It” supporters and friends held a very successful public event in ……………………………………… on Saturday.
An account and photos are on the Keep Our NHS Public North East website at https://konpnortheast.com/news/
Posts are also on facebook and twitter as follows –      (we provided the social media links re the three specific locations)
We are counting on you to oppose this Bill or, at the very least, to support multiple amendments to the Bill which address two major flaws which place our NHS at great risk. Information relating to this was provided to your office after the action, and I also attach a copy for your convenience.
Members of “Keep Our NHS Public North East” await your response
I thank you for your attention
Keep Our NHS Public North East”
The information provided to each of the three MPs is here

30th October 2021: Halloween: Private companies are sucking the lifeblood of the NHS 

we own it

“We Own It” national day of action against the Health and Care Bill 
What’s so scary about the Health and Care Bill? It sounds harmless, right? Don’t be fooled – this legislation has real fangs, and will further drive privatisation into our NHS. This Bill will drain more resources, power and money away from the NHS and into the hands of the likes of billionaire Virgin Care owner, Richard Branson. 
Today – some lively street theatre in three locations across the North East – all with a very important message. Supporters of KONPNE and “We Own It” dressed in Halloween costume to get the point across – but this really is now a matter of huge concern, and your assistance is needed.
The Health and Care Bill is currently making its way through Parliament; if passed, this will make it harder to get the treatment that people need. The Government calls it “integrated care”, but it really means cuts to NHS services and more profit for private companies. It is crucial that all MPs now show their real support for the NHS, and vote against this Bill. After each action, we hand-delivered a letter to each of the three MPs at their constituency office. Read this letter here.
Many thanks to all  supporters of KONPNE and “We Own It” who took part in Blyth, Consett and Bishop Auckland, and to the many residents who asked questions, provided their views and showed their support. 
FIRST STOP – Blyth, Northumberland – when voting this time round, it is crucial that Ian Levy MP stands up for the NHS

DSC_0004 (2)

SECOND STOP – Consett, North West Durham – Richard Holden MP needs to vote to STOP further NHS privatisation:

DSC_0033 (2)

AND THE THIRD STOP – Bishop Auckland, County Durham – Dehenna Davison MP needs to vote against the Health and Care Bill to ensure NO MORE CASH FOR CRONIES. 

DSC_0053 (3)

NHS R.I.P ?  Time is running short.  A real-life horror story.   
Information about the Bill and what you can do to help is on our website here
KONPNE has strong links with the national “We Own It” organisation. Information about “We Own It” is here

we own it

27th October 2021: No Borders in the NHS – Whitley Bay

This morning, KONPNE were proud to support the Newcastle group of “Patients Not Passports” in campaigning against the charging of asylum seekers and refugees for NHS services.
Pictured outside the iconic Whitley Bay Dome, Clare Bethell from the “Patients Not Passports” group said: “My work with asylum seekers with Care for Calais has shown me that migrants and asylum seekers in need of health care will not use the NHS for mental health issues, pregnancy or infectious diseases care because they know that they will be sent a bill for thousands of pounds. When they don’t pay, our hospital trusts send the debt collectors after them. When they try and register with GPs they are often asked for a myriad of documents to prove who they are and where they live, which they don’t have. They then become more unwell and need more care than they would have done. We must stop patient charging in the NHS and return to an NHS with no Borders.”

#patientsnotpassports #medact #nobordersinthenhs #refugeeswelcomehere #setherfree #migrantsorganise #careforcalais #NEAR
More information about the “Patients Not Passports” week of action is here  and information about the Hostile Environment is on our webpage here

25th October 2021: No Borders in the NHS – RVI, Newcastle

Today, members of KONPNE joined together with Medact North East to support the “Patients not Passports” National Week of Action. Our action outside the RVI attracted considerable attention and support from patients, visitors and staff.
Our NHS was founded on the principle of universal healthcare, free at the point of use for everyone – regardless of background, nationality, or ability to pay. The government’s Hostile Environment means this is no longer the case. What we see as a result is people deterred from seeking the care they need, outright denied treatment on the basis of the documents they have, questioned about their entitlement to care because of how they look, the colour of their skin, or their so called ‘foreign sounding name’, and people being forced to choose between incurring huge debts, regularising their immigration status, or their good health.  
We remember and honour all those whose lives have been destroyed by these racist Hostile Environment policies. October marks four years since the introduction of upfront charging for migrants in the NHS, and two years since the deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants who were found in a lorry in Essex. We remember Nasar Ullah Khan, who died after being denied treatment for heart failure. We remember Elfreda Spencer, who died because she could not pay £30,000 upfront for chemotherapy. We remember Kelema Mulat, who died following a 6 week delay in breast cancer treatment. We remember Elvis, who died of coronavirus without help because he was too scared of being charged or deported if he came forward for treatment. We remember all whose lives have been made disposable at the hands of Britain’s hostile border controls—their bravery, their struggles to survive and their campaigns for a better world.
Today, in Newcastle, we joined forces with others across the country to make a very clear message: no borders in healthcare. The NHS must treat #PatientsNotPassports. 

No borders 3


to read the report from the Chronicle 
More information about the “Patients Not Passports” week of action is here  and information about the Hostile Environment is on our webpage here

12th October 2021   *Save the Date*  –   NHS v Vampires Halloween Special: Saturday 30th October

We will be taking part in the ‘We Own It’  Day of Action to oppose the “Health & Care Bill” (or “NHS Corporate Takeover Bill”, as it is more accurately known).

Find out more about the ‘We Own It’ Day of Action here
On Saturday 30th October, campaigners are asked to take a selfie (wearing a Richard Branson mask or vampire teeth) at a local landmark, alongside a message about private health companies sucking the life out of the NHS, and then to post it on social media with tags to ourselves.
….. or, alternatively, members of KONP North East Steering Group will be briefly visiting Blyth (10.30am), Consett (12.30pm) and Bishop Auckland (2pm) – please join us for a group photo  – more details plus addresses (for photos) are on our events page here
Find out more about the Bill on our website here


Photo: KONPNE action last year: Blood-sucking private companies at Grey’s Monument, Newcastle October 2020

7th October 2021 – KONPNE into Autumn

KONPNE 2 (2)

Much discussed at tonights meeting, including further Campaign plans to fight against the provisions of the Health and Care Bill, and an update on Livi –  the privatisation in North Tyneside Primary Care.
The notes from this meeting are here, and are open to all to read.
Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 4th November (always the first Thursday of the month) – details are here

3rd October 2021 – New briefing re Health and Care Bill

A brand new (October 2021) “Health Campaigns Together” briefing re the Health and Care Bill ishere– please feel free to circulate electronically, print off, or order copies from healthcampaignstogether@gmail.com – and circulate far and wide……

20th September 2021 – North East United

Peoples Assembly 17

Great on-line public meeting this evening, hosted by North East Peoples Assembly, to build support for the 3rd October protest of the Tory Party Conference in Manchester. Speakers included Laura Pidcock, Daniel Kebede NEU President and Ben Chacko Editor of Morning Star and, additionally, KONPNE Co-ordinator Jude Letham spoke about the current situation regarding the NHS.
The Tories are back in Manchester for their annual conference at the beginning of October and, to coincide with this, there will be a national demonstration and march in Manchester on Sunday 3 Oct, which North East People’s Assembly will be joining, Members of KONPNE will also be present, to fly the KONPNE banner among the many thousands of people who are expected on the day. Book your ticket on the coach from Newcastle, organised by Peoples Assembly – £25 waged / £15 unwaged – clickhere

18th September 2021 – Gosforth campaigning against the Health and Care Bill

Labour Party

Thank you to East Gosforth Labour Party for inviting us to join them in campaigning against NHS privatisation and, in particular, the Health & Care Bill 2021.  The branch had purchased leaflets from National KONP and set up their stall on Gosforth High Street.
Several members of the public were very keen to talk about the difficulties of getting face to face GP appointments – a situation which will undoubtedly be worse if the Health & Care Bill is passed.
this pageof our KONPNE website for information about Integrated Care Systems, the Health & Care Bill and action you can take.
Please contact us at konpnortheast@gmail.com if you would like to arrange a similar event. KONPNE is not aligned to any political party, and we will do our best to support any organisation who believe in the need to return to a publicly-provided and publicly accountable NHS.

8th September 2021 – Protect the NHS – scrap the Health and Care Bill

–  the national KONP online rally, part of the fight-back against Bill.
What a line up!  Julie Hesmondhalgh, Actor, Michael Rosen, Writer, Dr Tony O’Sullivan (KONP), Jonathan Ashworth MP Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Alia Butt (NHS Staff Voices), Steve Cowan, Council Leader, Mark Ladbrooke, Chair Socialist Health Association, Cat Hobbs, Director of We Own It, Holly Turner (NHS Workers Say No), Dr Philippa Whitford MP (SNP), Dr David Wrigley (BMA), Dr Sonia Adesara (KONP), John Lister, Health Campaigns Together.


We Own It 2

Crucial that we support the “We Own It” petition and campaign, launched this week.
Over 5 million patients in England alone are waiting for treatment right this second. The government has been underfunding our NHS for 10 years. And now, instead of investing in our NHS, it is propping up the private sector by paying them £10 billion (£200 million in shareholder profits) to run private hospitals using NHS staff to treat NHS waiting list patients. This is not a solution. NHS staff should be working in NHS hospitals.
We are calling for the government to commit to new funding for our NHS in its autumn budget update.
Sign the “We Own It” petition here, and please circulate the petition link to all contacts. More info on hospital waiting lists is on our webpage here.

4th September 2021 – Care and Support Workers

care and support workers organise 2

In Newcastle city centre this afternoon, and a big shout out to Care and Support Workers Organise and their national day of action for..
**£15 ph  **renationalise care  **full sick pay  **better terms and conditions in the workplace  …plus more

2nd September 2021 – Autumn campaigning

KONPNE 2 (2)

Our monthly meeting tonight (always scheduled for the first Thursday of the month at 7pm), and another interesting discussion and planning session for activity over the next few weeks…..also great to spend time in the company of like-minded people…. and great to see new faces – we are an open and inclusive group, and everyone is welcome.
Tonight, the focus was on the Health and Care Bill, with feedback following our events in August, and much planning for September and beyond. There is much happening.   Notes of our discussions are here.
Our next meeting will be on Thursday 7th October at 7pm, and ALL ARE WELCOME. More info, including Zoom joining info is here.

29th August 2021 – Door-to-door in Whitley Bay

Great to have the support of Joan, Liz, Helen and Sophie who leafletted the leafy suburb of St.Marys, Whitley Bay, today.  All four of you are stars, and you definitely deserve that cappuccino. Special mention to Liz Smith (pictured by the tree), a supporter of KONPNE and passionate about OUR NHS; Liz survived a congenital heart defect through receiving the second open-heart surgery in the UK carried out in 1956 and done, of course, through our wonderful NHS. Well done, Liz, and well done NHS ❤ 
More information about the Health and Care Bill is here,  leaflets may be purchased (very cheaply) from the national KONP website here …and please let us know where you are leafletting: we are at konpnortheast@gmail.com   THANK YOU

28th August 2021 – Campaigning in Consett

The Health and Care Bill is currently going through Parliament and, if passed, it will UNDOUBTEDLY lead to >> MORE American-style privatisation of our health service across the country   >> BIGGER roles in decision-making for private healthcare companies (an exec of Virgin has already taken a seat on the Bristol health board)   >> MORE contracts to private businesses, without checks and balances    >> DECREASED local democracy / decision-making (ie our local North East councillors will have reduced say in health planning).
More info – click here
IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOUR MP REPRESENTS YOUR VIEWS IN PARLIAMENT. Good to be in Consett today, hearing the views of  many residents – an overwhelming public vote for a publicly-funded and publicy-provided NHS. Hundreds of information leaflets circulated to local residents, many conversations, and around 50 letters signed and delivered to local Tory MP Richard Holden….we await his response….and demand that he supports our NHS in the parliamentary vote.
Pix – KONPNE delivering the Consett letters to the office of Richard Holden MP | Great to be joined by Andy Plant (Secretary, NW Durham Labour Party),  pictured with Jude Letham (Co-ordinator. KONPNE)

24th August 2021 – video release

*** OPPOSE THE HEALTH AND CARE BILL 2021 ***  This video follows on from our action in Newcastle city centre last week
Click on the video link to watch it, please share it on social media (click the arrow at top right), and click here for the associated webpage….. (music: “instinct” from Bensound.com)

14th August 2021 – Health and Care Bill at the Monument

Further to the recent leafletting sessions outside the RVI, the Freeman and North Tyneside General, last Saturday saw members of KONPNE at the Monument in Newcastle, with great support from our friends at Morpeth and Pegswood Branch Labour Party. Many interesting conversations, plus hundreds of leaflets distributed, plus around 50 letters to local MPs….. a very successful session.
More info is here: there was absolutely no doubt in Newcastle that this Bill must be stopped….

9th August 2021 – This week – North Tyneside General Hospital

amalgam NT-page0001 (2)

Another leafletting session for KONPNE, this time at North Tyneside General Hospital ….and great to have support from members of North Tyneside Momentum.
It is crucial that as many people as possible know about the Health and Care Bill which is currently passing through Parliament …. and do something about it. Please click on our bespoke webpage here to find out how you can help…. 

5th August 2021 – KONPNE speaks

Much to discuss at tonights monthly meeting – including updates about activity in South Tyneside and Sunderland, Morpeth, North Tyneside, Blyth and Newcastle, plus the latest on the “NHS Data Grab” and the “Health and Care Bill” (plus Integrated Care Systems…)
The notes from the meeting are here.
Wherever you live, you are welcome to join in with the discussions and campaign planning at our next meeting – or to sit back and listen… whatever suits you best. The important thing is that you are there.
KONPNE meets monthly via Zoom on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm – our next meeting is on Thursday 2nd September: ALL WELCOME. More info and the Zoom joining code is here

29th July 2021 – Health and Care Bill must be opposed

Freeman amalgam-page0001 (2)

Today: leafletting outside the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. There is absolutely no doubt that the Governments “Health and Care Bill 2021”, and its inherent “Integrated Care System” will hurt staff and patients throughout the country, if Parliament votes it in after the summer recess. The staff at the Freeman do a brilliant job, and it is crucial that they know about the bill – plus patients and visitors.
This Bill must be opposed. More info about the Bill, the Campaign, and what you can do is here.

28th July 2021 – Much support in Benton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Great to be invited by Benton Branch Labour Party to address and lead a discussion on “Integrated Care Systems” and the current “Health and Care Bill”. Much interest and support, many questions, and a thoughtful discussion about ways forward and campaign involvement at tonights Branch meeting via Zoom.
Whilst KONPNE members are, individually, members of a range of political groups or none, KONPNE as an organisation is not affiliated to any one specific political group. We are happy to present a talk or lead a discussion with any group who wish to find out more and join in the Campaign. More info is hereplease do not hesitate to contact us at konpnortheast@gmail.com

22nd July 2021 – Sunny day, dark news

RVI photo amalgam-page0001 (2)

Outside the RVI gates for a busy two hours this lunchtime – and time very well spent, providing leaflets and information about the “Health and Care Bill 2021” to the many NHS staff, visitors and day patients.
If this Bill is voted in by Parliament, it will UNDOUBTEDLY lead to >> MORE American-style privatisation of our health service across the country   >> BIGGER roles in decision-making for private healthcare companies (an exec of Virgin has already taken a seat on the Bristol health board)   >> MORE contracts to private businesses, without checks and balances    >> DECREASED local democracy / decision-making (ie our local North East councillors will have reduced say in health planning)
More info regarding the Health and Care Bill (including the leaflet handed out today) is here
Many thanks to all who helped today. It was a hot one!
COME AND JOIN US IN HANDING OUT LEAFLETS – this government is hellbent on involving the private sector in our health service further AND IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED NOW.   Next week, we will be outside the gates at the Freeman Hospital on Thursday 29th July 2021, 12 noon – 2pm…. Can you spare a couple of hours? Your assistance would be very much appreciated, so….see you there? Thank you

17th July 2021 – North East v private healthcare companies 

Forming part of the national Day of Action called by the campaign group “We Own It”, members of “KONP North East” and “KONP Sunderland” met in a very hot and sunny Newcastle city centre, rolled up their sleeves, and demonstrated how the government’s new NHS legislation (The Health and Care Bill 2021) is a tug of war between private companies and our NHS in England.  The usual suspects were represented – Centene, Virgin, Serco – plus the local newcomer, Livi, which is a private healthcare company offering virtual appointments in GP practices in North Tyneside….for info, Livi claims to be Europe’s largest digital healthcare provider….currently with a one-year contract in North Tyneside primary care…. This must be stopped.
Johnson was also at the Monument, attempting to appease NHS staff with a miserly 1%, and even HRH couldn’t help with the George medal; the medal was appreciated – but it doesn’t pay the bills…..
And our message was, obviously, well-received in the North East today.  Huge thanks to people in Newcastle who jumped at the opportunity to join in and clearly knew which tug of war team to join. It is crucial that we continue to join forces to bring an end to the lucrative contracts to healthcare companies which, of course, involves a cut of the cash going to the pockets of shareholders. And, it is also crucial that the professionals who work in our NHS receive a fair wage – the 1% offer is, in short, an insult.
Some street theatre, but with a very serious message. Back in Parliament, the government is pushing ahead with its Health and Care Bill. The NHS needs us more than ever: this legislation includes so many dangerous changes….like letting PRIVATE COMPANIES sit on NHS boards, where they’ll have a say on people’s care and how NHS money is spent ?!?!   Unbelievable – but true.
The NHS has just turned 73 – and if you want it to be with us for another 73 years, then this Bill must be amended. Write to your MP now, sign the petitions, download and share the leaflets: all at https://konpnortheast.com/ics/

10th July 2021 – Morpeth stands up for the NHS

Fantastic action planned and carried out by members of Morpeth and Pegswood Branch Labour Party (many of whom are also members of KONPNE), marking the NHS @73 and also spreading the word about the huge dangers associated with the Health and Care Bill 2021 currently passing (rapidly) through Parliament.
Many conversations along the high street, huge public support, hundreds of information leaflets circulated, very clear messaging, and a NHS birthday card to be signed – watch out for this displayed in a Morpeth shop window next week. A superb event.
Tom Cosh, Branch Secretary: “Morpeth and Pegswood Branch Labour Party is proud to support the Campaign to stop the privatisation of the NHS. We are working to ensure that Northumberland has a voice – all supporters of the NHS need to join together to fight for it to continue”
Paul Thompson, event co-ordinator: “It is encouraging to see how many more people are now better informed about the privatisation within the NHS and of the threat from US companies, compared to three years ago. This privatisation must be stopped”
Jude Letham, KONPNE Co-ordinator: “The Health and Care Bill 2021, currently going through Parliament, will lead to more cuts to our services, further privatisation and decreased local democracy. It is CRUCIAL that this Bill is amended to protect the NHS and we call upon everyone to write to their MP. We need to ensure that the NHS is with us for another 73 years”
It is great that a local political party organised this event, and we were very pleased to represent KONPNE through two members of our Steering Group joining in on the day, and also by contributing the information leaflets – it was great to be with you in Morpeth.
Whilst KONPNE members may be individual members of any political party (or none), KONPNE as a group is not associated or affiliated with any one political party. Now in our eleventh year of campaigning, we are a group of North East people who strongly believe that the NHS should remain a fully funded public service, and not become privatised, and we campaign to uphold these values, both locally and nationally. Everyone is welcome to our monthly Zoom, and to join in with the Campaign.
IT’S OUR NHS – publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable, available to all on the basis of need.
Info about the Health and Care Bill is here

3rd July 2021 – Thank you Blyth!!

NHS birthday celebrated in style with music from Blyth Valley Samba Band and speakers from NHS Staff Voices, Peoples Assembly North East, Keep Our NHS Public North East, and the Labour Party – including three health professionals. Wonderful messages of support for OUR NHS provided on the mega 73rd birthday card from Blyth residents and, also, well over 100 letters to Blyth Valley MP Ian Levy.
Mr Levy has made much of his past employment in the NHS, and it is now important that he stands by his words (unfortunately, his track record over the first year has been appalling – he is one of the Tory MPs who, in January this year, voted AGAINST protecting the NHS in international trade deals: see here). So – important letters written today and delivered to his constituency office – we await responses.
A new Bill, the “Health and Care Bill” will be presented to Parliament in the next few weeks, again with even more danger of increased privatisation, decreased local democracy and further NHS cuts – this time round, we expect our MP to safeguard the NHS. More info about this Bill is here
This event in Blyth was hosted by “Keep Our NHS Public North East”, “Peoples Assembly North East”, “Socialist Health Association North East”, and was part of the national Day of Action called by national KONP and Health Campaigns Together. Well done to everyone across the country who planned, facilitated and took part in it. MUCH strength in our unity.
Many thanks to our speakers:  Stacey Richardson from NHS Staff Voices, Councillor Les Bowman from the Labour Party, Tony Dowling from the People’s Assembly North East, Dr Helen Groom a retired GP and John Whalley from KONP North East.
We are also grateful to Blyth Valley Samba for performing in the Market Square and accompanying us on the march.
Coverage of the national Day of Action is here

1st July 2021 – Much happening in the North East

KONPNE 2 (2)

A very lively Zoom tonight, with discussions and planning for the Blyth NHS Rally and March on Saturday, and updates on the Livi campaigning in North Tyneside, the Health and Care Bill / Integrated Care Systems, the NHS Data Grab, and news from Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign and the campaign initiatives in Morpeth.
There is much happening in the North East.  Whose NHS?   DEFINITELY OUR NHS.
The notes from this meeting are here.
Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 5th August 2021 (it is always the first Thursday of the month) – ALL ARE WELCOME and more details are here

29th June 2021 – Press release for Saturday

+ more info is here, and also on the facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/4273531895992159
See you in Blyth….

Press release - NHS 73rd Birthday (1)-page0001

28th June 2021 – Bad news for patients….

….and staff

Please circulate the two new leaflets (above) from national KONP….and more information is here

17th June 2021 – KONPNE youtube video released…please share

Click here: https://youtu.be/dTI4ZKmbRew
and also at
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NHSPublicNorthEast/videos/594353961535054/
twitter: https://twitter.com/KONPNorthEast/status/1405831595647451137
Please share…..

16th June 2021 – 632 people say NO

Earlier today, a delegation from KONPNE delivered our petition to North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group. A massive 632 people say NO CONTRACT RENEWAL for Livi – the private healthcare business with shareholders, currently offering online appointments in North Tyneside Primary Care. This insidious privatisation is part of the slippery privatisation slope and is NOT WELCOME in North Tyneside.
BTW, of the 632 people who signed the petition, a huge 418 people live within the Borough; the remaining 214 live outside North Tyneside and are no doubt fearful of the domino effect – yes, we know what has happened in localities in the south….
Not signed? The CCG will be making a decision about whether or not to renew the contract in the next month or so – we are holding our online petition open, and will send on all additional signatures.
Petition: click here
More info re Livi in NT: click here

3rd June 2021 – KONPNE meeting

KONPNE 2 (2)

Another very full and active meeting – much happening in the North East!
Click herefor notes of this meeting
….and click here for details of our next meeting, scheduled for 1st July 2021

26th May 2021 – Advance Notice for 3rd July: BLYTH MARCH AND RALLY   Our NHS – We’re Still Fighting For It

Keep the date free!! Saturday 3rd July 2021 – NHS 73rd Birthday
…. and see you in Blyth!!  There is much happening re this event – full details later!!   Great to be Campaigning with North East Peoples Assembly and Socialist Health Association NE
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/4273531895992159

NHS@73 Blyth advance notice

19th May 2021 – Cullercoats presentation

Much support and interest from Cullercoats Branch Labour Party this evening – our presentation on the “Integrated Care System” (aka “Accountable Care Organisation”) brought about much discussion. It is clear that the course is clearly set for decreased local democracy and increased privatisation – unless action is taken now. “Integrated and Caring”? – definitely NOT. The Government will be introducing a Bill this year, and we need your help in ensuring that our voices are heard loud and clear. Good to meet up (virtually) with local Labour Party members, including local North Tyneside Councillors – the NHS is counting on your support at the North Tyneside Health and Wellbeing Board meetings, and Health Scrutiny meetings. Click here for more info.
Information also provided regarding the presence of the dreaded “Livi” in North Tyneside – click here
Our presentations are available to all Unions, political groups, social groups, community organisations…. basically all and everyone who wishes to find out more and offer support. Click here for more info, and please get in touch with us at konpnortheast@gmail.com

15th May 2021 – that deja vu feeling

An action replay of last week – back again today to outside the market at Tynemouth Station and then to Bedford Street, North Shields for more conversations with members of the public about Livi (see here) and petition signing (sign here). We have listened carefully to the residents of North Tyneside, and it is crystal clear that LIVI is not wanted in NT. In summary: HEALTHCARE, NOT SHAREHOLDERS.
Great to be joined today by members of the Socialist Health Association (morning) and Unite (afternoon)
More info, including our petition, is here

8th May 2021 – NO TO LIVI…every 45 seconds

North Tyneside Primary Care is undoubtedly sliding down the slippery privatisation slope. Last year, North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group gave the Swedish company “Livi” a one year contract to carry out virtual appointments in Primary Care in North Tyneside – “Livi” claims to be Europes largest digital healthcare provider. This must cease.  Investment should, instead, be made to develop our existing GP services, including employing additional staff for these local services – indeed, the pandemic has led to many practices developing their own in-house video call and telephone work anyway.
Today, we took our petition against this private healthcare business to the residents of Tynemouth and North Shields, and our anti-privatisation Campaign hit an all-time high with an average of one signature every 45 seconds. A very clear message indeed to North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group; NO TO BIG BUSINESS IN  PRIMARY CARE, NO TO SHAREHOLDERS IN PRIMARY CARE,  NO FURTHER CONTRACT RENEWAL FOR “LIVI”.
The one year contract to Livi expires over the next three months, and it is crucial that this is not renewed by North Tyneside CCG. If you object to taxpayers money going to private profit-making companies with shareholders, then please


to sign the petition. It will take you less than 30 seconds. This petition is open to everyone; you don’t need to be a resident of North Tyneside.
You can help further. More information and other actions regarding “Livi” are outlined on the Campaign page here.

5th May 2021 – Three more people needed for the next two Saturdays

Please let us know on konpnortheast@gmail.com if you are available to help on one or more of the sessions – thank you

Press release - Livi 8th and 15th May 2021 shortened

3rd May 2021 – North Tyneside anti-privatisation campaign gathers force

Livi Whitley Bay 3

Much interest in this Campaign to date – it is APPALLING that North Tyneside CCG has seen fit to award a one-year pilot contract to Swedish firm “Livi” to provide virtual consultations in Primary Care in North Tyneside. Undoubtedly part of a very slippery privatisation slope: Livi claims to be Europe’s largest digital healthcare provider. 
Click here for three Campaign actions to carry out now. These are for NT residents…..AND ALSO for people who live in other parts of the NE – remember that what is happening in NT now could well be on its way to your locality in 3 months time….

1st May 2021 – Statement of support from KONPNE

KTB may day

Keep Our NHS Public North East send our very best wishes for a successful day of action this May Day. In our ambition for a return to a universal, publicly—funded, publicly-provided, national health service free at the point of use: we find that we have more and more reasons to protest.
Last year we had several protests about the money being poured into the disastrous SERCO “Test and Trace”, the inclusion of the NHS in the Trade Bill and migrant charging in the NHS.  This year we have actions planned protesting about private on-line GP services in North Tyneside and the embedding of private companies in the new Integrated Care Systems.
As the mainstream media continues to fail the public by not informing them of continuing, creeping privatisation of the NHS, it is absolutely essential that we have the freedom to take to the streets to inform the public ourselves. In the words of the KONP NHS Staff Voices group:
“It appears that our Government is now not just intent on dismantling our NHS, but through this bill they are attempting to break our capacity to act to protect it”     
Solidarity and thanks to everyone participating today.
Jude Letham Co-ordinator KONPNE
More info: click the “Police and Crime Bill” pagehere

30th April 2021 – Open letter – We must retain the right to protest

This open letter is co-signed by KONPNE.  The “Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill” must be defeated, as it is an attack on our rights. The Government is intent on dismantling our NHS and, through this Bill, they are now attempting to break our capacity to protect it.

KTB statement

More info: click the “Police and Crime Bill” pagehere

29th April 2021 – KONPNE speaks

nhs rainbow

Great to meet up with supporters at our monthly meeting tonight – much health campaigning is happening across the North East, and it is good to share information, learn from each other, and support each other.
Notes from the meeting are linkedhere.
Meetings take place on the first Thursday of the month, and our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 3rd June – YOU ARE INVITED!!! Click here for information

20th April 2021 – NO to private healthcare companies in North Tyneside Primary Care 

Livi banner 2-page0001

North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group is sliding further down the slippery privatisation slope by using public money to provide private health care services to the public – and what is happening in North Tyneside today may well be happening in other NE localities tomorrow.  THIS INSIDIOUS PRIVATISATION OF OUR NHS MUST END.
Click HERE for more information and for three actions you can take NOW – for North Tyneside residents, and also for those who live outside North Tyneside.
Who’s NHS? OUR NHS. North Tyneside CCG should not be wasting taxpayers money by contracting out to private, profit making companies with shareholders. 

17th April 2021 – The Police and Crime Bill must be stopped

The Government is now not just intent on dismantling our NHS but, through the Police Bill, they are attempting to break our capacity to protect it.
It was important for KONPNE members to be at the Monument in Newcastle upon Tyne today – the “Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021” must be stopped….if passed, it will have a hugely detrimental effect on freedom of speech, democracy and civil liberties
For more info, please see our webpage here


April 1st

Focus on NHS privatisation at tonights monthly KONPNE meeting – especially the Campaign plans regarding “Livi”, the virtual GP consultation firm recently commissioned by North Tyneside CCG. The Livi contract must not be renewed this year.
See the notes from the meeting here.
Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 29th April – more info here and, as always, everyone is welcome

24th March 2021 – KONPNE at Durham County Council

Last autumn, members of KONPNE decided to put a formal question to each of the seven North East councils at their full Council meetings. Our question focused on the ongoing privatisation of the NHS, and asked local Councils throughout the North East to identify what steps they are taking to prevent this activity.
Many thanks to Dr Lawrence Welch, KONPNE member and Durham resident, for putting our question to Durham County Council at the full Council meeting this morning. It was a requirement of the Council proceedings that our question here was shortened. The Council response from Cllr Lucy Hovvels is here.
Whilst we feel that the reply from the Council is disappointingly short and lacking in specific detail, we note that a key part of this brief statement is the last sentence, where Cllr Hovvels (Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Adult and Health Services) confirms the need “to keep as much decision making as possible at a local place level so that we can promote the founding values of the NHS in any future commissioning”.
It is encouraging to hear this, and we totally support Durham Councillors in carrying this out in practice. We will certainly be returning to this in the future….
And, in addition to considering activity at a local level, we also we expect our Councillors to challenge developments at the macro-level regarding the White Paper proposals concerning the Integrated Care System. More information is here.
Todays activity at Durham marked the seventh (and final) question put to the seven North East councils. How does your Council measure up??  Check out our questions plus the responses from the seven councils here

16th March 2021 – Morpeth and Pegswood Labour support NHS


This Spring, the Government’s White Paper “Integration and Innovation” proposes legislation which would confirm “Integrated Care Systems” as “new NHS bodies”. Proposals involve dividing up the NHS into approx. 42 pots of money with limited “population health budgets” designed to find more ‘efficiency savings’ (aka CUTS).
“Integrated and Caring”? Definitely not. More like “Underfunded, undemocratic, unfair, unsafe”.
“Our concerns, based on hard facts, are widely shared by councillors, senior NHS management, GPs and seasoned analysts. NHS England’s proposed changes threaten to make the NHS less locally responsive, less accountable, more dominated by US and other management consultants and contractors, and more focused on policing cash limits than meeting the needs of patients. NHS England’s priorities should be on strengthening the NHS in alliance with local government and communities, not creating new remote bodies or adopting systems meant to maximise profits of private health insurance”National KONP, January 2021
And, so, much respect to the active and forward-thinking Morpeth and Pegswood Branch Labour Party. “Oppose Integrated Care Systems in the English NHS”, a motion outlined by the national office of Keep Our NHS Public, was debated and was unanimously passed by the Branch at their most recent meeting in mid-March. This motion opposes the content of the White Paper and makes it clear that, instead, what is needed is legislation to bring about a universal, comprehensive and publicly provided NHS, fit for the 21st century…
It is great that this motion is supported by Morpeth and Pegswood Branch Labour Party and by many other Branches and CLPs – and, indeed, by other political parties, Unions and organisations throughout England.
Not yet passed by your group? Please click here for the model motion and for much more information about the White Paper and the proposed legislation. THE PROPOSED LEGISLATION MUST BE STOPPED.

14th March 2021 – with Tynedale Transformed

Tynedale Transformed

KONPNE were very pleased to be invited by Tynedale Transformed to be part of a Zoom day event about the future of the NHS.  Jude Letham presented part of the KONPNE PowerPoint presentation on NHS Privatisation and also informed the group about Integrated Care Systems.  The participants were particularly keen to learn how they could be involved in campaigning and accessing further resources.
Info: https://www.tynedaletransformed.org/

4th March 2021 – KONPNE speaks


Great to meet up with fellow North East health Campaigners at our monthly meeting this evening. Much discussed, including updates from NE campaigns, recent presentations to groups (here), formal questions to Full Council meetings (here) , Livi privatisation in NorthTyneside (here), the Integrated Care System (here), local Council elections, website and social media, and the possibility (Covid19 allowing…) of a public NHS birthday event in July… 
A date for the diary is Thursday 1st April at 7pm – our next KONPNE meeting (here) – but please keep in touch beforehand by checking out this website and our daily facebook and twitter posts – there is much Campaign activity, and your assistance is urgently needed….
Notes from the meeting are here: 4.3.21 – KONPNE notes of meeting

3rd March 2021 – Linking with Newcastle University students

students for global health

Many thanks to Sam for inviting KONPNE to address the “Students for Global Health” group (formerly known as “medsin“) at Newcastle University.  Utilising our powerpoint, we overviewed the many faces of privatisation in the NHS, touched on the current Trade Bill and Integrated Care Systems (aka “Accountable Care Organisations”), and described our Campaign work and strategies. Much interest all round – and it is great that some students have recently attended our monthly KONPNE meetings. We hope to build on this, and forge even stronger links in the coming months.
Please contact us at konpnortheast@gmail.com if you are a member of a group who would welcome a presentation or discussion about NHS privatisation – we will do our very best to assist. Please click here for further info.

25th February 2021 – at South Tyneside Council

The question was provided in full in the Councils document pack for the meeting, and was read out in full by the Chair; a copy of the question ishere, and the meeting can be viewed online here(go to 1:20).  In South Tyneside, the protocol is not to respond to public questions at the meeting and, instead, for the Council to provide a written response within seven days, and for the question and response to be recorded in the Council minutes.
We look forward to this response and will provide a copy of it on this site here…..and many thanks Maddy for taking this forward.
On a related note, at the beginning of the Council meeting, Councillors need to formally record any declarations of interest in any of the agenda items, and it is encouraging to note that nine members of South Tyneside Council recorded their interest / support of the “Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign”. Their ongoing support is much appreciated and is noted by South Tyneside constituents.
KONPNE members have now put formal questions about NHS privatisation to six of the seven North East Councils – we are focusing on the seventh, Durham, next month….click here for reports 

11th February 2021 – Livid in North Tyneside

Screenshot (181)
It is positive indeed that NORTH TYNESIDE COUNCILLORS sitting on the “Adult Social Care, Health and Wellbeing Sub Committee” are standing up for our NHS.
Item 6 on tonights agenda was feedback on “Livi” – the Swedish healthcare business which NT “Clinical Commissioning Group” had recently (Summer 2020) seen fit to appoint for a one year trial period of virtual appointments in GP practices across North Tyneside.
Councillors Joe Kirwin and Paul Richardson have attended the “Livi Evaluation Group” on behalf of the Councils Sub Committee, and they highlighted many fundamental concerns; a recent survey on client satisfaction had feedback from a mere 56 people AND the feedback was collated by Livi; in the week previous to a review meeting in January 2021, only 174 appointments had been provided by Livi (a miniscule number compared to the very approx estimate of 26,400 provided per week by practice GPs in NT); a concern that some practices are referring on to Livi (backroom work being done by practices, but with no credit); adverts are appearing across NT, incl at vaccination sites, plus Livi promotional freebies such as facemasks and hand sanitiser in some NT practices, plus – would you believe it – two vans circulating NT advertising Livi, on road routes agreed with the CCG.
Councillor Matthew Thirlaway questioned “everything about the pilot” and stated that “there are serious questions that Livi and the CCG need to answer”, Councillor Cath Davis highlighted the potential loss of 1-1 relationships with local doctors, and the fact that technology may prove to be a barrier for some people, Councillor Trish Brady highlighted that this NHS privatisation is happening in the context of other huge NHS privatisations (Serco and Capita, to name just two), and Councillor Karen Clark (Chair) spoke of the lack of evaluation criteria and the ongoing frustrations in the way elected members are not consulted by the CCG – describing the latter as being “not acceptable”.
And the financial cost??? Totally undisclosed…. apparently, it is “commercially sensitive”…. has much resonance with the Governments quick-fix commercial arrangements with the private sector throughout Covid19.  Let us not forget: THIS IS PUBLIC MONEY.
Councillor Richardson will be attending the next “Livi Evaluation Group” with the CCG (9th March 2021) and the next meeting of the Councils Sub-Committee is scheduled for 31st March 2021.
We agree with these very grave concerns expressed by North Tyneside Councillors.
The “Livi” contract MUST NOT BE RENEWED IN 2021: there is no place for this privatisation in the NHS – this money should be invested in further developing primary care provision in localised Primary Care Networks and practices throughout the Borough.
Due to Covid19, NT GP practices have needed to fine tune and develop their own in-house telephonic and virtual consultations, and they have responded to the challenge…. so why the need for this external privatised service and (presumably) the huge expense….
Watch last weeks Council Sub Committee discussion here from 1.03 (click on the youtube link)
Much more info about “Livi” in North Tyneside is on our “Privatisation in Primary Care” page here

5th February 2021 – Congratulations to Prof Allyson Pollock

A. Pollock image
It is great news that Newcastle University Professor Allyson Pollock has been awarded the British Medical Journal award “speaking truth to power”. Allyson is a founding member of national KONP and is known internationally for her tireless work against the privatisation of the NHS. Many, many congratulations – and very well deserved.
“In the 1980s NHS there wasn’t today’s climate of fear around speaking out”—Allyson Pollock. Click here to read the BMJ interview with Prof Pollock.

4th February 2021 – Busy KONPNE meeting


It was great to meet up with 26 people at our Zoom KONPNE meeting this evening. Notes and links from our meeting will be posted here shortly – our discussion and planning included NHS charges to migrants, issues around the vaccination roll-out, formal questions to local councils re health privatisation, forthcoming elections, “Livi” privatisation in primary care in North Tyneside, ICSs, conferences and meetings, plus updates from Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign and KONP Sunderland and District. A busy meeting.
The Notes of this meeting are here.
Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 4th March 2021 via Zoom. Please clickhere for further details – ALL WELCOME!

27th January 2021 – “2020 Vision”: the KONPNE year

We are pleased that our short video “2020 Vision – the KONPNE year in pix”  has been posted on our social media and youtube (and here) this evening. Check this out for an overview of our NHS Campaign activity – all shoehorned into a quality two minutes…its been a busy year …
(music:https://www.bensound.com   track: “Creative Minds”)
…and the Campaign continues.
The next KONPNE MEETING is on Thursday 4th February 2021 @ 7pm via ZOOM and all are welcome  – more information is here

19th January 2021 – Tory MPs vote against protecting NHS in Trade Bill

Parliament 8

The House of Lords put forward Amendments to the Trade Bill – if passed, these Amendments would have provided some protection to our NHS. Click here for an overview of the Amendments, and the Amendments in detail are here
The Bill and Amendments returned to the Commons on Tuesday 19th January; Tory MPs voted against the amendment to protect the NHS from trade deals by 357 to 266 (The NHS Amendment),  and they voted against giving themselves a say over trade deals in the future by 353 to 277 (The Scrutiny Amendment).
The six North East MPs who voted AGAINST the amendments to protect the NHS and increase Scrutiny are:
SHAMEFUL:  Ian Levy MP (Blyth), Dehenna Davison MP (Bishop Auckland), Paul Howell MP (Sedgefield), Richard Holden MP (NW Durham), Guy Opperman MP (Hexham) and Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP (Berwick)
It’s an absolute scandal that while our hospitals are working hard to protect us all, this government and these six North East MPs refused to protect our NHS from trade deals.
Click here to see report and full list of MPs who voted the Amendments down at
Tories vote down protections for NHS in trade deals on deadliest day in pandemic (The London Economic, January 19th 2021)
Tory MPs reject amendment to protect NHS from international trade deals(The National, January 19th 2021) 
Tory MPs vote down legal bid to ‘protect the NHS’ in post-Brexit trade deals  (The Mirror, January 19th 2021)
Zara Sultana MP made an excellent speech in support of the Amendments – hear this speech on videohere
***Read this article from KONPNE member Dr Sarah Walpole, published in The Independent (21st January 2021):I’m a junior doctor, it’s clear to me the Conservatives just voted to end the NHS
We are grateful to all KONPNE supporters for taking action, in many different ways, over 2020 – placing posters in key locations across the North East (June and November), at the event at the Millenium Bridge (July), at the Monument (October), making videos, developing posts, sharing and retweeting, writing articles, writing to papers, writing to members of the Lords, emailing MPs, sending Christmas Cards to MPs, signing petitions, attending meetings, sitting on planning groups, getting friends and family involved and remaining strong throughout. You are wonderful. In our local KONPNE Campaign, we have worked very closely with“We Own It”, national“Keep Our NHS Public” (Trade subgroup) and the“Trade Justice Movement”, and we are grateful for their guidance, advice, support and solidarity.
This is not the end. Keep Our NHS Public continues, and we will continue to fight and stand up for our NHS until it returns to be, once again, publicly accountable and publicly provided.

16th January 2021 – Message from KONPNE Co-ordinator

Time is now running short. There is currently no protection for the NHS in the current Trade Bill, plus minimal scrutiny of new trade deals. The Bill will be debated and voted on in the Commons next week, so it is our last opportunity to email MPs this weekend….
and then please share it by clicking on facebook here, twitter here and youtube here
More KONPNE info / action re the Trade Bill is here

13th January 2021 – KONPNE message for Ian Levy MP (Blyth Valley)

is now live on our facebook, twitter, youtube and here:
Please share!!
The Bill returns to the Commons in early 2021, and it is crucial that ALL North East MPs now do the right thing. 
More info about the Trade Bill, plus links to all of the short videos are here – please share and retweet.
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7th January 2021 – KONPNE Zoom meeting

NHS flag 2

Our first meeting of the year, and the agenda included feedback on a number of current North East health campaigns including privatisation questions to Councils, Livi, Trade Bill, NHS charges to migrants, thank you banners, plus updates from both Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign and KONP Sunderland and District. Much good work is being done.
Notes from the meeting are here.
Our next meeting will take place on Thursday 4th February 2021 at 7pm via Zoom – all welcome; our meetings are open to everyone. Meetings will take place on the first Thursday of the month throughout 2021.

7th January 2021 – Socialist Health Association updated on North Tyneside “Livi” privatisation

socialist health association

Dr Gerard Reissmann, Newcastle GP and KONPNE member, was a speaker at the Socialist Health  Association AGM this evening. To a Zoom audience of over 30, Dr Reissmann spoke about the private GP video consultation service commissioned by the North Tyneside CCG which is taking money away from frontline GPs  and, if expanded widely, could threaten General Practice. SHA members were keen to know more about the issue and will raise it in various places including the Labour Party and through the NT Council.

6th January 2021 – KONPNE question to Newcastle City Council

Many thanks to KONPNE member David MacAllister for representing KONPNE and putting our question about NHS privatisation to the full Council meeting this evening.
Our question, submitted in advance, is here
Councillor Karen Kilgour, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care responded on behalf of the Council, stating that the Councils Labour administration is “fundamentally opposed to the privatisation of the NHS” and the chumocracy evidenced by the Governments award of health care contracts to the private sector. Cllr Kilgour went on to speak of the “Collaborative Newcastle”, a joint initiative  between four health and social care organisations in the city, launched in September 2020, and describing it as a “unique opportunity”. She concluded by confirming that the Council “opposes privatisation wherever possible”.
Surprisingly, our supplementary question here was not responded to by Cllr Kilgour.
We welcome Cllr Kilgour’s commitment to our NHS, and we will be pleased to study the transcript of Cllr Kilgours response in some detail when this is available. We will certainly be getting back to the Council regarding a full response to our supplementary question; Councillors are involved in decision-making regarding health provision in the city, and it is crucial that Councillors have ongoing up-to-date information about outsourcing patterns and trends – it is crucial that they see the full picture.

3rd January 2021 – new Trade Bill video “Sell-off in Blyth”

KONPNE have put together a number of short 2-minute videos over the last few weeks, mostly focusing on the Trade Bill and the need for ALL local MPs to vote for amendments which protect the NHS. It is alarming that six North East MPs voted AGAINST protecting the NHS in the trade bill vote in the Commons in July 2020. 
The Bill returns to the Commons in early 2021, and it is crucial that ALL North East MPs now do the right thing. 
More info about the Trade Bill, plus links to all of the short videos are here – please share and retweet.
….and click on the video link below to see Sell-off in Blyth. We trust that Ian Levy MP is taking note – we will certainly be noting his voting patterns….and, as we say, it is not too late for him to do the right thing.

31st December 2020 – sincerely THANK YOU NHS


21st December 2020 – a sincere thank you to NHS staff and all keyworkers

2020 has been a year like no other for our NHS staff and all keyworkers. Often exhausting… usually very difficult….and sometimes worse.  
We can only say one thing to people who put their own LIVES at risk when they go to work.
To the thousands of NHS staff and keyworkers who work at many sites and locations, large and small, across the North East, we offer our MASSIVE RESPECT and SINCERE THANKS for your commitment and care throughout 2020. We can never thank you enough. This week, we’ve posted THANK YOU banners at locations across the region….
Our SINCERE THANKS go to ALL staff at hospitals, health centres, clinics and surgeries throughout the North East. Wherever you are based, we offer a sincere THANK YOU for your care and commitment throughout 2020 from all at Keep Our NHS Public North East. 
December 2020: Outside Hexham General Hospital | opposite Freeman Hospital | at Sunderland Royal Hospital | outside Sunderland Minster | entrance to Queen Elizabeths Hospital, Gateshead | entrance at Blyth Community Hospital / Health Centre | opposite the RVI, Newcastle upon Tyne | Adjacent to the Health Centre, Whitley Bay | opposite the entrance to James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough | near Richardson Community Hospital, Barnard Castle | on Rake Lane, outside North Tyneside General Hospital | South Tyneside General Hospital | main entrance, University Hospital of North Durham | outside Wansbeck General Hospital, Ashington 
Please click the following links to see the thank you video on youtube, on facebook and on twitter  …..and please share and retweet!!  It’s the very least we can all do.
(Video music: www.bensound.com  track: Inspire)

14th December 2020 – Christmas message for Dehenna Davison MP (Bishop Auckland) ….and all North East MPs

Constituents are expecting ALL 22 North East MPs, from Bishop Auckland and Barnard Castle up to Berwick-upon-Tweed, to vote in favour of the Amendments to the Trade Bill which will protect our NHS. MPs may rest assured that constituents are following the situation very closely….

L Sach letter to Mercury3

8th December 2020 – House of Lords backs the NHS


Some good news this morning – the Lords have voted in favour of an Amendment that would block any trade deal that undermines the NHS’s ability to provide free services or control drug prices. The amendment states there could be no trade deal which “in any way undermines or restricts” the ability of authorities to “provide a comprehensive publicly funded health service free at the point of delivery,” or “regulate and control the pricing and reimbursement systems for the purchase of medicines or medical devices”.
Baroness Thornton stated: “These are national assets which must not be put in jeopardy or squandered in whatever the future holds for UK trade with the world. While the Government have repeatedly pledged that the NHS is not on the table in trade negotiations, we know that there have been detailed conversations between UK and US negotiators, revealing that health services have been discussed.  The US is probing the UK’s health insurance system and has made clear its desire for the UK to change its drug pricing mechanism.”
It is now CRUCIAL that all MPs now vote in favour of these Amendments when the vote returns to the Commons in early 2021. When this Bill was discussed in the Commons in July 2020, SIX North East MPs voted AGAINST amendments which would have provided some degree of protection to the NHS – this is not acceptable and, this time round, all MPs must do the right thing.

7th December 2020 – with “We Own It” in Blyth

Blyth We Own It group-page0001 (2)

Great to be part of the “We Own It” initiative in Blyth this morning – delivering a Christmas card to the local MP…
Important to note that, when the Trade Bill was voted on in the Commons in July this year, Mr Levy was one of six North East MP who, indeed, voted AGAINST Amendments which would have provided some degree of protection to our NHS. The vote will be returning to the Commons again early in the New Year 2021 and we trust that, on this occasion, Mr Levy will be doing the right thing  for the people of Blyth and for the future of the NHS. MPs need to ensure that this Bill does not open up the NHS to further sell-offs and take-overs by multinationals…

IMG-20201207-WA0007 (2)

…and as for this “Boris Johnson” this morning – he’s giving a clue to his preferred direction of travel? Blyth constituents are watching the situation very closely.
More info is here

3rd December 2020 – KONPNE speaks


Much discussion and plans made, as we approach the Christmas period: a focus on the Trade Bill continues, with our lobby now shifting from the Lords to the Commons (see here), much good work is ongoing regarding challenging the unjust NHS charges to migrants (here) and, in the wake of the moves to privatisation in Primary Care in North Tyneside (Livi), we are still asking questions at Full Council meetings and alerting local Councillors to appalling privatisation developments (here), plus our installation of end of year THANKYOU BANNERS outside hospitals throughout the North East region ….and some dates for the 2021 diary: we are aiming to have KONPNE meetings on the first Thursday of every month at 7pm, currently via Zoom….Book it in now!!
Our next meeting will take place on 7th January 2021 (here). All are welcome.

KONPNE member John Whalley put the following question to the full meeting of North Tyneside Council, at the full Council meeting on 26th November 2020. The question focused on North Tyneside CCG commissioning the private firm “Livi” to provide virtual GP appointments on a one year pilot basis.
Question to NT Council – Nov 2020 revised
Councillor Margaret Hall responded on behalf of the Council, and her response is recorded here, at part 9: https://democracy.northtyneside.gov.uk/mgAi.aspx?ID=2144
The video of the meeting is here (go to 38:40 mins)https://youtu.be/f5mh4pcZ9VE
In response to the question, Councillor Hall made the North Tyneside Council position very clear in stating that “North Tyneside Council is 100% opposed to any privatisation of the NHS and as long as Labour remain in control of North Tyneside Council it shall remain opposed to any privatisation of our precious NHS”.
Regarding Livi, Councillor Hall went on to say that “The evaluation of the pilot will be under the full scrutiny of all committee members. We agree that North Tyneside CCG should not be putting healthcare into the hands of profit-making companies. They also know that new and changed services in our local NHS always get the close attention of North Tyneside Council. This has been demonstrated by the Adult Social Care, Health and Wellbeing Sub Committee calling in the CCG’s Livi pilot for scrutiny. We’ve seen this year exploitation of the NHS by private businesses for huge profits by friends of government. A great example of how not to trust commercial arrangements”.
KONPNE: Councillor Hall has made the position of North Tyneside Council very clear regarding Livi. The Livi contract will be up for evaluation in the early part of 2021, representatives of North Tyneside Council are on the evaluation group, and we expect these people to stand up and be counted regarding this important matter

20th November 2020 – NHS is already part-privatised

Metro letter 4

In todays Metro – more info here

16th November 2020 – email to Healthwatch North Tyneside

As we are all too well aware, lucrative contracts are increasingly being awarded to private businesses and corporations for healthcare, with the subsequent erosion and rundown of the NHS. North Tyneside CCG is no stranger to this process, having recently handed over an undisclosed sum to “Livi”, an international digital healthcare company, to provide virtual GP appointments to patients in North Tyneside.
Livi? Livid, more like. KONPNE has emailed North Tyneside CCG, North Tyneside Council, and others….and Healthwatch North Tyneside is the latest organisation to be contacted by us to ascertain their views and to mobilise support – see our email here….
We need your support…. click here for information, to see the rest of our communications and to join in with the Campaign

4th November 2020 – KONPNE questions Northumberland County Council

Northumberland resident Richard Spedding, on behalf of KONPNE, questioned Northumberland County Councillors about NHS privatisation at the full Council meeting today. Two questions were read out at the Council meeting, and Cllr Veronica Jones (Conservative, Councillor for Ponteland West, Cabinet member for Adult Wellbeing, and Health and Wellbeing Board member) provided responses. Click here for details:
Question, and response from Cllr Jones – Northumberland County Council 4.11.20
Needless to say, KONPNE will be communicating with Cllr Jones (cc rest of the Northumberland Council) regarding her inadequate response. There appear to exist inconsistencies between Cllr Jones overview of NHS funding and the Channel Four fact check (click here regarding the Tory claims of investing £33.9 billion) and we also need to remind Cllr Jones about the REAL direction of travel re Integrated Care Systems (very sadly, ICSs WILL MOST CERTAINLY shift the balance between public and private services – not this year, but fast forward to the time of large-scale takeovers by multinational corporations, made possible through the creation of this very same ICS system). We suggest that Cllr Jones reads our KONPNE briefing paper We Need To Be Worried about the NHS Long Term Plan, Integrated Care Systems and Primary Care Networks
Members of KONPNE are active in putting similar questions to the six other Councils in the North East – click here for details 

12th November 2020 – In North West Durham

Great to take part in discussions this evening about campaigning for a publicly provided NHS. NW Durham CLP arranged this event, and friends from the Socialist Health Association also spoke. A very lively evening, many questions and much interest.
Please contact us at konpnortheast@gmail.com if you would like a speaker (plus optional slide presentation) – all can be done via Zoom – and we will do our very best to assist. See here for details.

3rd November 2020 – Tomorrow: our question to Northumberland County Council

Prompted by the recent growth in “outsourcing” (aka NHS privatisation) by North Tyneside CCG, members of KONPNE are putting questions to local North East Councils about NHS privatisation in their area. Next up is Northumberland County Council, with a question put to the full Council by KONPNE member Richard Spedding. This will be read out and responded to by a Council officer. Read the question here. The meeting will take place online on Wednesday 4th November – public questions are scheduled for 2.45pm, immediately before the full Council meeting. You can follow the question live at this link.

Northumberland County Council

A question was also submitted to Newcastle City Council for consideration at the Newcastle full Council meeting on the same day, but our question was declined, as they felt it to be similar to a question asked by us at the Newcastle full Council meeting in March this year – we disagree, and will be following up on this with a view to putting our question to Newcastle in November or the New Year.
See here  (towards the bottom of the page) for the questions already presented to Gateshead and Sunderland Councils at their full Council meetings in September, plus their responses, and see also the emails to North Tyneside, South Tyneside and County Durham Councils.

30th October 2020 – The Vampires are Out

KEEP OUR NHS PUBLIC NORTH EAST show a true horror story at Grey’s Monument, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Halloween 2020. The Vampires are out – sucking the lifeblood from our NHS……

Screenshot (117)

Click here

to see the KONPNE Halloween video – but be warned….this is a REAL horror story

24th October 2020 – Nightmare at the Monument

Click on photos to enlarge
SUCKING THE LIFEBLOOD FROM OUR NHS – Private multinational companies such as Serco, Sital and Deloitte are gaining increasing numbers of contracts to try to carry out health-related work. It is clear that the sudden onset of Covid 19 has provided the cover for many such contracts to be handed over by the Government, often without scrutiny or competition. We should be expanding our NHS to undertake additional health related work and not continually running to the private sector who have shown time and time again that they do not have the expertise.
WANT TO HEAR A DOUBLE HORROR STORY? – At the same time, Johnson and Trump are keen to work out a trade deal, discussions are well in progress and, in the Trade Bill which is currently going through Parliament, the NHS is NOT excluded. This paves the way for large-scale take overs by by US private companies, reduced access to medication, the harvesting of our UK patient data by US firms and the lowering of standards in medication, technology, and the numbers / skills / pay and conditions of staff.
NHS R.I.P? TIME IS RUNNING SHORT – Click here for information about what YOU can do now.
This morning, as part of the National Day of Action against the US Trade Deal, KONPNE dressed in Halloween costume on Saturday to get the point across – but this really is now a matter of huge concern, and your assistance is needed.

23rd October 2020 – Remote Rebels 3

Screenshot (115)
Great Remote Rebels 3 gig this weekend from Peoples Assembly North East. Many thanks David McAllister, Alix Alixandra and Bethany Elan for fantastic singing, Theresa Easton for the campaign update and Tony Dowling for hosting.
Many thanks also for inviting KONPNE to speak – KONPNE Steering Group member John Whalley describes the Tory negligence regarding the NHS and Covid 19 at 1:23…  click here to watch

22nd October 2020 – KONPNE Press release

KONPNE Halloween Special - Sat 24th Oct 2020 - social media-page0001

17th October 2020 – No to Serco Newcastle

KONPNE joined with Peoples Assembly North East outside SERCO offices in Newcastle to demand: “Scrap Serco – Hands Off Our NHS”
btw….Serco’s CEO is the brother of a former Tory MP.  His partner is a Tory Party donor. And Serco’s former spin doctor is the Tory Minister for Health…. 
Parliament recently voted on Test and Trace going to local public health teams, not Serco. The Tories voted it down.

15th October 2020 – KONPNE Zooms

Great to meet up with everyone tonight for the October KONPNE meeting. Feedback on the range of actions re the “LIVI” privatisation in North Tyneside and also the Trade Bill – and plans made for further (socially-distanced and safe) actions over the next month. Feedback also from our friends in the neighbouring Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign. Notes from this meeting are here
There is much happening in the North East – click here for details. Details regarding the November KONPNE meeting will also be posted in the same place.

13th October 2020 – “Not about profit….”

Great range of speakers in tonights webinar, including Jude Letham (Co-ordinator, KONPNE), Martin Gannon (Leader, Gateshead Council), Keir Howe (GMB Northern Region NHS lead), Stacey Richardson (NHS Staff Nurse) and Dr George Rae (North Tyneside GP and BMA Chair).
All speakers confirmed the need to keep our NHS public and to stop the outsourcing – it is clear that Covid-19 has thrown a light on the ongoing underfunding and privatisation by stealth of our NHS.
“The NHS is about service and caring, and is NOT about profit. We never ever want to lose that value”    Dr George Rae, North Tyneside GP and BMA Chair
The link to the event is here. Many thanks to Tony and Peoples Assembly North East for organising tonights very lively event.

7th October 2020 – GP speaks out against privatisation in North Tyneside

North Tyneside CCG has awarded the private healthcare company “LIVI” a contract to carry out virtual consultations in Primary Care in North Tyneside. Undoubtedly part of a very slippery privatisation slope: Livi claims to be Europe’s largest digital healthcare provider.
KONPNE anticipates that other CCGs may attempt to follow suit and we need to fight against this insidious privatisation of the NHS. Let us be crystal clear: CCGs should not be wasting taxpayers money by contracting out to private, profit making companies with shareholders.
Dr Gerard Reissmann, Newcastle upon Tyne GP:
“Services should be put into mainstream general practice, more GPs, more nurses….not to a private company offering a little easy cherry-picking straightforward patient service”     7th October 2020

1st October 2020 – Morpeth

Great to meet up with members of Morpeth and Pegswood Branch Labour Party, and to have the opportunity to share the KONPNE powerpoint regarding NHS privatisation. Many thanks for inviting us and for a very interesting discussion. Participants spoke of their own experiences – one person spoke of a sense of shock at the extent of privatisation within our health services, and another person described his experience as a Type 1 diabetic where he now needs to pay £250 per month for an insulin pump as it did not meet the NHS funding criteria, despite the pump being recommended by medical staff…
Members of KONPNE are willing to present the powerpoint and lead a discussion via zoom with all North East groups – political, social, religious, leisure…all welcome. Let us know at konpnortheast@gmail.com and we will do our best to assist.

25th September 2020 – Hiding behind a logo…..


Letter in todays Metro – We need to fix test and trace. Local public health teams and our NHS must be put back in charge of testing and contact tracing…and a clear message from KONP North East and @keepnhspublic and @We_OwnIt: You’re hiding behind a logo @MattHancock

24th September 2020 – North Tyneside privatisation reported by national media

Sharon Barbour, BBC, reports on the privatisation currently taking place within North Tyneside GP surgeries, as commissioned by North Tyneside CCG: see here
and the issue is also reported in the Health Campaigns Together news bulletin here (page 4) 
….and we keep coming back to the fundamental question – why is the funding provided to this private company not being invested in local, existing primary care services? It is clearly a cost-cutting exercise, increasing macro privatisation and undermining localised provision….

23rd September 2020 – Sunderland respond

Question: What is Sunderland Council doing to prevent the steady and insidious NHS privatisation process and how will you ensure that the local “Integrated Care System” involves changes based on health and social need, rather than being driven by financial considerations that lead to further outsourcing to the private sector?
Cllr Geoff Walker responded to this question about NHS privatisation put to the the Council by KONP Sunderland this evening. He confirmed that Sunderland City Council does not support the systematic privatisation of the NHS, is committed to an internal commissioning of services, and referred to a number of initiatives that the Council is involved in. He stated “I think our involvement in integrated health  and social care clearly  demonstrates our commitment to an agenda of collaboration and co-operation aimed at avoiding wealth extraction by the private sector”.
A transcription of Cllr Walkers response is here:  Answer to KONP question from Sunderland City Council 23 09 2020 and we have no doubt that KONP Sunderland will be following up Cllr Walkers response in some detail.

20th September 2020 – Sunderland City Council

Prompted by “Livi” and the recent growth in “outsourcing” (aka NHS privatisation) in North Tyneside – see posts below –  members of KONPNE are putting questions to local North East Councils about privatisation in their area.
Sunderland KONP’s Laura Murrell and Dr Pam Wortley have presented the following question and information sheet, and a response is expected from Sunderland Council at the full Council meeting on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 at 4pm.
Live streamed here: https://youtu.be/X9R-j-J3o4U
Question to Sunderland City Council from KONP Sunderland and District
Question to Sunderland Council additional information 23 09 2020
Plus more to follow – Newcastle City Council (7th October), Northumberland County Council (4th November) and information to key Councillors in North Tyneside, South Tyneside and County Durham – links to follow…

17th September 2020 – KONPNE at Gateshead Council

Screenshot (67)

Prompted by growing NHS privatisation across the region, members of KONPNE are currently in the process of putting questions to Councillors at full council meetings across the North East. First up was Gateshead Council this afternoon when Tony Dowling, KONPNE member and Gateshead resident, addressed the Council regarding the escalating privatisation within the NHS and then asked the following question:
What is the council doing to prevent the steady and insidious NHS privatisation process as mentioned, and what will Gateshead Council do to ensure that the local “Integrated Care System” involves changes based on health and social need, rather than being driven by financial considerations that lead to further outsourcing to the private sector. 
Tony also asked:
“The local “Integrated Care System” can be made to look good on paper – no one would argue with phrases such as “greater collaboration” and “patient-centred care” – but some risks only become apparent when the “Integrated Care System” is seen within the context of the planned, strategic dismantling of the healthcare system. Does Gateshead Council commission risk assessments regarding service changes in health provision – and do these risk assessments relate to privatisation? Members of KONPNE are keen that our Council representatives see the over-all picture and ask difficult questions, so that the NHS remains for all constituents and for future generations”.  
A full response was provided by Councillor Lynne Caffrey, Chair of Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board, which KONPNE looks forward to considering further in detail. As part of her verbal response, Cllr Caffrey commented that Gateshead Council is doing lots to guard against privatisation and, verbally and in writing, she stated that “Gateshead Council is fully committed to the NHS as a public service”. Regarding the alarming news that North Tyneside CCG have commissioned a private company, Livi, to provide virtual appointments across primary care in North Tyneside, Cllr Caffrey confirmed that “the local strategy is to introduce the option for Gateshead patients to consult with GPs via video if they choose to, but that video consultation will be with a local practice and a local practitioner as part of the primary care service that is already commissioned. We have no plans to commission any outside services”.
Our statement and questions are here: Question to Gateshead Council Sept 2020
Cllr Caffreys response is here: Question Response By Councillor Caffrey, Gateshead
KONPNE will now consider Cllr Caffreys response in detail, and we intend to reply with copies to Gateshead Councillors.

15th September 2020 – KONPNE questions full Council meeting

Gateshead Council

Prompted by the recent growth in “outsourcing” (aka NHS privatisation), members of KONPNE are putting questions to local North East Councils about privatisation in their area.
Follow our question and Council responses live, as Tony Dowling, KONPNE member and Gateshead resident, puts a question to the full council meeting of Gateshead Council on Thursday 17th September at 2.30pm.
Follow live on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYDGr1rlFmM&ab_channel=GatesheadMBC
Plus more to follow – Dr Pam Wortley and the team at Keep Our NHS Public Sunderland have prepared a question for the full Sunderland City Council meeting on Wednesday 23rd September – links to follow…

14th September 2020 – NHS privatisation in North Tyneside primary care – “Livi”

KONPNE has now written to both North Tyneside MPs, checked out the times for formal questions to be put to the seven NE Councils (the first question will be put to Gateshead Council at the full council meeting on Thursday this week – more info to follow), has written to the Chronicle, Journal and local papers, and is in the process of getting more information from North Tyneside CCG via a “Freedom of Information” request….what can you do -> please click here for information about ways of getting involved.

The letter to local papers:

I am writing on behalf of the local campaign group, ‘Keep Our NHS Public – North East’.
I am very concerned about the creeping privatisation of the NHS which is occurring at this present time. Recently, North Tyneside residents received letters inviting them to sign up to an app from a private Swedish company, Livi, working in partnership with North Tyneside CCG. This would enable GP patients to get video appointments provided they had a Smart phone or laptop with the correct software. All of this happened without consultation with the North Tyneside councillors, our local representatives. Unless stopped, this pilot development in North Tyneside may well spread to other parts of the North East. Further information concerning this situation can be accessed from our website https://konpnortheast.com/privatisation/primary-care/. 
In taking out a contract with this private company the taxes from our hard earned money are being misused, without our knowledge, to pay private companies to make a profit from our misfortune and ill-health. If this service became the norm then those people without access to technology or who are unable to use it would potentially be denied access to some GP services.
The service from Livi is currently ‘free’ and optional for N. Tyneside residents, but for how long? There is a cost though, as our taxes are benefitting this company. One hundred percent of the monies allocated to the NHS should go directly to the NHS to provide much needed healthcare and not to profit companies overseas. During the COVID pandemic we have been witnessing the NHS struggle to provide a full healthcare service. Many people have seen their operations and treatments postponed. Meanwhile the Government is funding private companies rather than invest in our British NHS, pay our NHS workers a decent wage and provide them with adequate PPE for safe working.
Telephone and video appointments can be a helpful way of having a first contact with your GP for some but not all clinical situations during our current COVID pandemic and many of our NHS GPs have been able to provide this service without payment to private companies. When we can return to ‘normal’ most people will want to be able to have that valuable contact with their own GP at the surgery where they feel comfortable and can have a full consultation.
Now is the time to stand up and stop this privatisation which we neither need nor want.
Yours faithfully
(KONPNE member)
Keep Our NHS Public North East

3rd September 2020 – Livid…

A very active KONPNE meeting this evening, with much discussion and campaign planning centring around * Trade Bill (see here)  *the private company “Livi” contracted to provide GP consultations in North Tyneside (much happening – social media and website posts to be added shortly) *access to A+E  *powerpoint presentation on privatisation  *forthcoming events
The notes from the meeting are here: 3.9.20 – KONPNE notes of meeting
Your help is needed – please contact konpnortheast@gmail.com to get involved in the campaign

28th August 2020 – North Tyneside on the slippery privatisation slope


The private firm Livi has been awarded a contract to carry out virtual consultations in Primary Care in North Tyneside. Whilst this is claimed to be a pilot scheme, and it is to be seen as an addition to the usual GP clinical work, it is undoubtedly part of a very slippery privatisation slope.
KONPNE strongly objects to this insidious privatisation of the NHS. Apart from the central fact that North Tyneside CCG should not be wasting taxpayers money by contracting out to private, profit making companies with shareholders, a number of key issues need to be answered as a matter of urgency – click here to find out more, plus ways of helping.

26th August 2020 – NE Councillors & Public Health express concern about restructure

Gateshead 3

Health and Wellbeing Board Chairs from across the region have come together to express concern at the Government’s decision to restructure Public Health England and to hand over key responsibilities to a new body with no clear idea of what it will do or how it will be governed.
“The National Institute for Health Protection appears to be an organisation set outside of the NHS but with a crucial role to play in the health of our communities,” said Cllr Lynne Caffrey, Chair of the Gateshead Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB), who coordinated a letter to both the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock.
The letter from 10 of the region’s 12 HWB Chairs from across political parties, expressed their surprise at the changes being proposed in the middle of a pandemic. It also asks for the expertise of local councils in dealing with many aspects of public health, including infectious disease outbreaks, to be recognised and for any new structures or systems to be set up to be co-designed with local authorities. Cllr Caffrey, said: “We believe we need to focus on maintaining the local capability, capacity and skills, to keep the effective working relationships already established and for us to have a system in place that is best able to protect the communities we represent.”
This view is shared by Directors of Public Health (DsPH) across the region and, as leaders of local systems they have experienced at first-hand the vital role that regional Public Health England (PHE) teams play in protecting the health and wellbeing of local communities and that they do not wish to lose this regional expertise. Amanda Healy, Durham’s Director of Public Health and chair of the North East Association of Directors of Public Health, said: “Our regional PHE colleagues have played a critical role in our local response to Covid-19. As such, any proposal to dismantle these arrangements now, particularly ahead of winter, present a real risk to protecting the health and wellbeing of our community. It is also vital that people understand the breadth of remit that PHE has across healthcare public health, health improvement and health inequalities. We would strongly recommend that any restructuring protects these functions which have a central role across Local Government and the NHS. We have all be involved with many re-organisations over the years and while, at times, there have been benefits, we also understand the immense upheaval and disruption they create. Given the pressure we are all currently under we, as Directors of Public Health across the North East, are extremely concerned that this disruption may adversely affect our ability to protect our communities from Covid and indeed other infectious diseases as we come towards the winter months.”
Read the Chronicle article here

18th August 2020 – Scrap the contracts for Serco and Sitel

Privatised track and trace has been a 2020 disaster that is costing lives. It’s now time to put local public health teams in charge of the whole system – they have the tools and the local knowledge they need to do this vital work before any second wave this winter. Now they need the money.
Speaking outside Newcastle Civic Centre on the “We Own It” national day of action on Track and Trace Contracts, Dr Helen Groom, GP and member of KONP North East, stated: 
“Don’t be fooled – the Tories are now beginning to overtly privatise our NHS. Public Health England is now being merged with the failed Serco / Sitel. £528 million of your money is being given to this company which couldn’t even run track and trace properly in the first place” 
David McAllister, North East Peoples Assembly, stated:
“We stand against all privatisation and cuts to public services – the NHS is a major part of that.We are here supporting health workers who are standing in the way of private companies making a killing out of our public services”
….and now watch the youtube video from Newcastle upon Tyne today:  https://youtu.be/WCTDa-FC1fw
It is clear that Hancock needs to scrap Serco and Sitels failed contracts now instead of renewing them. The government must give the £528 million allocated for these contract extension to local authorities and Public Health England teams instead.
Couldn’t make the Newcastle event today? Then it’s crucial that you sign the “Save Lives, Scrap Serco” petition here….and please pass it on to all of your contacts….. https://weownit.org.uk/save-lives-scrap-serco-now

9th August 2020 – Sedgefield MP fails to support Amendment that would protect the NHS

Click SEDGEFIELD MP email communication to see email communication between KONPNE and Paul Howell, MP for Sedgefield.
Top email – from KONPNE to Sedgefield MP Paul Howell, 9th August 2020 – our huge concern and disappointment that he chose to vote AGAINST protecting the NHS in the Trade Bill
Middle email – from Paul Howell MP to KONPNE, 24th July 2020 – – attempting to justify his position
Third email – our initial email from KONPNE to Paul Howell, 19th July 2020, requesting his support in protecting the NHS
It is not too late: we are now counting on Paul Howell to support NHS Amendments, after the Bill has been through the Lords in the autumn 2020

9th August 2020 – Blyth MP fails to support Amendment that would protect the NHS

Click BLYTH MP email communication to see email communication between KONPNE and Ian Levy, MP for Blyth 
Top email – from KONPNE to Blyth MP Ian Levy, 9th August 2020 – our huge concern and disappointment that he chose to vote AGAINST protecting the NHS in the Trade Bill
Middle email – from Ian Levy MP to KONPNE, 21st July 2020 – – attempting to justify his position
Third email – our initial email from KONPNE to Ian Levy, 19th July 2020, requesting his support in protecting the NHS
It is not too late: we are now counting on Ian Levy to support NHS Amendments, after the Bill has been through the Lords in the autumn 2020

8th August 2020 – Pay justice for health care workers

Crucial for KONPNE to be at the socially-distanced march and rally in Newcastle today, in support of pay justice for health service workers. Poor rates of pay have contributed to the recruitment and retention crisis in the NHS, and workers shouldn’t have to wait until April 2021 for a pay review. Clapping on a Thursday night does not put food on the table. A great turnout at the march, speeches from health care workers, and also our first post-lockdown opportunity for a brief catch up with friends at Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign and Sunderland KONP.
A Chronicle report, pictures and video is here

5th August 2020 – KONPNE at Cullercoats Branch Labour Party

Labour logo

Many thanks to Cullercoats Branch Labour Party for the invitation to meet up with members tonight via Zoom – we were asked to present our new powerpoint on NHS privatisation in the North East, and this was followed by questions and discussion. It is great to have your support, and the support of other political parties in the North East.
KONPNE does not align itself to any one political party – we have members from most political parties (or none), and it remains very important for us to welcome all people who support a publicly funded and publicly provided NHS. Very recently, we have developed powerpoint images and text to accompany our presentations – we have found that this makes the presentation more engaging and interesting. If your group (be that political, social, educational, or religious….most gatherings, in fact!) would like a speaker / presentation to describe NHS privatisation in the North East, then please get in touch at konpnortheast@gmail.com , and we will do our best to assist.

4th August 2020 – KONPNE on Zoom

Our agenda included an update from the Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign, information about the forthcoming NHS Workers Pay Protest on Saturday (information here), an overview of the Campaign work so far regarding NHS charges to migrants (see here) and details about the recently updated KONPNE presentations on NHS privatisation in the North East. Most of the agenda and discussion centred around the Trade Bill and possible campaign initiatives (here), including lobbying the Lords and maintaining a focus on contacting local MPs….following our meeting tonight, we have updated our campaign strategy regarding this – please watch out for the details.

3rd August 2020 – NHS privatisation in the North East

NHS dollars

KONPNE has devised a 30 minute Powerpoint presentation summarising the privatisation of the NHS in the North East, which can be delivered via Zoom. The presentation has been trialled successfully with several groups and has been followed by questions and answers. If you know of any groups that would like to book this presentation for a meeting: political, social, religious or any other interested group, please contact us at konpnortheast@gmail.com. Thank you
Please click here for further details

31st July 2020 – KONPNE and Unite Community Branch

Great to be invited to a Zoom meet up with members of the NE Unite Community Branch, for an overview of the Campaign and discussion. Together we are stronger, and it is good to have your support.
This meeting saw the third trip out for our newly updated powerpoint presentation on NHS Privatisation in the North East. This presentation is available to other groups and organisations, and KONPNE members are invited to present it, at the moment via Zoom. If you are not an attender at our meetings, please get in touch with us at konpnortheast@gmail.com, and we will do our very best to arrange a speaker.

20th July 2020 – Trade Bill now at the Lords

Further to the appalling voting at the Commons today, we are now reviewing the Campaign, with a focus on the Lords. Check out the page here for specific details about the passage of the Bill so far through Parliament, and actions to take. We are considering all options re the Lords, and will update supporters when we clarify and agree our way forward. Thank you. 

8th July 2020 – 2 min Trade Bill video now published by KONPNE

URGENT: Please watch – then share or tweet this video to all of your contacts….The Trade Bill will be debated in Parliament in July 2020, and it is CRUCIAL that we contact our MPs NOW

20200704_104330 (2)

youtube: https://youtu.be/lgKa7IShjeI
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NHSPublicNorthEast
twitter: https://twitter.com/KONPNorthEast 
Accompanying track Rumble is from www.bensound.com

6th July 2020 – North East Bylines

Excellent article from Giuseppe Bignardi in North East Bylines re Saturday action in Newcastle.
Thanks, Giuseppe.
Please click here:     https://northeastbylines.co.uk/troubled-birthday-4-the-nhs/

20200704_115139 (2)

5th July 2020 – Across the North East….


5th July 2020 – 72yrs young

Today we CELEBRATE but we also PROTECT.
We need to KEEP OUR NHS PUBLIC – or we will lose it. 
Dr. Helen Groom (GP) said;-   “The things that have worked during the COVID 19 pandemic have been the ones organised by the NHS – our hospitals have’t closed, and we have, so far, had enough ITU beds. The things that haven’t, PPE procurement, testing, contact tracing and most tragically our care homes, are all contracted out to private companies. We call
on the government to SAVE the NHS from current trade bill and privatisation discussions, FUND the NHS to 11% of GDP, bringing us to average and not below average as we are currently, and to STOP migrant charging. This weekend we ask every member of the public not only to clap or take the knee but to write/email/tweet their
MP, Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson with those 3 messages”
Jude Letham co-ordinator of Keep Our NHS Public North East said;-  “We have a state-of-the-art pathology lab in Gateshead but tests from IKEA 5 miles away were sent to Milton Keynes and often didn’t return. Big multinational private companies such as SODEXA, Capita, PWC and Deloitte and have been given £1.7 billion pounds worth of contracts in the last 3 months 1 . Serco got £49 million for call centres, PESTFIX £109 million for supply and delivery of PPE. Keep our NHS Public say give this PUBLIC tax payer’s money to the NHS. We need to act now to remove the NHS from the current trade talks and prevent the US companies from taking more of those contracts and implementing US style health care.”
Tony Dowling People’s Assembly said;-   “Mental health and care services have been devastated by cuts in funding and contracting out to private companies where share holders count, not patients. It’s essential that the NHS is saved from the current trade talks, that privatisation stops, and that we stop migrant charging which prevents ill people from seeking treatment. We’re asking all members of the public to do their bit and to write, email, tweet their MP, especially Conservative ones, to say SAVE, FUND, STOP. A tsunami of public opinion reaching all of our politicians is what the NHS and care services need this weekend.”

4th July 2020 –  Full report and video from Chronicle Live

Please click here 

20200704_111840 (2)

4th July 2020 – Celebrations on the Toon

Today we CELEBRATE – but we also need to PROTECT against cuts, outsourcing, the Trade Bill, and the hostile environment.
72 years ago, the NHS was established in a war-ravaged Britain – now, 72 years later, we need to rebuild and restore the founding vision of the NHS.
But, for today, it’s birthday celebrations on the Toon – KONPNE and Peoples Assembly NE have (socially distanced, and numbers strictly limited!) celebrations at the Millenium Bridge, The Monument and outside the RVI.
And massive thanks to Wendy, Alizon and Theresa for huge assistance with artwork!!! 😃😃😃
Click on any image to enlarge
Great coverage in Chronicle Live – click here

4th July 2020 –  NHS-on-Tyne:  today we CELEBRATE….but we also need to PROTECT

Click here for the two minute video from the Millenium Bridge on Tyneside…..

30th June 2020 – KONPNE Zooms

20200617_104157 (2)

Wide ranging discussions, detailed campaign planning and a presentation about privatisation in the North East = another busy KONPNE meeting….
On the agenda this month – update from Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign, report back on the local work completed so far regarding removing NHS charges to migrants, planning regarding the action in Newcastle city centre on Saturday 4th July and the online rally on Sunday 5th July (both to celebrate the NHS 72nd birthday, and to highlight the ongoing privatisation of the NHS), update on the NHS Trade Bill and the campaign to date, and finally a presentation of our draft powerpoint about NHS privatisation, soon to be available to all local health campaigners in contact with political, social, religious, educational and family groups across the NE.
The notes of our meeting will be available shortly, and details of our next meeting are here. All welcome!!

26th June 2020 – NO to current Trade Bill

KONP SUNDERLAND AND DISTRICT shout a resounding NO to the current Trade Bill passing through Parliament. It is CRUCIAL that our North East MPs vote for Amendments in order to protect our NHS.
For info / action plan / NE photo gallery see www.konpnortheast.com/events
Sunderland KONP: https://www.facebook.com/KONPSD

24th June 2020 – more replies from NE MPs re Trade Bill

Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

From Ian Mearns MP (Gateshead)
Subject: Re: Please ask the Trade Bill Committee to protect the NHS
Dear Julie.  Thank you for your email to which Ian has asked me to reply on his behalf.  Ian completely agrees, the NHS is our pride and provides a fantastic service.  Our NHS key-workers work so hard and deserve to be treated with respect and decency.   It should not be used as a bargaining tool in any trade deals and most certainly should not be sold off to the highest bidder.  Ian does not sit on the Public Bill Committee, but please be assured he will speak to his colleagues about the amendment.
Ian would like to thank you for contacting him on this very important matter.
Angela Douglas
Office of Ian Mearns


From Nick Brown (Newcastle upon Tyne East)
Thank you for contacting me raising your concerns about the use of the NHS in future trade deals.
As the UK leaves the European Union and seeks to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, we will need to agree new international trade deals. Whilst I am not opposed to this in principle, I believe that any agreements should serve our interests in the long term. They must include protections of our existing rights and standards and benefits for UK workers and businesses of all sizes. I agree with you that the NHS should be protected from being sold in any future trade agreements. I continue to believe that the NHS should be publicly owned and free at the point of delivery.
The UK Government have said that the NHS, and the price it pays for drugs, will not be on the table in trade negotiations with the US. I believe it is crucial that the Government goes further and enshrines this in law.
As the Trade Bill does not include the provisions I mentioned above, I voted against it at Second Reading. Unfortunately, the Government were able to use their majority to successfully pass the Bill through this stage of the Parliamentary process. It will now proceed to Committee Stage where it will receive further scrutiny.
More generally on NHS privatisation, spending on private sector providers has more than doubled in cash terms since 2010. I am concerned that this transformation, created by the Health and Social Care Act 2012, has delivered a fragmented and wasteful system. It has allowed a situation where the Government awarded a record amounts of the health service budget to private providers in recent years.
At the last general election, I stood on a manifesto that pledged to end privatisation in the NHS. Labour also committed to ensure that all parts of the NHS are fully excluded and protected from any international trade deals. The NHS is one of the Labour Party’s greatest achievements. I want to assure you that the Party remains committed to ensuring that it is kept in public ownership and is properly funded by the Government.
With best wishes,
Rt Hon Nick Brown MP  Member of Parliament for Newcastle upon Tyne East
…..and for more NE MP responses, please scroll down to 5th June 2020

23rd June 2020 – More Trumpish walkabouts – today in Co Durham….

Photos: June 2020 – Front Street, Consett | City Centre, Durham | Riverside, Durham
Crucial that we all, as constituents, contact our MPs across the whole of the NE region – more information on our events page here

22nd June 2020 – Toon gets the message loud and clear

Photos: June 2020 – RVI, Newcastle | City Hall, Newcastle | Quayside and Tyne Bridge, Newcastle

21st June 2020 – KONPNE contacts Tory members on Trade Bill Committee

Trade Bill amendments

Trade Bill 2020 now at the Committee Stage, and KONPNE Co-ordinator Jude Letham contacts all nine Tory Committee members – this is a team effort, please click here to find out what you can do now
Re. Amendment to the Trade Bill to protect the NHS
The Conservative manifesto 2019 made the following pledges:
“When we are negotiating trade deals, the NHS will not be on the table. The price the NHS pays for drugs will not be on the table. The services the NHS provides will not be on the table.”
However the Trade Bill, as it stands, does not give the NHS this protection.  We urge you to support the amendment put forward by Stewart Hosie, to protect the NHS for us all.
Regards Jude Letham (Co-ordinator) Keep Our NHS Public North East

20th June 2020 – Message received loud and clear in North Tyneside and Northumberland

Photos: June 2020 – Hexham Abbey | North Shields | Promenade, Whitley Bay | Market Place, Bishop Auckland

17th June 2020 – We’re observing voting patterns very closely

**** URGENT ****
Our MPs must vote for the relevant AMENDMENTS to the current Trade Bill – or we will lose our NHS. The NHS is DEFINITELY “on the table” in Trade talks.
**** URGENT **** information about the campaign is here
Photos: June 2020 – Beach Huts, Blyth | Church Point, Newbiggin | Clock Tower, Morpeth | Spirit of the Staithes, Blyth

16th June 2020: North East Birthday event organised

KONPNE Press release 4th July 2020 2

15th June 2020 – Urgent

A member of KONPNE devised the following graphic. Many thanks – it spells things out loud and clear….now on our facebook and twitter – please share and tweet

Trade bill





15th June 2020 – KONPNE addresses North Tyneside Green Party

Green Party

Many thanks to North Tyneside Green Party for the invitation to meet up with members tonight via Zoom – we presented a powerpoint on NHS privatisation in the North East, followed by questions and discussion. It is great to have your support, and the support of other political parties in the North East.
KONPNE does not align itself to any one political party – we have members from most political parties (or none), and it remains very important for us to welcome all people who support a publicly funded and publicly provided NHS. Very recently, we have developed powerpoint images and text to accompany our presentations – we have found that this makes the presentation more engaging and interesting. If your group (be that political, social, educational, or religious….most gatherings, in fact!) would like a speaker / presentation to describe NHS privatisation in the North East, then please get in touch at konpnortheast@gmail.com , and we will do our best to assist.

14th June 2020 – UK / US Trade negotiations continue

Trade bill flyer-page0001

8th June 2020 – KONPNE Zooms large

Valuable discussions and time spent planning forthcoming Campaigns – including UK / USA Trade Bill, local and national action at the anniversary of the founding of the NHS (4th and 5th July 2020) and work on challenging the health charges imposed on migrants to the UK….also great to catch up with all supporters!!
The notes from the meeting will be posted here in the next few days and, as always, details of our next meeting and future actions will be circulated on our emails, plus website and social media.
Keep well and keep in touch

5th June 2020 – UK / USA Trade Bill: 5 North East MPs respond


It is now two weeks since we wrote to all 22 MPs in the North East regarding the Trade Bill which is currently going through Parliament (- see 18th May post below). Five MPs have responded, and their emails are copied below…we await feedback from the remaining 17 MPs. We realise that it is a busy time all round for MPs, but this matter is of the utmost importance and it is URGENT – next being presented to the House at the end of June, and it is crucial that our representatives support the amendment… for details of our Campaign, please see here
From Emma Lewell-Buck MP (South Shields):
Hi Jude
Hope you are all well, you might have seen I was due to speak in the Bill but then the House cut the debate short.  I posted my speech on my Facebook and Twitter
Best wishes to you all
Emma Lewell-Buck MP


From Ian Mearns MP (Gateshead):
Dear Jude,
Thanks for your email to which Ian has asked me to reply.
While the Covid-19 has highlighted our vital our NHS is, particular to our more vulnerable communities; it has also exposed the effects of years of under investment and privatisation. We have seen reports over the last couple of months of depleted stockpiles of PPE, some of which many years out of date; staff shortages across the service and a lack of adequate facilities. It is admirable the way the staff in the NHS have met the challenge of responding to Covid-19, and is of no surprise. But it is important that it is noted that many other routine and essential appointments have been cancelled in order to retain the capacity required.
For a number of years Ian and his colleagues have shared deep concern of the way the conservatives view all aspects of trade, but in particular the NHS. It can not be right that private organisations are receiving vast sums of public money for delivering services which could and should be provided directly, and with little accountability. The discussions around the TTIP proposals some years ago around disputes panels/courts was frightening. 
Ian absolutely agrees that it is not enough for this government to make any pledges, given their track record of making misleading and often incorrect statements across a range of matters. Ian was delighted to support the Labour manifesto pledge at the last election stop and reverse NHS privatisation and continues to support your campaign locally and in parliament.
I trust this clarifies Ian’s position, however if there is anything further Ian can assist with please do get in touch.
Best wishes,
Kris  –  Office of Ian Mearns MP


From Mary Glindon MP (North Tyneside):
Dear John
Mary asked me to thank you for your email. 
As Mary is the Opposition Whip for the Shadow International Trade Team, and as the 2nd Reading of the Bill is returning to the House next Wednesday, she cannot comment.  She will, however, raise your concerns with the team.
Kind Regards
Christine Aird
PA to Mary Glindon MP


From Bridget Phillipson MP (Houghton and Sunderland South):
Dear Jude
Thank you for your correspondence regarding the Trade Bill.
The NHS has deservedly seen an outpouring of support from across the nation in recent weeks. The fact remains that I do have serious concerns over the ability of the Conservative government to defend and protect the NHS, to ensure that it provides quality health services to the British people. I can assure you that I will oppose any threats to these principles.
On the issue of the Trade Bill more widely, I have no issue in principle with a Bill that provides the legal mechanisms to enable our transition from trading as a part of the EU bloc to return conventions and competence to the UK. I do also believe in a trade policy that is transparent and subject to full parliamentary scrutiny, and so would have welcomed a Trade Bill that ensures meaningful parliamentary scrutiny of all future UK trade and investment treaties. This Trade Bill represents a considerable missed opportunity, and sets the bar far too low when it comes to the level of transparency and parliamentary accountability that this and future legislation related to trade should meet. I therefore voted against the Bill at its Second Reading.
Labour tabled a reasoned amendment explaining why this Bill was unsuitable, stating ‘it fails to set out proper procedures for Parliamentary consultation, scrutiny, debate and approval of future international trade agreements, fails to protect the principle of Parliamentary sovereignty in respect of the implementation of international trade agreements previously negotiated by the European Union and in respect of changes to existing government procurement regulations arising from the UK’s or other countries’ accession to the Government Procurement Agreement, fails to establish sufficient scrutiny procedures to replace those that have pertained while the UK has been a member of the European Union, fails to guarantee that the UK’s current high standards and rights will be protected in future trade agreements, and fails to render the Trade Remedies Authority answerable to Parliament or representative of the full range of stakeholders who should be included in its membership.’
The Trade Bill did pass nevertheless, and is now being considered by a Public Bill Committee which will scrutinise each line of the Bill and is expected to report to the House by Thursday 25 June 2020. I can assure you I will continue to monitor the Trade Bill, and you can follow its progress via the following link: https://services.parliament.uk/bills/2019-21/trade.html.
In usual circumstances, I would write to the Government to forward your queries. However, as I am sure you can appreciate, MPs have now been advised that due to the existing pressures faced by ministers, we should only make representations for the most urgent coronavirus-related cases.
Thank you again for writing to me.
Yours sincerely,
Bridget Phillipson MP
From Alan Campbell MP (Tynemouth)
Dear Jude Letham
Thankyou for contacting me about trade agreements and the NHS. 
I appreciate your concerns on this issue. I am not opposed in principle to free trade agreements, including a trade deal with the US. As the global economy seeks to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, we will need to agree new trade deals that will benefit UK workers and businesses of all sizes. However, these trade deals must serve our interests in the long term and protect our existing rights and standards. Crucially, as you highlight, they must not threaten our health service.
The US Governments negotiating objectives for a trade deal with the UK, published in February 2019, include UK commitments to provide access to service markets, with only “the narrowest possible exceptions with the least possible impact on US firms”. These exceptions, it says, should be “on a negative list basis” – where all services are included unless explicitly excluded. In addition, the US states that it will seek to ensure drug price regulations “provide full market access for US products”.
The UK Governments says the NHS and the price it pays for drugs will not be on the table in trade negotiations with the US. However, I worry that the Government’s urgent desire for any sort of deal could lead to an agreement designed for the benefit of the major corporations behind the American healthcare industry.
We must never let our health service be up for grabs in any trade negotiation. We must ensure that all parts of the NHS are fully protected under any international trade deals. For the Government to reassure NHS patients that this will be the case, it needs to make clear that it will ensure explicit wording rules out liberalisation measures from applying to our NHS. Importantly, it also needs to provide proper procedures for parliamentary consultation, scrutiny, debate and approval of future international trade agreements, so we can attempt to hold it to account on this. I am disappointed that its current Trade Bill does not do this, and I therefore opposed it at Second Reading.
Thank you once again for contacting me about this issue. I can assure you that I will continue to do all that I can to protect our NHS from any threats to it in future trade deals.
Yours sincerely
Alan Campbell MP


….and we await the responses from the remaining 17 MPs

4th June 2020 – Response from North Tyneside Elected Mayor

Further to the post below and our emails to Norma Redfearn re the privatised 111 call centre in North Tyneside, please find below Norma’s response.  We would be interested in your views about this response – comments, please, to konpnortheast@gmail.com
Dear Mr Whalley
Thank you for your recent email.
I understand that the Council’s Public Protection Team were contacted with complaints about SITEL practice towards staff at the beginning of the period of “lockdown”.  Those complaints were investigated and found SITEL able to evidence the right practice in meeting the Public Health England guidance for teams who could not work at home.
NHS England confirmed NHS 111 is run by a mix of organisations including private, social enterprises and NHS Providers.  The current national Coronavirus Response Service is run on behalf of NHS 111 by private providers including SITEL.  This was done to respond to significantly increased demand following the outbreak and reliance on those private providers is already being reduced and is due to be phased out.
The call responders used, were trained specifically to deal with Coronavirus-related calls and were appropriately selected, screened and trained.  That training was developed by the same NHS clinical staff responsible for the core NHS111 service.  Pathways and guidance were designed in line with Public Health England material and clear governance was put in place to ensure transfer to a clinician for a full assessment when required.
NHS 111 in the North East is delivered by North East Ambulance Service Foundation Trust.  The call handling elements are not subcontracted and are judged as “Good” by CQC.  During the implementation of the national Coronavirus Response Service, callers were given a choice between the national response line and the local NHS111 service operated by NEAS.
Thank you once again for taking the time to contact me.
Kind Regards, Norma Redfearn CBE
Elected Mayor of North Tyneside

4th June 2020 – Second call for Norma Redfearn, NT Elected Mayor….

KONPNE remains concerned about the quality of service provided by the privatised 111 call centre located in North Tyneside and, after nil response to our email to Norma Redfearn sent one month ago, today we have written again – our two emails copied below are self-explanatory…

Norma Redfearn

SENT MAY 3rd 2020:
Dear Mayor Redfearn
We hope you and your family are staying well through the current crisis.
We have received some concerning information about the way that Covid 19 is being dealt with in North Tyneside.  https://calderdaleandkirklees999callforthenhs.wordpress.com/2020/04/07/suspected-covid-19-patients-lives-are-in-the-hands-of-nhs-111-call-handlers-with-only-90-minutes-training/
In this article, it is alleged that call handlers for the 111 service employed by Sitel UK in North Tyneside have been receiving as little as 90 minutes training on a script to follow, when they are contacted by people with suspected Covid 19 symptoms, and there is thus significant concern about the quality of the service being provided.
According to our sources, Sitel is employing around 300 people to staff the Tyneside NHS 111 Covid 19 lines, about 90% of whom are new starters, many just 16-17yrs old.  We know of one young man working there who commented about the work, “It’s easy, you just tell them they can’t have an ambulance.”
We have contacted the two local MPs to ask them to investigate the 111 service being provided.
It will be of great concern to you as Mayor of North Tyneside Council, that the Council assisted Sitel UK (a subsidiary of the American owned company, Sitel) to set up their provision at Cobalt Business Park, through the Invest North Tyneside initiative.  https://investnorthtyneside.co.uk/?s=Sitel
We are already disgusted at the overturning of the Council motion made in 2018, which stated that they would not implement the delivery of healthcare via an Integrated Care System.  We believe that Integrated Care Systems will accelerate the privatisation of the NHS.  If the allegations against Sitel UK are true, they highlight the grave concerns that we have about the quality of service given by private companies and the lack of accountability for their actions.
The Steering Group of KONP North East, our members and National KONP, would be interested to hear your views on this matter.
Regards, Jude Letham – (Co-ordinator) on behalf of KONPNE Steering Group
…..AND SENT JUNE 4th 2020:
Dear Mayor Redfearn
I am a member of Keep Our NHS Public North East Steering Group and a resident of North Tyneside, and Jude Letham (KONPNE Co-ordinator) has asked me to get in touch with you.
Please find copied below an email which was sent to you over a month ago. Your response would be appreciated.
To my mind, issues regarding governance, training, quality of service and customer satisfaction need to be explored and fully examined. As part of this, it will be crucial to know how the service is being evaluated, and how the parameters for this have been set. I would be grateful for your views about this and any plan of action you intend to take. Thank you. I am sure you agree that it is crucial that this privatised health business located in North Tyneside is fit for purpose – this is important at the best of times, but doubly important given the extremely sensitive nature of the work involved at the current time.
I write this email to yourself on behalf of all KONPNE members. Myself and other members who live in North Tyneside are particularly concerned about this private business being on our doorstep. Details of these emails to yourself and your response are shared with all KONPNE members – at our (currently Zoom) meetings, and also communicated on our website and social media. I am also copying in North Tyneside Healthwatch, for information / action.
John Whalley
Steering Group member, Keep Our NHS Public North East

31st May 2020 – Going the extra mile

Spotted in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, this morning. The health professionals who work in our wonderful NHS go the extra mile, day in, day out, and recently at very significant personal risk – their actions demand our huge respect and we need to fly the flag in giving enormous gratitude. Contrast with the guy who “went the extra 260 miles” up the M1 during lockdown…and then took his family on an eye test….
No comparison. Actions speak louder than words, and both have demonstrated very clearly what they are made of.

18th May 2020 – KONPNE contacts MPs in the North East (all 22 of them….)

WOI-NHS-BorisTrump-WebBanner-1 (1)_0

We are urging everyone to write to their MP about the urgent need to support the amendments to the current Trade Bill. As part of this campaign, KONPNE co-ordinator Jude Letham has written to all 22 MPs on behalf of KONPNE, to put our views forward. The email is copied below – please follow this up by writing to your MP and/or arranging a Zoom meeting (many MPs are conducting Zoom surgeries with their constituents). Full information about the Campaign is on our events page here
Dear ……………
I hope you and your family are staying well through the current crisis.
Covid 19 has highlighted how precious our NHS is, but unfortunately, it is also very vulnerable as the current Trade Bill does not exclude the NHS.  We at ‘Keep Our NHS Public North East’ (including many of your constituents) have joined with ‘We Own It’ to argue for the Trade Bill to be amended, when it has its second reading on Wednesday 20th May.
I am sure you will agree that it is not enough to hear the Prime Minister and Liz Truss say that the NHS is not for sale: we need a legally binding commitment in the form of an amendment to the Trade Bill.  ‘We Own It’ have identified five things that the Trade Bill needs to include if the NHS is to be properly protected:
  1. Specific carve-out for the NHS, all health-relevant services and regulation: it should be illegal for the government to conclude a trade agreement which alters the way NHS services are provided, liberalises healthcare further, or opens up parts of the NHS to foreign investment. 
  2. No use of negative listing: these clauses require that all industries are liberalised in trade agreements unless there are specific carve-outs. It is not always easy to define what services count as health services: for instance, digital services may seem irrelevant to health, but NHS data management and GP appointments are increasingly digitised. Negative lists therefore make it harder for governments to regulate and provide health services. 
  3. No standstill clauses or ratchet clauses: these provisions mean that, after the trade deal has been signed, parties are not allowed to reduce the level of liberalisation beyond what it was at the point of signature. This can make it difficult to reverse NHS privatisation.
  4. No ISDS: Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clauses in trade agreements allow private investors to challenge governments over changes to domestic legislation. We need to be able to control our own laws. 
  5. No changes to drugs pricing mechanism: the US administration has publicly stated that they wish to use a trade deal to challenge the NHS’s drugs purchasing model, which keeps prices low. Medicines are vital to our health – there must not be any concessions on this in trade talks.
I hope you will argue for strong protections for our NHS and drug prices, and/or support Caroline Lucas’s ‘reasoned amendment’ that the Bill should not pass because of lack of scrutiny.
I look forward to hearing how you have supported our NHS and will report your response in our next newsletter.
Jude Letham   (Co-ordinator)    Keep Our NHS Public North East    

11th May 2020 – KONPNE discussion night via Zoom

Two inspiring video clips from recent on-line meetings provided an introduction to tonights informal discussion.  Julie Hesmondhalgh (actor and chair of Manchester Peoples Assembly, taking part in a People’s Assembly meeting) spoke of the current context and the need for change and John Lister (Health Campaigns Together, featuring in a Q&A session by Curzon Cinema) spoke of possible ways forward.
…and, of course, our discussion highlighted a resounding consensus about the importance of campaigning in the North East on both local and national issues. Due to the current social restrictions brought about by the coronavirus, we need to review the way we work and adapt accordingly, and some excellent proposals were put forward regarding the future. These will all be picked up and developed at our next KONPNE meeting on Monday 8th June. All  welcome – details here

John Lister - YouTube  Screenshot (24)

10th May 2020 – and spotted on Whitley Bay promenade this morning – we like your style!!

It is time for change. Members of the public are, literally, getting the word out on the streets…..

3rd May 2020 – Huge concerns about privatised COVID 19 call centre in North Tyneside

private healthcare

We have received some concerning information about the way that Covid 19 is being dealt with in North Tyneside – please see the following report from our colleagues in the health campaign group “999 Call for the NHS”: https://calderdaleandkirklees999callforthenhs.wordpress.com/2020/04/07/suspected-covid-19-patients-lives-are-in-the-hands-of-nhs-111-call-handlers-with-only-90-minutes-training/
In this article, it is alleged that call handlers for the 111 service employed by the private company Sitel UK in North Tyneside have been receiving as little as 90 minutes training on a script to follow, when they are contacted by people with suspected Covid 19 symptoms – there is a very significant concern about the quality of the service being provided.
Today, we have written to both Mary Glindon MP and Alan Campbell MP (North Tyneside MPs), North Tyneside Councillors, and Norma Redfearn (Mayor of North Tyneside) – and we await responses…
But the water is murky. An associated issue is that it was, indeed, North Tyneside Council who originally assisted Sitel UK (a subsidiary of the American owned company, Sitel) to set up their call centre at Cobalt Business Park, through the Invest North Tyneside initiative….doesn’t sit comfortably with the Councils response to the KONPNE formal question about health privatisation at the full North Tyneside Council meeting just two months previously (scroll down to 4th March 2020) when Councillor Karen Kilgour attempted to assure that “there is no risk of a privatised health system in the current structure”.
Lets be clear – a blanket one-off privatisation of our healthcare will not happen overnight – it is an incremental process, with an ever-decreasing NHS presence and a corresponding increase in contracting to private business. We have the skills in our NHS workforce – and we need to ensure that they remain there….and, indeed, we all have a part to play in ensuring that happens….

29th April 2020 – spotted in Fenham, Newcastle, this morning….

Cedar Road Cafe

This is very true. Every day, thousands of NHS staff, social care staff, and other keyworkers are literally putting their lives at risk when they go into work….and where is the back up from our politicians? Be sure about it – this Government will be called to account.

28th April 2020 – Huge respect and gratitude

With huge respect and gratitude from all at KONPNE on International Workers Memorial Day, Today we remember the sacrifice of the health workers and key workers who have died caring for us during the crisis, here and across the world.
Please observe a minute’s silence at 11.00am.
We are grateful to Gilda at Leeds KONP for artwork.


27th April 2020 – KONPNE and Zoom campaigning


Our first online meeting using Zoom – obviously not as engaging as meeting together and we are very aware that some people aren’t online…   But maybe there are also a few positives?? Some people have commented that zoom saves travelling time and, indeed, may be more accessible for those who live in outlying or rural areas, or where transport or mobility may be challenging. Anyway – we continue to try to utilise all means of communication open to us at any one time…in addition to zoom meetings, we have this website, our regular Campaign email updates, and very active facebook and twitter postings AND, most importantly, we rely on all supporters to spread the word….and we will be back to face-to-face meetings (and maybe also keeping some zoom gatherings??) as soon as we can.
The first meeting this evening went well, with 17 participants – our thanks to Jude for organising and chairing. Discussions and presentations centred around accessing PPE locally, the national KONP perspective on the Coronavirus Pandemic, and the range of activities which we can get involved in now (see here) .  The notes from the meeting are posted here: 27-04-20 KONPNE Meeting Notes
A heads up re two dates:
>>>> Monday 11th May @ 7pm – KONPNE online event – possibly video and online discussion….watch this space for information
>>>> Monday 8th June @ 7pm – next KONPNE online meeting via zoom – please log in at 7pm for introductory notices
More info about these two events, plus a users guide to zoom, are located here

26th April 2020 – Patient Care Not Company Profits

Hear Jude Letham, Co-ordinator of “Keep Our NHS Public North East”, outline the issues associated with the ongoing privatisation of the NHS.

24th April 2020 – Video briefing from Keep Our NHS Public (national office) Co-Chair Dr Tony O’Sullivan

Tony examines the lessons that can be learned from the Coronavirus Pandemic and outlines what we must now demand

22nd April 2020 – New video from singer/songwriter Bethany Elen

See North East musician / songwriter Bethany Elens new NHS video here:
and to buy the track, please click here https://bethany-elen.bandcamp.com/track/song-for-the-nhs
Bethany Elen has supported the campaign for many years, and we are grateful for her ongoing support.

21st April 2020 – Hear Dr Gerard Reissmann

Dr Gerard Reissmann, Newcastle GP and KONPNE steering group member, talks about Coronavirus and the desperate situation in nursing homes

16th April 2020 – UK / US trade deals and the North East

KONPNE support the great campaigning initative from “We Own It” regarding the current UK / US trade deals.  As long as NHS services are provided by private companies, our NHS is still on the table –  no matter what the politicians say.

Mary Glindon MP

John Whalley, a member of the KONPNE steering group has contacted his constituency MP to ask her to support amendments to the Trade Bill – Mary Glindon MP (North Tyneside) received the following email today, and the attachment is also linked below
Dear Mary, 
I hope you’re all as well as possible right now. 
My name is John Whalley and I’m a constituent – you may recall that we have communicated in the past regarding the NHS, and I am a Steering Group member of Keep Our NHS Public North East. Your ongoing support of KONPNE and what we stand for is greatly appreciated.
At this very difficult time I am, like everyone across the country, thinking about the health of my loved ones, my neighbours and the local community. Our NHS is doing an amazing job at caring for us, and it is crucial that we must continue the fight to protect it in the future –  I’m certain you agree. 
One current area of concern and activity is around the urgent need to protect our NHS from trade bills. KONPNE and We Own It are working on a campaign about this important issue, and I’m keen to communicate with you – possibly via zoom. I know the bill will come to parliament at some point and there are crucial amendments that need to be made. I attach a helpful briefing from We Own It. 
I know you must be incredibly busy, however this is a very important and current issue, and your contact would be appreciated . 
With regards, and thank you for your attention     John Whalley
The “We Own It” attachment to the email is here: WOI briefing on NHS_Trade
We will keep you updated on Marys response – but this is just the start and we now call upon all KONPNE supporters to join in with the Campaign. We ask that you contact your MP (email addresses for all North East MPs are here), and for as many people as possible to write (it would be great if a MP is contacted by a number of constituents). Full info and guidance is currently on our website “events” page here….your assistance would be greatly appreciated. It is CRUCIAL that the amendment is fully discussed and agreed.
Members of KONPNE work closely with “We Own It”. It is a highly regarded national organisation which campaigns for public ownership of public services – more information about their work is found here: https://weownit.org.uk/public-ownership/nhs

April 2020 – Coronavirus – GUIDANCE FROM THE NHS


For advice from the NHS about Coronavirus (Covid 19) incl symptoms, preventative actions, high risk groups, social distancing and self isolation, then please click here: 


and HUGE RESPECT to all healthcare workers from people across the country….

love NHS 2love NHS 3love NHS 4love NHSBlue Angel of the Northlove NHS 5Love NHS 6Banner in Exhibition ParkLove nhs 8

7th April 2020 – In Exhibition Park this morning…are YOU there to look after the NHS?

Banner in Exhibition Park

Spotted amidst the spring flowers, birdsong and sunlight this morning – Our NHS has been there for us for the past seventy years, and is fighting for us big style today. HUGE RESPECT to all healthworkers and keyworkers who are facing very significant personal risks in looking after us and helping us to get through these very difficult days…
Thought for the day is: Are you there to look after the NHS?  We need to restore the responsibility of the Secretary of State to provide a comprehensive, integrated, publicly owned NHS free at the point of need.
Check out the petition at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300019

28th March 2020 – Buy “Song for the NHS” by Newcastle singer/songwriter Bethany Elen Coyle

Song for the NHS

SONG FOR THE NHS by Bethany Elen Coyle
Written by Bethany Elen Coyle, and first performed by Bethany Elen and Ron Brown at the KONPNE / Peoples Assembly 2017 NHS Rally in Newcastle, Bethany is donating all proceeds from future sales to groups who are supporting NHS workers dealing with the current coronavirus outbreak.
Download plus unlimited streaming – £1.50 or more


26th March 2020 – Blue Sky, Blue Tyne Bridge, Lots Of Noise and HUGE respect

Love NHS 6

No black and white in sight in the toon tonight….blue all the way, plus cheers, clapping, lots of noise and HUGE RESPECT to our NHS workers fighting the Coronavirus pandemic

25th March 2020 – Open letter to Matt Hancock on the Private Healthcare announcement

KONP logo jpeg              we own it

25 March 2020
Dear Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health & Social Care,
Thank you for bringing private healthcare capacity into public control to tackle the coronavirus crisis. This was exactly what needed to be done. This vital boost to beds, staff and intensive care equipment will save more lives, plain and simple. 
We’re happy to hear you recognise that no one should be profiting off our collective illness. We’ve seen reports that ‘no profit will be made’ by companies, but now we need to see the deal. 
That’s why we’re demanding that this ‘deal’ be made public, every dot and comma of it. You have stated that it will be done with “Open book” accounting, and external auditors verifying the public money being used. But we deserve to see what is being contracted to private companies here, including staffing arrangements. As Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs offer their hotels to NHS staff for free, we repeat no profit should be made in this arrangement. 
Over 17,000 NHS beds have gone since 2010, meaning patients were already being sent to private hospitals for treatment, channeling cash and vital NHS staff to private companies. NHS capacity must be expanded to serve our communities: it is not there to prop up private companies.
This experience has taught us that we are all in this together, and that our NHS is a vital life saving organ looking after our health together, no matter whether you can pay. 
To keep our NHS intact at the end of this, we ask that you pledge:
  • That this ‘deal’ be made public, every dot and comma of it. 
  • To end all of these contracts after this crisis. We know that private companies are hungry for long term NHS contracts. This means chunks out of the NHS budget are given to companies who in turn take profits, wasting money and fragmenting our health service. We do not want privatisation by stealth. 
  • Reinstate our NHS by ending all privatisation across the service as soon as this is over. 
  • That the NHS gets adequate funding and capacity to guarantee proper staffing and the beds required to treat people, so that the long term crisis in our health can end. 
This crisis, that grips our families and friends every day, has shown that the NHS needed more capacity to deal with this in the first place. We hope to work with you to do this in the coming years.
Co-signed by:
We Own It, Keep Our NHS Public, Health Campaigns Together, Momentum, Doctors for the NHS, Our NHS, GMB, Medact

23rd March 2020 – KONP calls for immediate lockdown

Health Campaigners call for an immediate lockdown
Press release on behalf of Keep Our NHS Public – for Immediate use
23 March 2020
National NHS campaigning organisation Keep Our NHS Public, in solidarity with an increasing amount of healthcare staff around the country, is calling on the government to impose an immediate lockdown.
See: https://keepournhspublic.com/about-us/press/health-campaigners-immediate-lockdown

22nd March 2020 – Blue Angel of the North tonight for our NHS

Blue Angel of the North