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1: Our sincere thanks go to all NHS and Social Care staff 
2: NHS Strike Resources
3: It’s Time We Look After Them
4: Royal College of Nursing strike action
5: Ambulance Workers strike action (GMB, Unite, Unison)
6: Junior Doctors (British Medical Association) ballot for industrial action
7: Physiotherapy (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) strike action
8: Recent campaign activity in the North East re NHS workforce:  Protect the Right to Strike  |  Christmas Day 2022  |  Thank You to all in General Practice  |  Thank You to Sunderland Royal NHS Staff RCN Strike Day 2Thank You North Tyneside General North Shields Rally 2 for NHS Staff  |  Thank You to Freeman Hospital NHS Staff RCN Strike Day 1  |  Thank You to Durham NHS Staff  |  North Shields Rally 1
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Our sincere thanks go to all NHS and social care staff

Our staff deserve better – as a starter, the following needs to be done:
• Substantial pay rise for NHS staff as negotiated by their unions
• Make life better for staff, e.g. by provision of free car parking, access to hot meals and rest facilities; child care facilities at work; flexible working; subsidised accommodation
• Government to publish an annual workforce plan based on projected needs of population for health and care
• Bursaries for those training in health care (including allied health professionals) and payment of tuition fees where this is relevant
• Recruitment of staff from overseas to be underpinned by ethical principles, ensuring there is no loss of pay or inferior working conditions
• End visa charges and health surcharge for overseas staff, and give them the right to become British citizens
• Change pension rules to retain experienced NHS staff and remove barriers to retirees returning to work
• An immediate and urgent recruitment campaign to fill the 130,000 vacancies
• Social care to be radically reimagined and co-produced with service users, carers, workers and local communities
• Provide care workers with pay and conditions that reflect their high value and skills; minimum wage of £15/hr; training and career structure, with an immediate cost of living pay rise and for pay to be linked to inflation
• Increase GP numbers by at least 6,000 together with 26,000 more practice nurses and receptionists
• Support general practice and stop the negative briefings against GPs; recognise the importance to patients and GPs of continuity of care
• Massive increases in NHS beds and staffing are necessary if demand for services is going to be met. This requires substantially more investment than has so far been forthcoming, especially in community based preventive services
• Mourn those who have died from COVID-19 by maintaining the current memorial wall, establish both a new bank holiday and a monument to health and other key workers who have died.
From 2022 SOS NHS Conference – click here for info


A national disgrace

Food banks

A national disgrace





NHS Strike Resources

Messaging Guide to the Nurses Pay Dispute (principles, core message, stats)
Download the KONP “Stand with NHS Staff” leaflet (print off and share)
National KONP website page “NHS Strikes and Solidarity” (resources and links)
The LowDown     Nurses’ and paramedics’ pay fact sheet
Interactive StrikeMap, giving details of all current strikes in the UK
Join KONPNE in demonstrating our solidarity and support to the NHS staff on the picket lines – information is here  plus scroll down this page for photos.

strike 6




It’s Time We Look After Them

Excellent Youtube video with Tom Griffiths, Head of Campaigns, national KONP




Royal College of Nursing Strike Action

Thursday 15th and Tuesday 20th December 2022 – see photos and report below

Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th January 2023

Monday 6th February and Tuesday 7th February 2023


plus scroll down for more pictures from the North East
The RCN nurses are striking for their pay, our health, and the future of #OURNHS
Their struggle for pay justice is right at the heart of the huge problems facing our NHS services.  If we cannot win better pay and conditions for NHS staff, the staffing shortage crisis will only get worse. The worse the crisis, the more enabled the Government will feel to ‘rescue’ the NHS with increasing private sector involvement. 
Gay Lee writes:
“Nurses need better pay. Nurses are resorting to foodbanks and are being forced to decide whether to eat or heat. Health Care Assistants and Band 5 nurses form the bulk of the workforce and they are the worst paid.
We need to train more nurses and retain more nurses
Inexperienced nurses rely on experienced  colleagues – the very ones who are leaving or taking early retirement. Working conditions are so bad that the workforce is losing more staff than are joining
Still no plan for the NHS workforce
The Government had a chance to do something about pay. They could have agreed to a legally binding and funded workforce strategy when passing the Health and Care Act earlier this year. They refused this opportunity but it’s the only long-term solution. However one quick action to help retain nurses and immediately alleviate this nursing crisis is to sort out the pay dispute. And the only way to do this appears to be to strike because the government is not listening to anything else.
Safe care for patients
Nurses have a duty to keep patients safe and they want and try to, but are unable because of lack of funding and poor staffing levels. Daily we hear stories in the media of patients dying because of lack of beds, scanners, ambulances… and staff.”
Many thanks to RCN and KONP member Gay Lee for the above points. Read the full article on the national KONP website here.




Ambulance workers strike action (GMB, Unite, Unison)

ambulance 3

21st December 2022  (GMB, Unite, Unison)

11th and 23rd January 2023

6th and 20th February 2023 (Unite)

6th and 20th March 2023  (Unite)

More than 10,000 ambulance workers have voted to strike across nine trusts in England and Wales. Paramedics, Emergency Care Assistants, call handlers and other staff are now set to walk out. Workers across the ambulance services and some NHS Trusts have voted to strike over the Government’s imposed 4 per cent pay award – another massive real terms pay cut.
Rachel Harrison, GMB National Secretary, said: 
“Ambulance workers – like other NHS workers – are on their knees.  Demoralised and downtrodden, they’ve faced twelve years Conservative cuts to the service and their pay packets, fought on the frontline of a global pandemic and now face the worst cost of living crisis in a generation.   No one in the NHS takes strike action lightly – today shows just how desperate they are.  This is as much about unsafe staffing levels and patient safety as it is about pay. A third of GMB ambulance workers think delays they’ve been involved with have led to the death of a patient.  
Something has to change or the service as we know it will collapse.  GMB calls on the Government to avoid a Winter of NHS strikes by negotiating a pay award that these workers deserve.” 
Click here for the GMB poster
Click here for the Unite poster




Junior Doctors (British Medical Association) ballot for industrial action


The date the ballot for industrial action by junior doctors in England will open has been set for 9 January 2023.
A single national ballot of all junior doctor members of the British Medical Association in England will take place.In the last 15 years junior doctors’ take-home pay has been cut, in real terms, by more than a quarter. This year, the Government gave junior doctors a 2% pay uplift, which the BMA says amounts to a 10% real-terms pay cut when soaring inflation is taken into account.
The association said this means junior doctors are working more than a month for ‘free’ this year and that the Government has ignored all requests to meet with junior doctor representatives to discuss options. 
It is ‘deeply concerned that ongoing pay erosion will continue to drive doctors out of the profession, leading to a vicious cycle of dwindling staff numbers and worsening patient care’. 
Deputy chair of BMA council Emma Runswick said: ‘This is a defining moment for the medical profession which stands united behind today’s junior doctors in calling for pay restoration and fair working conditions.




NHS Physiotherapy staff (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) strike dates announced:

26 January and 9 February 2023


“We know taking strike action is an absolute last resort for CSP members, but NHS staff not only deserve better pay but also desperately need it during this cost of living crisis. This dispute will protect patient services both now and into the future, and it’s essential that the government comes up with an improved offer to avert further strikes and demonstrate they understand the scale of the problem”.
Click here for more info




Recent campaign activity in the North East re NHS workforce

1st February 2023: Protect the Right to Strike: TUC March and Rally – Civic Centre to Grey’s Monument, Newcastle upon Tyne

TUC Feb 2023-page0001

If you want a NHS, then you need to support the NHS Strike actions….and protect the right to strike.
Amazing scenes at Grey’s Monument today as thousands of people gathered in support of the right to strike – a HUGE march and rally – one of the biggest in Newcastle for a long, long time. Important to march together to show our teachers, firefighters, civil servants, rail workers, NHS workers and countless others that we support their action to defend pay, jobs and services. A clear message was sent to the government that we will not be ignored. 
KONPNE were proud to be there and we remember: NHS staff are striking for fairness regarding pay, our health, and the future of #OURNHS


25th December 2022 – Christmas Day card deliveries to Keyworkers 

IMG-20221225-WA0014 (2)

KONPNE outside the Freeman Hospital on Christmas Day – MANY MANY THANKS to all NHS Staff
We all know it – but perhaps we don’t think about it….? 
NHS staff provide comprehensive, expert healthcare and support 24 / 7 x 365 cover.   All days and all nights, Christmas Day included.    Surely THAT  is worth saving??   
We need to halt the steady erosion of our NHS.  Join us with the Campaign in the North East….click here for details of the January meeting.….and, between now and then, wishing you a happy and healthy time at Christmas 


23rd December 2022 – Card deliveries to GP surgeries across the region
Our thanks go to the many health professionals working at GP surgeries across the NE. You are, more often than not, the first port of call and have the superhuman task of managing an ever-increasing patient list and ever-increasing demands at a time of service cuts, closures, staff shortages and slashed funding. We delivered our Thank You cards to a representative number of practices and, to EVERYONE in Primary Care across the region, we offer an unreserved and sincere THANK YOU.

21st December 2022 – Sincere thanks to NHS staff in Sunderland

IMG_0950 (2)

A busy lunchtime – with the team at KONP Sunderland and District meeting, greeting and providing seasonal Thank You cards to nurses, receptionists, cleaners, physios and emergency response staff at Sunderland Royal. The NHS staff working in Sunderland make an impressive team, and we give our sincere thanks.

20th December 2022 –  We Stand with NHS Staff
KONPNE solidarity with @RCNNorthern @theRCN picket at Newcastle RVI and North Tyneside General on the second day of the RCN Strike.
KONPNE and, indeed, the vast majority of people in the country stand with NHS Staff – it can’t be made any clearer than that. 
strike 6


18th December 2022 – Festive KONPNE at North Tyneside General 
IMG-20221218-WA0009 (2)
This won’t shorten the waiting list, or improve working conditions, or put money in the wage packet – but our KONPNE Christmas Thank You cards for NHS staff are a small way of demonstrating a sincere Thank You, and were very well received by surprised North Tyneside General Hospital staff this morning. A sincere THANK YOU to all NHS staff in North Tyneside.

17th December 2022 – North Shields Rally 2 for NHS Staff

20221217_135830 (2)

Members of KONPNE were pleased to support and speak at the second in a sequence of two rallies in North Shields supporting the NHS strikes, hosted by the National Shop Stewards Network (NE). All trade unionists, patients & health workers were invited to speak on the open mic.
Craig Thompson, GMB North Tyneside, Assistant Branch Secretary: “This strike is not solely about wages. It is about safety, waiting lists, ambulances, shortage of doctors and nurses. This is a planned route to privatisation and must not happen”
Graeme Cansdale, RMT: “This demoralisation and underfunding is linked with the marketisation of our public services. Profit, the primary motive, is literally killing people”
John Hoare, Unite the Union Not for Profit branch: “The media vilifies anyone who stands up – not just political leaders, but also Union leaders. The National Shop Stewards Network brings together Trade Unionists from across the board, and that is what is now needed”
Caroline Cansdale, Unison North Tyneside: “Social care is an essential part of the picture. There is an need for additional funding”
Jude Letham, Co-ordinator, Keep Our NHS Public North East:  “One of the easiest ways to encourage privatisation in the NHS is to underpay and overwork NHS staff. We are standing alongside the nurses on the picket lines”
John Whalley, Keep Our NHS Public North East: “The NHS runs on the goodwill of staff – working longer hours to provide adequate cover, staying on late to write up notes, covering shifts at short notice, facing up to very significant personal risks throughout the recent pandemic. If we’re not careful, this goodwill will be lost forever”
William Jarrett, National Shop Stewards Network, North East: “The NSSN stands in complete solidarity with NHS workers and all workers engaged in industrial action. Our purpose is to link and unite their struggles and to coordinate wherever possible”
Click here for pix 

17th December 2022 – 7am: frosty weather and a very warm response at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle

IMG-20221217-WA0000 (3)

Frosty weather and a warm response – up at 7am to catch the early shift and the departing night shift…. our KONPNE Christmas Thank You cards were very well received by staff at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital.  Our sincere thanks go to you for all you have done over the past year.

15th December 2022 – Pay Justice for NHS Staff
Proud to stand alongside nurses and supporters outside the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne this afternoon, and outside North Tyneside General Hospital this evening. The Royal College of Nursing are striking for pay justice AND ALSO for the integrity of our healthcare system and for the future of the NHS. We stand with NHS Staff.


14th December 2022 – A huge Thank You to NHS staff in Durham
What can we say to our NHS staff at the end of the year that was? Or maybe, at times, actions speak louder than words? A Christmas card won’t shorten the waiting list, or improve working conditions, or put money in the wage packet – but it is a small way of demonstrating a sincere Thank You.
KONPNE Santa’s were at the University Hospital of North Durham this lunchtime, and our KONPNE cards were very well received by staff. A sincere Thank You to all at Durham.
Join us in giving out our KONPNE Christmas ThankYou Cards to NHS staff over the next few days…. it’s the very least we can do……
Saturday 17th December at 7am – Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, meet at bus stop by main gate
Sunday 18th December at 7am – North Tyneside General Hospital, North Shields, meet at bus stop on Rake Lane
Wednesday 21st December at 12 noon – Sunderland Royal Hospital, meet at bus stop on Chester Road
….. and another action – we will be supporting the nurse picket lines in Newcastle and North Tyneside tomorrow – click our action page on this website for info


10th December 2022 – Inspiring speakers at North Shields rally in support of NHS strikes 
Dr Helen Groom (KONPNE) and Dr Pam Wortley (SHA and KONP)
An amazing @NSSN_AntiCuts North Shields #NHSStrikes rally! Speakers included Michelle Barrett-Ruecroft (RCN), Craig Toft (Unite), John Harrison (DPAC), Dr Pam Wortley (SHA), John Hoare (Unite) and Dr Helen Groom (KONPNE). Many thanks to William Jarrett (NSSN-NE) for organising and hosting.
Dr Helen Groom: 
“What horrifies me is that over the last few years, as a country, we seem to believe that there’s nothing we can do to stop the increased privatisation of the NHS. We can. We need to start giving our politician’s very clear and unambiguous messages. WE (and that should include you) DEMAND that the government:  1. Pay Nurses properly: without fair pay, staffing shortages will cost lives  2. Invest in a fully publicly owned NHS & guarantee free healthcare for future generations”
Dr Pam Wortley:
We need -emergency investment to rebuild #OurNHS    -deliver pay justice to all health and care workers @NHSStaffVoices    -end private interests in the NHS
….and we do it all again next Saturday, same place!  Saturday 17th December 2022, 1pm at Bedford Street, North Shields. Make sure that you show your support for NHS staff – this Rally is about supporting fair wages, the integrity of our healthcare and the future of the NHS.
Click here for event details

strikes 2





ITV News     (15th December 2022)       Nurses strikes: Which hospitals in the North East are affected?
The Chronicle    (15th December 2022)    North East’s striking nurses say action is to protect ‘mams and dads, brothers and sisters’ during historic NHS walk-out
The Guardian     (3rd December 2022)    Ministers accused of ‘spoiling for a fight’ with nurses over pay
The Guardian     (27th November 2022)   Brexit has worsened shortage of NHS doctors, analysis shows
Observer     (27th November 2022)    Stress, exhaustion and 1,000 patients a day: the life of an English GP
KONP    (18th November 2022)     Why nurses need to strike
The Guardian     (18th September 2022)   There is no end point to the work of a GP – it is an almost impossible job to do well
The Guardian   (13th April 2022)   Third of GPs in England want to quit within five years, survey finds