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Information from “We Own It” is here:
Recent article from “The Lowdown”:
Why the next Labour Manifesto must pledge to legislate to reinstate the NHS(September 2017)    The “Open Democracy” article by Professor Pollock on the need to legislate to reinstate the NHS is here.
Video and audio:
Post-election reflections on the fate of the NHS in England and health and social care services in the North East (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, July 2017)
Professor Allyson Pollock, in this Public Lecture and Q&A session, reviews past and current developments in health provision and provides insight into ways forward for all who support and care for the NHS. Watch the video here.
The dismantling of our NHS and why we need an NHS Bill to reinstate it (Newcastle University, October 2017)
Recorded at Newcastle University in October 2017, Professor Pollock outlines the ins and outs of health policy over the past twenty years, culminating in the Accountable Care Systems of today – an American import which is clearly orientated to a private health takeover. Our NHS was the model for the rest of the world in 1948 – low cost, efficient and universal – and many European countries followed our health care model. We now need to reinstate it to public ownership. Listen to the audio recording here.
Privatisation of the NHS  (April 2014)
Watch this TED talk on the Privatisation of the NHS by Professor Allyson Pollock (18 minutes)
and reading:
NHS PLC        NHS PLC – Prof Allyson Pollock (2005)
NHS SOS         NHS SOS – Ed Dr Jacky Davis and Prof Raymond Tallis (2013)
NHS For Sale         NHS for Sale  – Dr Jacky Davis, Dr John Lister, Dr David Wrigley (2015)
El- Gingihy        How to dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps – Dr Youssef el-Gingihy (2015)


THE NHS BILL: The NHS in England is being dismantled and only a change to the law can stop the damage

NHS Bill
Changes in the law (esp Health and Social Care Act 2012) have brought about the dismantling of the NHS over recent years – only a change in the law can re-establish it as a publicly owned and publicly provided National Health Service, which includes the governments duty to provide the key NHS services.  Legislation is needed to re-establish these principles of the NHS.
The NHS Bill has been presented to Parliament on a number of occasions, but it has not received the necessary support for enactment.
Details of the most recent Bill are here:
As part of the KONPNE anti-privatisation exhibition in the summer of 2018, we invited all 22 North East MPs to send us a one-liner statement about where they stood regarding the NHS Bill ….some positive responses, some surprising responses (reading between the lines) and (sadly / interestingly) no responses from some….even though they are our elected representatives….
Click konpne st thomas exhibition mp quotes june 2018 to find out what your MP did (or didn’t) say at that time, and whether s/he had signed up…..We have added the line “Supporter of the NHS Reinstatement Bill” to those 10 MPs who have already signed up to the Bill (according to the website)
More information?  Read more about the past content of the NHS Bill here and check out the NHS Bill website, facebook and twitter