The NHS is under attack from all sides as the Government has used the cover of the pandemic to force through privatisation plans, with the controversial White Paper released on February 11th, the roll out of ‘Integrated Care Systems’ through the ‘Health and Care Bill’, the sell-off GP services, and continuing cronyism – all carried out at a time of increased danger brought about by the Trade Bill, and in the context of cuts, closures and the ongoing sale of NHS land and buildings. It is a complex picture but, as far as the Government is concerned, with one direction of travel.  

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Privatisation map

…..we have a health service now….but there’s no doubt about it….we’ll miss it more when it’s gone…. 


Privatisation v Public ownership.  It isn’t just about some ideological battle. It’s about whether all of us can have access to a strong NHS. There’s a lot to lose – and a lot we could gain if we all demand that public services work for people not profit. Say NO to privatisation.


….and in the recent (2022) Survation poll, there is overwhelming support for public ownership in the “red wall” constituencies (click here for the article in the Mirror)
survation poll

And it is sad to post the following tables.
This was the situation around 10 years ago. The NHS was the best healthcare system in the world, ranked number 1 by the Commonwealth Fund.  

Commonwealth Fund

A decade of Tory underfunding and criminal grade neglect has delivered the crisis we’re in.  The Commonwealth Fund’s Mirror, Mirror report – which analyses how healthcare in the US compares with services in other rich countries – has downgraded the NHS from top spot to fourth position in its global rankings, citing increased patient delays post-covid and lack of investment as the main reasons for the change….political decisions which pave the way for increased privatisation.
The NHS achieved top place in the Washington-based thinktank’s two previous reports, but now ranks behind Norway, the Netherlands and Australia.


See: The Lowdown    (10th August 2021)   NHS loses top spot in international rankings
          The Guardian    (4th August 2021)   NHS drops from first to fourth among rich countries’ healthcare systems

and also…..

Comparison of healthcare systems; efficiency and effectiveness

US Healthcare system

From: Mark E Thomas    Amending the Health and Care Bill     (September 28th 2021) 

More graphics and tables are on our “NHS Cuts” page here


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Stephen Hawking

….and a message from America…



Guardian 2


Charlotte Church


Hands up

You won’t see a ‘FOR SALE’ sign outside a hospital. but you might see some of these in the very very small print. You’ll miss it when it has gone – ask anyone from America…..

Selling the NHS

…. its seen a sharp rise:

Spire Healthcare

and, in London, some strategically placed and stark messages from @EveryDoctorUK   (October 2021)
and in terms of hard cash……

privatisation 3

and some excellent news….
4th March 2022: KONPNE sends huge congratulations to the striking workers at Barts Hospital who have now won their long fight to be brought back in house. Hundreds of cleaners, porters, security guards and domestic staff are to benefit from NHS pay, terms and conditions – these staff will be transferred across to join the existing Barts Health staff as NHS employees under the Agenda for Change (AfC) conditions – click here for info.
Outsourced workers at St George’s Hospital have also won sick pay alongside their NHS colleagues after prolonged pressure from the GMB union too. 
Never give up the fight….






>  The Observer     (12th February 2023)   NHS consultants run private firms charging to cut waiting lists at their own hospitals
> The Guardian     (25th January 2023)   Keir Starmer’s private prescription for the NHS is dangerous
> The Guardian     (23rd January 2023)   Mark my words: this will be the end of the NHS if the Tories have their way
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> The Guardian     (29th June 2022)     NHS privatisation drive linked to rise in avoidable deaths, study suggests
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> National KONP    (31st March 2022)    The NHS isn’t failing; it’s being failed: A doctor’s take on the latest NHS public satisfaction survey
> The Lowdown    (30th March 2022)   Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre under privatisation threat
> Guardian     (30th March 2022)   There has been a huge drop in NHS satisfaction levels – but don’t let No 10 blame Covid
> Union News     (3rd March 2022)     Win! St Bart’s NHS workers brought back in-house after Unite campaign
> National KONP       (10th March 2022)      This rushed-through Health and Care Bill is a threat to a truly universal NHS
> The Mirror      (8th March 2022)        NHS app will be new ‘front door’ to health service in huge Tory shake-up
> Barts Health NHS Trust      (3rd March 2022)      Barts Health cleaners, porters, security guards and domestic staff to be brought in-house
> The Guardian     (2nd March 2022)      Private healthcare boom adds to fears of two-tier system in UK 
> The Lowdown    (21st February 2022)       Centene’s investment shake-up could mean NHS u-turn
> The Lowdown    (21st February 2022)     Trust opens new surgery facility to avoid outsourcing care to private hospitals
> The Lowdown     (18th February 2022)   Plan to tackle NHS queues lacks funding for staff, but favours private sector
> GMB     (26th January 2022)     GMB London Ambulance Mitie members to go back in-house
> The Lowdown     (19th January 2022)    Past mistakes repeated in academy-style hospitals proposal
> The Guardian     (22nd January 2022)   The Guardian view on NHS privatisation: the wrong treatment
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> OpenDemocracy    (15th November 2021)   Three-quarters of UK public worried more NHS privatisation will damage care 
> The Good Law Project    (3rd November 2021)     EXCLUSIVE: Private hospitals were paid over £1.5 billion during the pandemic 
> The New Statesman    (30th October 2021)       Why we must fight to save the NHS from privatisation
> The Lowdown    (29th October 2021)   A history of privatisation part 7: A flurry of contracts and “reforms”
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> Open letter from “We Own It”    (23rd September 2021)   An open letter to Sir Keir Starmer on public ownership
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> The Lowdown    (9th July 2021)     Ramsay bid to become largest UK private health supplier
> British Medical Journal    (8th July 2021)    Covid-19: Billions spent on private contracts should have gone to public services, says people’s inquiry
> The Guardian    (30th June 2021)   Serco expects 50% jump in profits on back of Covid contracts
> The Lowdown   (14th June 2021)   History of NHS privatisation (part 6) :  NHS money commissions new private hospitals
> The Lowdown   (28th May 2021)    Virgin given seat on ICS Board
> The Lowdown   (28th May 2021)     NHS funds siphoned off as beds stand empty
> NHS New Deal (video)   (25th May 2021)   Big Pharma Monopolies and Patient Healthcare
> The Lowdown     (17th May 2021)       The History of Privatisation – Part 5
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> The Mirror    (1st April 2021)    Former private health firm chief ‘given job’ as No10 advisor
> OpenDemocracy   (30th March 2021)   We’ve won our lawsuit over Matt Hancock’s £23m NHS data deal with Palantir
> Keep Our NHS Public   (19th March 2021)   But aren’t all GPs private anyway?
> The Lowdown  (24th February 2021)   Privatisation: Key Facts
> The Lowdown  (21st February 2021)  A History of NHS Privatisation (Part 3)
> The Lowdown (19th February 2021)  Why does NHS privatisation matter?
> John Furse, London Review of Books (November 2019)   The NHS Dismantled   click here
> GP Online (18th February 2021)   US company’s subsidiary to hold nearly 1% of GP contracts in England
> The Guardian (16th February 2021)    My partner is pregnant – and the cost of giving birth in the US is stressing me out
> The Guardian (8th February 2021)     NHS dental patients ‘told to go private’ as watchdog warns of crisis
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> The Lowdown (4th February 2021)   US company in takeover of network of GP practices
> Tribune (18th January 2021)     Amazon Is Coming for Our Healthcare
> CK 999 Call for the NHS (20th January 2021)    Routine NHS funding withdrawn from another 31 diagnostic tests, treatments and operations
> We Own It (May 2019) When We Own It – a model for public ownership in the 21st century
> Public Matters (8th October 2019) How much of the NHS in England has already been privatised?
> The Lowdown (6th January 2021)   Private hospital group backs out of Covid deal to treat NHS patients
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> CK 999 Call for the NHS (14th December 2020) US companies poised to run NHS following proposed legislation
> The Lowdown (8th December 2020):  Vanishing front line beds pose threat to NHS future
> The Lowdown (22nd November 2020):  The beginning of the end of Subcos that affect low paid NHS staff?
> The Guardian (30th October 2020): ‘Profit over death’: millions of American diabetics struggle to afford insulin
> NHS Support Federation (October 2020): A snapshot of NHS outsourcing failures
> Byline Times    (31st March 2020)    Behind Closed Doors Johnson and his Cabinet Do Not Applaud the NHS – They Ideologically Oppose It
> Information from “We Own It” (2020) is here:
> Recent article from “The Lowdown” (2020):
> Staff morale / staff shortages in the NE (19th Nov 2019): True picture of the NHS in the North East – bosses say thousands of vacancies putting patients at risk
> CNBC    (11th February 2019)      This is the real reason most Americans file for bankruptcy
> The “Open Democracy” (September 2017) article by Professor Allyson Pollock on the need to legislate to reinstate the NHS is here.
> National report from The Centre for Health and the Public Interest; this report was published in April 2015, but still provides some important information and pointers for future action    The Contracting NHS: Can the NHS Handle the Outsourcing of Clinical Services?
>> Article on the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (June 2013)  Tritter and Koivusalo – Undermining patient and public engagement and limiting its impact – the consequences of the HSC Act 2012 on collective patient and public involvement 
>> Guardian article on Health and Social Care Act 2012  (March 2013)  Youssef El-Gingihy – Health Act means the death of the NHS as we know it 

Privatisation in the North East
> Privatisation in 111, On Call and Urgent Care; Northern Doctors -> Vocare -> Totally
and click here for our webpage Privatisation of Urgent Care
> Privatisation in Primary Care in North Tyneside
click here for an update regarding the Swedish company “Livi” in North Tyneside




Video and audio

> The Truth about NHS Privatisation – 2 minute video from Just Treatment (March 2022)
> An excellent 10 minute film from “Your NHS Needs You” is here  (January 2022)
> British people guess how much health care costs in the US – a video by Waleed Shahid 
> Privatising the NHS – A View from the Top  (Public Matters, December 2020)
> Hear Stephen Fry inBoris and Trumps Deadliest Trick” (July 2019)
Are Johnson and Trump trying to privatise the NHS? Which healthcare system is most likely to save you?  Killer facts are hidden by carefully constructed illusions… here
Screenshot (84)
> “The dismantling of our NHS and why we need an NHS Bill to reinstate it (Newcastle University, October 2017)
Recorded at Newcastle University in October 2017, Professor Pollock outlines the ins and outs of health policy over the past twenty years, culminating in the Accountable Care Systems of today – an American import which is clearly orientated to a private health takeover. Our NHS was the model for the rest of the world in 1948 – low cost, efficient and universal – and many European countries followed our health care model. We now need to reinstate it to public ownership. Listen to the audio recording here.
> “Post-election reflections on the fate of the NHS in England and health and social care services in the North East (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, July 2017)
Professor Allyson Pollock, in this Public Lecture and Q&A session, reviews past and current developments in health provision and provides insight into ways forward for all who support and care for the NHS. Watch the video here.
> “Privatisation of the NHS  (April 2014)
Watch this TED talk on the Privatisation of the NHS by Professor Allyson Pollock (18 minutes)
> United Voices (August 2020)
Personal stories of one group of cleaners, caterers and porters from St Mary’s Hospital in London – this is an inspiring story of resistance. This 20 min film charts their first strike through to an influential victory that benefits outsourced workers across five other hospitals. Click here
> See this short video Privatising the NHS from We Own It (2020)



Click here for information
Also – read the excellent “We Own It” report When We Own It – a model for public ownership in the 21st Century
(plus a two page summary is here )




WHEN WE OWN IT – A model for public ownership in the 21st century

Screenshot (262)


to link to the blueprint (May 2019) from the campaign group “We Own It”





The NHS in England is being dismantled and only a change to the law can stop the damage

NHS Bill
Changes in the law (esp Health and Social Care Act 2012) have brought about the dismantling of the NHS over recent years – and only a change in the law can re-establish it as a publicly owned and publicly provided National Health Service, which includes the governments duty to provide the key NHS services.  Legislation is needed to re-establish these principles of the NHS.
The NHS Bill has been presented to Parliament on a number of occasions, but it has not received the necessary support for enactment.
Details of the most recent Bill are here:
As part of the KONPNE anti-privatisation exhibition in the summer of 2018, we invited all 22 North East MPs to send us a one-liner statement about where they stood regarding the NHS Bill ….some positive responses, some surprising responses (reading between the lines) and (sadly / interestingly) no responses from some….even though they are our elected representatives….
Click konpne st thomas exhibition mp quotes june 2018 to find out what your MP did (or didn’t) say at that time, and whether s/he had signed up…..We have added the line “Supporter of the NHS Reinstatement Bill” to those 10 MPs who have already signed up to the Bill (according to the website)
More information?  Read more about the past content of the NHS Bill here and check out the NHS Bill website, facebook and twitter

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…and will this be your future “discharge note”?

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For those who want to end the #nhs – do you really want to deal with this?

medical bill