Conversations at the Monument

It was great to meet up with so many people at the #VoteNHS Roadshow at the Monument on Saturday  – all very aware of the forthcoming election day – and many were keen to share personal experiences regarding their contact with the NHS.

Five members of the public write down a personal message for our blog, copied here, word for word….

Greys Monument

I  text_heart_black  because…. I believe young people deserve to have a service my grandparents were lucky enough to have. This Tory government wants to sell everything off and make us have private health insurance like the USA. That is why I am voting on 8th June.
I   text_heart_blackbecause….they saved my life when I was 18 – I was in a road accident. Without the NHS, I wouldn’t be alive today, 42 years later. Everyone should have this protection, regardless of their income.
I   text_heart_black because…. we’re on the verge of the Conservatives selling it off into private hands, and this is our last chance to claim what belongs to us before it is too late.
I  text_heart_black  because….I lived in the USA for a few years, and private health insurance leads to exploitation. Peoples claims can be rejected on the smallest of issues. Someone I knew had a thumb cut in an accident – but found that his insurance only covered his fingers. People who get cancer and serious issues have to declare bankruptcy and lose their homes, as the state would not fund treatment.
Here in the UK – we need to Keep the NHS Public
I  text_heart_black  because….my wife had a very difficult pregnancy. Without going into the details, we spent half of the pregnancy term in the RVI (Newcastle). Without the five star treatment we received, I have absolutely no doubt that my wife and daughter would not be here today. I can’t imagine what the bill would have looked like for the care we received – we didn’t pay a penny.
The NHS is probably the greatest thing we have ever created, and has been a catalyst for the greatest era in social mobility we have ever seen.
The Tory government do not want the NHS and are dismantling it brick by brick under our noses. We’ve got to get them out. For ever.


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