Stronger Together…

No faffing about. No dilly dallying. No objections.

#CreativeGeordie, blogger 

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That was the purpose and the message at last night’s meeting in Newcastle. No faffing about. No dilly dallying. No objections. Various NHS campaigners from around the North East behaving as activists and organising a Health bloc at the NUT Education rally on Saturday 27 May, in Newcastle.
Before the looming General Election on 8 June, it’s one last push to inform any wavering members of the public that education and health are up there with the economy, DWP travesties and housing as the clinch pins of what this General Election is all about. All the issues that are against Tory ideology and austerity measures.
Amongst those present were: Save South Tyneside Hospital; Save North Tyneside NHS; Keep Our NHS Public NE; KONP Durham; KONP Gateshead and Defend Tynedale NHS Services. Officiently chaired by Tony Dowling, of People’s Assembly NE, the meeting lasted just under the hour. Everyone was in agreement – let’s stand united against the Tories and their dismantling and privatisation of OUR NHS.
In fact the NHS will be 69 years old on 5 July. And a week of celebration was discussed too. Hopefully it will be a celebration.
Let’s get this message out – hands off our NHS to the Tories. And let’s get Theresa May booking that removal van for 9 June.
Please join us on 27 May at Grey’s Monument. And look out on social media for further details of the route of the march and the speakers on that day.
It’s time to say loud n clear: Cut back? Fight back!
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