WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT – you are very welcome at any (or all !) of these forthcoming events

There is an overview here….and then please scroll down for details about each….

  1. November 2018, various times and venues: Join us at our local Council meetings

  2. Monday 26th November, 2pm, Gateshead: Joint STP Health Scrutiny Committee (all seven local councils)

  3. Thursday 29th November, 6.30 for tea and coffee and 7pm start, Newcastle: November KONPNE meeting

  4. 18th, 19th 20th December, Leeds: Save South Tyneside Hospital Judicial Review 

  5. Why wait?! Things you can be doing NOW!!!



>>>>>>> NOVEMBER 2018 >>>>>>>

KONPNE are keen for people to attend and observe some meetings at local Councils (especially the “Health and Wellbeing” and the “Health Scrutiny” meetings) so that we have a presence at these meetings and are able to keep up-to-date with CCG and Council decision-making regarding the local “Sustainability and Transformation Plan” and the proposed move to “Integrated Care Systems”…are you able to assist? These are sub-committees of the Council, and are all open to the public. You will not be expected to speak at the Council meeting, but we would appreciate some brief feedback by email or at the KONPNE meeting.

Please contact us at if you are able to attend some of these meetings – we are hoping to build up a group of KONPNE members who are willing to attend, but we will be starting off small!

Forthcoming council meetings are scheduled for:

******NB specific dates to be added******

Newcastle City Council (held at Civic Centre, Newcastle)

Health and Wellbeing Board meet every two months on the following Tuesdays at 4.30pm:  
Health Scrutiny Committee meets monthly  on the following Thursdays at 4.30pm:  

North Tyneside Council (held at the Quadrant, Silverlink)

Health and Wellbeing Board meet every two months on the following Thursdays at 2pm:   
Adult Social Care, Health and Wellbeing Sub-Committee (ie Scrutiny) meet monthly on the following Thursdays at 6pm: 

Northumberland County Council (held at County Hall, Morpeth)

Please contact us at if you are able to attend meetings in Northumberland – details are on the Council website

NTW and ND STP Health Scrutiny Committee (held at Gateshead Civic Centre)

This newly established Committee comprises Councillor representatives from all of the seven Councils in the STP area. The Committee meets every two months – please see details in separate post.

We will check the agenda’s in the week beforehand to check that relevant items are listed for discussion.

Local health campaign group members are already attending some of the South Tyneside, Gateshead and Durham Council meetings – if you live in one of those areas and wish to offer help, again, please contact KONPNE and we will put you in touch.

Thank you. 
Your help with this initiative would be greatly appreciated.


>>>>>>> MONDAY 26th NOVEMBER 2018 >>>>>>>


Gateshead 3

The next meeting of the Joint STP Health Scrutiny Committee (comprising three councillors from each of the seven NE councils, and focusing soley on the STP) will take place on Monday 26th November at 2pm at Gateshead Civic Centre.

It is good to have a brief discussion prior to the meeting, and we suggest that we meet at 1.30pm at Gateshead Civic Centre restaurant, which is located on the groundfloor.

This meeting is open to all to observe, and we are usually able to contribute and make our voice heard. We feel that our very presence in the room is a powerful message to the Councillors and CCG staff about the importance and public support for maintaining a publicly owned NHS, and we urge members of all campaign groups to attend, if possible. 

See you there? KONPNE will be presenting our petition and the comments made on the large scale card provided by NE residents at the time of the NHS 70th birthday.

The agenda confirms:

“Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) North East, will present the following two items to the Joint Committee:-

A petition from people across the region outlining the requirement that any future changes to health services in the NE are designed to maximise  health and wellbeing and are not financially driven.

A large scale card which contains hundreds of messages from people across the NE, which sets out the wishes of individuals regarding healthcare at the time of the NHS 70 birthday.”

The link to the agenda is here:


Angela Frisby has requested that, if possible, people email her, so that she can arrange seating at the Civic Centre: 

Further meetings are scheduled for:
Monday 21 January 2019 at 2pm
Monday 25 March 2019 at 2pm
all at Gateshead Civic Centre


>>>>>>> THURSDAY 29th NOVEMBER 2018 >>>>>>>

Join us at our November “Keep Our NHS Public North East” meeting – 6.30pm onwards for coffee and tea, with the meeting starting at 7pm, and finishing at 8.45pm.

We meet in Brunswick Methodist Church meeting rooms, Brunswick Place, Newcastle-upon -Tyne, NE1 7BJ. The meeting room is on the first floor – please contact us beforehand  at if you are a wheelchair user. The Methodist Church is situated in Newcastle city centre and is located under one minute from Greys Monument / Monument Metro, at the end of the small access road which runs between Waterstones and Jamie’s Italian. 

This is an open public meeting, and everyone who cares about the future of the NHS are welcome.

Our agenda will comprise a campaign update, followed by an informal discussion.  All welcome!

A more detailed Agenda will be posted shortly before the meeting. We meet together every 4 – 6 weeks, and the notes from our past meetings are posted on our news page here.

We look forward to meeting up with all supporters of our NHS – this is an open, public meeting, and you are welcome to come and have your say, or to sit and listen – whatever suits you best. We guarantee a warm welcome to all.

 KONPNE: No cuts or cash-driven closures // Fair pay to all NHS staff // No privatisation.


>>>>>>> 18th, 19th, 20th DECEMBER 2018 >>>>>>>

Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign

News from Save South Tyneside Hospital Campaign:

The Judicial Review on Phase 1 is to be held for up to three days beginning Tuesday December 18th,  Wednesday 19th, and Thursday 20th in Leeds Administrative Court.

We are planning to take a contingent of SSTHC there so we need to know who would be available for our trip to Leeds an “away team” either on one or even all three days as we will need a presence there. We will arrange transport and hotels if necessary!

We will also have a “home team” maybe during or before the event on the Monday 17th outside the hospital at lunchtime.

Please let us know if you can take part in a home or away event and what day or days available – we will update later with more details once we have them.

Roger Nettleship 


>>>>>>> NOW! >>>>>>>

Why wait? There are things you can be doing NOW – please check out the Take Action page here.

Please see this five minute video, which summarises some of the campaign activity throughout 2017. 
Click here:


We also provide information about meetings and upcoming events by email – please provide your name and email address to us at and we will be pleased to add your name to the secure circulation list.