WE NEED YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT – your involvement in any (or all !) of these forthcoming events / activities is welcomed.

There is an overview here….and then please scroll down for details about each….

  1. Protect the NHS from US trade deals – Get involved with “We Own It” campaigning; details below

  2. ONLINE – join online meetings and events (including the next KONPNE meeting)

  3. ONLINE – link up with information, discussions and webinars 

  4. ONLINE – three incisive films

  5. Sign and circulate three Petitions

  6. Buy “Song for the NHS” by Newcastle singer/songwriter Bethany Elen Coyle

  7. Follow decision-making at local Council meetings – May and June 2020, various times 

  8. Be active in keeping in touch with KONP North East…and tell your family, friends and contacts

  9. Why wait?! Things you can be doing NOW!!!


1: Protect the NHS from trade deals – Get involved with “We Own It” campaigning

we own it

WOI-NHS-BorisTrump-WebBanner-1 (1)_0

Our NHS needs our help. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are keen to work out a trade deal, and discussions have started.

The second reading of the Trade Bill took place on 20th May 2020, and the Hansard record of discussions is here – see contribution of Margaret Greenwood at 4.49pm. So – the risks continue. The next stage is for the Bill to go to a Committee Stage (this will be concluded on Thursday 25th June) and, thereafter, to the crucial third reading of the Bill, and then the House of Lords.

It remains clear that, as long as NHS services are provided by private companies, our NHS is still on the table, no matter what the Government says. But with so much going on in the media right now, we’re going to need much help to cut through the noise.

We’re heading into the most important phase of the campaign over the next few weeks, so now is a perfect time to get involved. Members of KONPNE work closely with “We Own It”, a highly regarded national organisation which campaigns for public ownership of public services (info at the end of this posting). The “We Own It” campaign has produced an excellent range of campaign materials – please utilise one, two or (preferably) all of the following ideas and resources:

1) Click here for information about spreading the word:

2) Write to your local paper / media to highlight your concerns – information and an excellent draft letter is here:

3) Write to your local MP to ask him/her to support amendments to the Trade Bill which protect the NHS and the UKs wider health and social care sectors from privatisation – email addresses of all North East MPs are listed on our website here.

You could request a zoom conversation with your MP? 

Guidance from “We Own It”, including a format letter to your MP is here: Meeting your MP virtually – The We Own It Kit (1)  Also, please feel free to attach this information sheet: WOI briefing on NHS_Trade

If you wish, please feel free to use this template letter from “We Own It”:

For info, we are looking for these five principles to be included in the Trade Bill:  Trade Bill amendment 5 principles

4) Print out the placard (below), take a photo and post it on your social media with the hashtag #HandsOffOurNHS and your personal message for the Prime Minister. If you’re not on social media, please print out the placard to place in your window at home or at work.

You already know the danger that the NHS is in – but thousands more around the country don’t. Your network of family, friends and contacts will massively increase the reach of the Campaign.

5) Watch (and share) this video:

6) Sign the petition (see “Petitions” part of this events page – lower down)

and finally

7) please keep in touch with us at KONPNE and also with the “We Own It” team – we are very interested to know what you are doing –  and   – thanks!

WoI Hands off our NHS

Our NHS CAN be protected from adverse trade deals – this is our opportunity to reach out and create a huge wave of support.

Members of KONPNE continue to work closely with “We Own It”. It is a highly regarded national organisation which campaigns for public ownership of public services – more information about the range of their work is found here: here:

Read this recent (7th May 2020) Guardian article from Cat Hobbs, founder of “We Own It” –


2: ONLINE – join meetings and events

>>>> Information and registration here for the free “We Own It” training seminar How to persuade your MP to protect the NHS. Seminars are provided on 28th May, 31st May, 4th June and 7th June.

We Own It

This is highly recommended by KONPNE, and provides a format and materials for effective campaigning.


>>>> Tuesday 2nd June 2020, 7pm – Whats Going On: Fatal Inequalities and Covid-19 – hosted by Keep Our NHS Public (National office) and NHSA Staff Voices

KONPNE 2019 joint logo with subline

Agenda and details will be posted here and on social media.

We look forward to seeing you!  

Like all KONPNE meetings, this meeting is open to all who support a publicly funded, publicly accountable and publicly provided NHS. The zoom meeting code will be provided to our supporters in the regular email mailings, and the code is also available via our social media and website.

If you are not familiar with zoom, we have found it very easy to use and intuitive…many thanks to XR Midlands for the attached very useful guide:  Zoom User Guide

If you would like to join the mailing list, then please contact us at (stating that you would like to join our secure KONPNE mailing list, and that you understand that you can unsubscribe at any time), and we will keep in touch with you.



>>>> Excellent weekly virtual meetings from Peoples Assembly – tune in live at 7pm on Thursdays, or watch previous meetings by scrolling to “Making Sense of the Crisis” posts here:
The People’s Assembly Facebook Page:

The People’s assembly Twitter Account
The People’s Assembly Youtube Channel


3: ONLINE – link up with information, discussions and webinars

>>>> National KONP Coronavirus Hub –  information and statement

Coronavirus statement

National “Keep Our NHS Public”have built a new webpage to help our members and supporters stay up to date with our response to the pandemic. This will be updated regularly and will be used to host coverage of the crisis by Keep Our NHS Public and its members.

Please click:

The KONP statement on the coronavirus pandemic is here:


>>>> An alternative to the Governments SAGE (Special Advisory Group for Emergencies): 12th May 2020 saw the advent of The Independent SAGE committee – a body of 12 scientists and experts set up in parallel to the government’s committee, and chaired by the former UK government chief scientific adviser Sir David King, who has criticised the official body’s previous lack of transparency.

Click here and then click “watch on youtube” for a dose of reality, impartiality and scientific recommendations….


>>>> Superb, free, online health campaigning journal – crucial to check out





>>>> National KONP video briefing from Co-Chair Dr Tony O’Sullivan.

Tony examines the lessons that can be learned from the Coronavirus Pandemic and outlines what we must now demand


>>>> Dr Gerard Reissmann, Newcastle GP and KONPNE steering group member, talks about Coronavirus and the desperate situation in nursing homes


>>>> Patient care not company profits
Hear Jude Letham, Co-ordinator of “Keep Our NHS Public North East”, outline the issues associated with the ongoing privatisation of the NHS.


>>>> An interesting online discussion about the impact of austerity measures – definitely worth a watch – see Episode 1 of  THE FLIP  here:


>>>> The Covid Report – with hosts Paul Mason and Afua Hirsch, first episode featuring Prof Allyson Pollock as one of the panel – find the link on our facebook page at  or find Covid Report on youtube

Paul Mason        Afua Hirsch


>>>> CORONAVIRUS – “The North East has overtaken London to have the highest rates of infection in the country”
“The rich are more likely to get better, the poor are more likely to die”
Listen to The World this Weekend – click here, and scroll to 5.18….recording available until 29th May

bbc radio 4


>>>> For a very interesting 30 minute discussion between Professor Allyson Pollock (Health campaigner and Newcastle University) and Dr John Lister (Co-chair KONP and Coventry University), please click here (….skip over the initial countdown on the recording)

Whilst this was recorded to highlight the issues covered in John Pilger’s film The Dirty War on the NHS, much of the discussion centres around Covid 19 and the way forward. Crucial viewing, highly recommended.

Allyson Pollock YouTube      John Lister - YouTube


4: ONLINE –  Three incisive films

>>>> The Dirty War on the NHS (John Pilger, 2019) – click the link below….and share….

This film has much resonance with the current 2020 situation; after the coronavirus crisis, there must be no return to “normal” – we must insist that the NHS is restored to what it was intended to be: a truly public service. The current situation reflects ten years of deliberate devastation by government policy. 

Dirty War on NHS


>>>> Watch the film The Great NHS Heist (2019, Drew McFadyen and BobGill) – click the image below, and then click the “watch on youtube” link

….and then please share widely


>>>> and, finally, the incisive Sicko (Michael Moore, 2007) – a timely reminder about why we do not want an American healthcare system. Click the image below, and then click the “watch on youtube” link


5: Sign and circulate three petitions

>>>> Petition 1 – KONP: Six key demands from NHS staff

six key demands

It’s clear that an urgent intervention is needed on the government’s Coronavirus response. Despite the massive threat posed by the pandemic, Boris Johnson isn’t doing what’s needed to support our health workers as they confront this crisis. This is doubly alarming given that our NHS is going into action following a decade of under-funding, under-staffing, and undermining from Conservative-led governments.

That’s why KONP have launched a new petition putting six key demands to the government. Please click to find out more, and to sign.


>>>> Petition 2 – Revoke the Health and Social Care Act 2012

You Gov petition

We have seen in recent days how NHS England (NHSE) took back powers from local Clinical Commissioning Groups in order to act as a national body once again.  Was there ever greater evidence that we need a National Health Service and not a fragmented, privatised system?

The Government has, yesterday (11.5.20), responded to this petition – click the link below to read the full response….
This includes:
“We are clear that patients should always be able to access the best possible treatments based on quality of care and value for money, not the type of provider they receive this care from”
“To support integration strategically, from April 2021 all areas of England will be covered by Integrated Care Systems, allowing local NHS organisations to work alongside local government and other partners more closely than ever before, to plan and improve care for their populations”
“The NHS has also published a set of recommendations for legislative changes that would enable the NHS to go faster and further in realising the ambitions set out in the Long Term Plan.”

Run down the NHS > highlight the subsequent needs > legislative changes, open up the market more and more > sell off, large-scale, to the cheapest bid > restrict treatments > commence treatments underpinned by health insurance.
NHS privatisation loud and clear.
Join a campaign group…..or (at the very least) sign this petition so that it is debated in Parliament….or dig your head in the sand??

Click here    to read the Government response, to sign the petition …. and to pass it on.


Petition 3 – Amend the new Trade Bill

WOI NHS trade deal web banner

The coronavirus crisis shows how important our NHS is – but even now, the government is trying to sneak through legislation which gives no protection for our NHS from trade deals.

During the election, thousands of people campaigned with “We Own It” and “Keep Our NHS Public” and so much pressure was put on Boris Johnson that he pledged the NHS would not be on the table in a Trump trade deal.

However, the government has now quietly published a new Trade Bill and this legislation sets out the way that the government can strike trade deals with the US and others now that we’ve left the EU. But it doesn’t contain any concrete protection for the NHS, despite Johnson’s repeated promises before Christmas.

Today, we need our NHS more than ever – but it needs us too. We can’t let the government get away with sneaking this legislation through unamended. 

Tell Johnson to keep his promise to keep our NHS off the table

Sign the petition here:


6: Buy “Song for the NHS” by Newcastle singer/songwriter Bethany Elen Coyle

Song for the NHS

Written by Bethany Elen Coyle, and first performed by Bethany Elen and Ron Brown at the KONPNE / Peoples Assembly 2017 NHS Rally in Newcastle, Bethany is donating all proceeds from future sales to groups who are supporting NHS workers dealing with the current coronavirus outbreak.

Download plus unlimited streaming – £1.50 or more


7: Follow decision-making at Council meetings – May and June 2020


KONPNE are keen for people to follow decision-making at local Council meetings – either by tracking Council minutes online or by attending as an observer. It is crucial that we are aware of discussions at specific meetings  (the “Health and Wellbeing” and the “Health Scrutiny” meetings) so that we are able to keep up-to-date with CCG and Council decision-making regarding “Integrated Care Systems,

Are you able to assist with your local Council – one of Newcastle, Northumberland, North Tyneside or Gateshead? The papers of the meetings are in the public domain, and they are all sub-committees of the Council. Also, if you are able to attend, then these meetings are all open to the public – you will not be expected to speak at the meeting, and would be there as an observer. The option of tracking online or attending in person, or a mixture of both, is completely up to you – all is valuable. Whichever option you choose, we would really appreciate some brief feedback by email to or verbally at the KONPNE meeting. This work generally averages out at around two meetings per month per Council – so keeping up-to-date with the minutes and sending a brief update to KONPNE on matters relating to the ICS may take around 1 hour per month….

Please contact us at if you are able to help out – we are hoping to build up a group of KONPNE members who are willing to be involved in this way.

Click on the links to the Council websites listed below to find out the details of specific meetings – especially the dates, as the usual meeting day can change from month to month.

Newcastle City Council (held at Civic Centre, Newcastle)

Health and Wellbeing Board (“Wellbeing for Life”) meet every two months on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at 4.30pm 
Health Scrutiny Committee meet monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 4.30pm
Dates of future meetings, past minutes and further details are at:

North Tyneside Council (held at the Quadrant, Silverlink)

Health and Wellbeing Board meet every two months on Thursdays at 2pm 
Adult Social Care, Health and Wellbeing Sub-Committee (Scrutiny) meet monthly on the first or second Thursday at 6pm
Dates of future meetings, past minutes and further details are at:

Northumberland County Council (held at County Hall, Morpeth)

Health and Wellbeing Board meet every two months on the second Thursday at 10am
Health and Wellbeing  OSC (Scrutiny Committee) meet monthly / two monthly on the first Tuesday at 1pm
Dates of future meetings, past minutes and further details are at:

Gateshead Council (held at Gateshead Civic Centre)

Health and Wellbeing Board meet every two months on Friday at 10am
Care, Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee meet monthly on Tuesdays at 1.30pm
Dates of future meetings, past minutes and further details are at:

Joint Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) for NENC “Integrated Care System” and North and Central “Integrated Care Partnership” (held at Gateshead Civic Centre)

This recently established Committee comprises Councillor representatives from seven Councils in the NE area. The Committee meet every two months on the third or fourth Monday at 1.30pm or 2pm
Dates of future meetings, past minutes and further details are at:

Members of other local health campaign groups also have some presence at some of the NorthumberlandSouth Tyneside, Sunderland and Durham Council meetings – if you live in one of these areas and wish to offer help to one of the local campaign groups by tracking or attending the Council meetings in your area, again, please contact KONPNE and we will put you in touch with the relevant local group.

Thank you. 
Your help with this initiative would be greatly appreciated.


8: Be active in keeping in touch with KONP North East…and tell your family, friends and contacts

All of our regular face-to-face monthly meetings are, of course, cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and we are now holding meetings via zoom.  Details of all scheduled zoom meetings are posted above and in our social media  – it would be good to see you and hear from you!!

We circulate a regular campaign briefing by email –  If you would like to add your email address to the circulation list, then please contact us at (stating that you would like to join our secure KONPNE mailing list, and that you understand that you can unsubscribe at any time), and….hey presto.

Also, we host lively facebook and twitter platforms…please help the Campaign by liking, following, commenting, sharing, tweeting, retweeting….and all other clever electronic manoeuvrings…Our social media is updated daily and works well….so long as it is shared….. find us at and   We are always on the look out for help with our social media – let us know if you have time to assist.

And finally, please let us know what you are doing….we like to be kept in touch – contact us at

At this time, we offer our gratitude and MASSIVE respect to all health workers and keyworkers.

Take lots of care and keep in touch – all at KONPNE xx


9: NOW! 

Why wait? There are things you can be doing NOW – please check out the Take Action page here.

…and ALSO…!!!

Please also see these five minute videos, which summarise some of the campaign activity throughout recent years:

For the 2019 video, please click here:

for the 2018 video, click here:

….and for the 2017 video, click here:


Finally, we are happy to provide information about meetings and upcoming events by email – please provide your name and email address to us at and we will be pleased to add your name to our circulation list. We keep a record of your name and email address only – this remains confidential and secure, and we never share this information with anyone else. We will send an NHS Campaign email to everyone on an approx monthly basis and you are able to unsubscribe from the list at any time.  

“Keep Our NHS Public North East” takes consent and confidentiality very seriously and these arrangements are to comply with data protection regulations.