New Years Eve 2021

Christmas 1

NEW YEARS EVE: Behind the NHS tinsel and glitter is the reality of life and death – 24/7 operating, assessing, measuring, scanning, recording, medicating, exercising, washing, cleaning, feeding, transporting – and we give our heartfelt thanks to all NHS workers for caring for us in many varied ways over the festive period and throughout the year….
Some say that the NHS is a system or organisation – but we know that it is our friends, relatives, the guy next door, the woman in the cafe and that person up the street who want to do their very best – not “angels” or “heroes”, but people with families and homes who have their own share of happiness and joy and stress and sadness and who, at work, are caring and hardworking professionals who want to make a difference.
Throughout 2022, the Government now need to match this by providing a good working environment – and not running down our services; by ensuring adequate staffing – and not diminishing our workforce; and by paying a fair wage – and not a low wage.
Behind the tinsel and glitter, that is the reality. 2021 has been a long and difficult year, and we give our sincere thanks to all NHS staff. We also thank all KONPNE supporters for their persistence in fighting for a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable NHS, which is available to all. Thankyou for being part of the team in 2021 – and we’ll be back in the New Year to join forces and to continue the fight. See you then – and wishing all a very happy and healthy New Year
xx Keep our NHS Public North East

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