THIS is how they’ll kill the NHS

The attacks on comprehensive universal healthcare are now getting louder – we need to push back hard

Caroline Molloy, Editor of “Our NHS” – part of the independent on-line “Open Democracy” website


IT’s just been announced that smokers & overweight (BMI>30) people are to be banned from ALL non emergency services (going against stiff opposition to this plan from Royal College of Surgeons). The plan is now coming into force in Hertfordshire, and is proving to be the most extreme plan yet. 
It is very much worth sharing the article by Rachael Maskell MP (a former NHS professional herself) from earlier this year, on similar happenings in York.. and why it’s a terrible, counter-productive idea.
The attacks on comprehensive universal healthcare are now getting louder – from smokers and the overweight, to migrants, to older people, to people who move around and aren’t registered with GPs….
And it will get worse next year. We need to push back hard.




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