North East March and Rally for the NHS – one thousand individuals, but united


A blog from two in a thousand

For me, one of the strongest feelings associated with a March is the acceptance that we are all different  – we don’t necessarily know who is walking in front or behind us – but also that we are all one. We share at least one belief in common.

Saturday 4th February 2017,  and we joined together in Lovers Lane. Nothing clandestine or indiscreet on this occasion, but driven by a need to show emotion or to tell the world.  

My friend happened to be marching alongside someone who fessed up to being an overworked NHS doc, and here is his message “….morale amongst my colleagues is at an all-time low, and we fear that the general public has been blinded by the subversive and stealthy nature of the various attacks on the NHS, and the misinformation in the media. We also fear that we are alone in the fight to defend our health service, but after seeing the turnout today, and hearing so many people talking openly about the real causes of the problems our health service faces, there is hope again that the fight isn’t yet lost. I am so happy that the general public is starting to see through the smoke and the lies, and that so many people are so passionate about keeping our NHS”.

We walk shoulder to shoulder on the March, and I truly hope that this doctor will also remember the other 999 people here today when carrying out his day-to-day work. We respect what you, and the other docs, and what the thousands of nurses and all the other NHS staff do for us every hour of every day. Somewhere along the line we have lost the plot, but now we’re coming out fighting and hopefully it won’t be too late.


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