The facts about what is happening to the NHS are terrifying, but taking action doesn’t need to be. Every one of us can take a few quick and straightforward steps which will help in the fight to safeguard the NHS. 

Please see this five minute video, which summarises some of the campaign activity over the past twelve months.  Click here:  https://youtu.be/TP78ZC6-L6k

Please read on….. and take as many steps as possible.



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Sign our petition  – to show your agreement to the following:

Keep Our NHS Public North East petition to CCGs and Local Authorities in the North East.
I believe in a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly accountable NHS, available on the basis of need.
I believe that access to high quality services is a right for all people.
I do not accept the underfunding of the NHS and social care, with the subsequent cuts to services in the North East.
I call upon the CCG and the Local Authority to be transparent about future plans, and the impact these will have on our NHS and social care services.
I demand that the CCG and Local Authority work to ensure that services are fully funded and that any future change to services in the North East are designed to maximise health and wellbeing, and are not financially driven”

In 2 minutes, you could also add your name to the national 38degrees petition in support of the NHS Reinstatement Bill      More information about this important Bill is here.  



Watch a couple of great videos that really help to explain what is happening to the NHS:

The real cost of living, a You Tube video from Save Our NHS (3 minutes)


Help us to develop our campaign activity further over the coming months. If you are in a position to help financially with a monthly standing order, then this would be a huge help. All contributions are very gratefully received, however small. 

Our bank details are:
Bank – Co-op       Sort code – 08 92 99       Account – 65517907       Name – KEEP OUR NHS PUBLIC – NE

Many thanks to all who kindly donate money. This is greatly appreciated, and every penny is used wisely in our campaign to Keep Our NHS Public. It is fantastic to know that we have a committed group of supporters.



Check out the work of another local group – all addresses are on our links page here.

Look at the national Keep Our NHS Public website.

Check out Health Campaigns Together – the national collective of health organisations which work together to save the NHS.

Did you know the government no longer has a legal responsibility to provide healthcare to the British public? Find out more and what can be done about it on the NHS Reinstatement Bill website here .

Read this article about why the NHS model is better than a privatised model, with part 2 of the article here.

Watch this video filmed in the North East in 2016 (10 minutes)



Write to your MP, asking him / her to stand up for the NHS. You can find the email address of your MP by entering your postcode here and there is also a list of local MP email addresses here .

You might like to include some of the following facts, but please use your own style to make the letter unique.

The NHS remains an institution of which the British remain rightly proud.
The failure of the current government to increase spending in keeping with healthcare inflation has led to the worst financial crisis in NHS history; the often quoted £8 billion ‘boost’ is not enough, and is a smoke screen as at the same time cuts of £22 billion are being imposed.
By 2021 we will be spending just 6.6% of GDP on healthcare, as compared to France and Germany, who spend 11%. We cannot expect high standards of care on only 60% of the funding we should expect.
International independent research by the Commonwealth Fund ranked the NHS as the most efficient healthcare system of the fifteen first-world nations it assessed – there is no more ‘efficiency’ to be squeezed out of the NHS.
The Commonwealth Fund has consistently ranked the USA lowest for efficiency, as well as access to care and a number of other crucial quality markers. Yet it is American companies, such as United Health, that are taking over sectors of the NHS.

It would also take around 15 minutes to email your local Councillor, requesting that s/he is proactive in working against any further cuts to health and social services, and please ask for their response to your email. The names and email addresses of your ward councillors can be found on your Councils website, plus please copy in the Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, and the Chair of the Scrutiny Committee. This is democracy in action – please ensure that your voice is heard.



Watch this talk on the Privatisation of the NHS by Professor Allyson Pollock (18 minutes)

More reading! Check out NHS For Sale by Jacky Davis, John Lister and David Wrigley, NHS plc by Allyson M Pollock,  How To Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps by Youssef El-Gingihy, or NHS SOS by Jacky Davis and Raymond Tallis



Join us on at our meetings and campaign activities – see Upcoming Events page on this website.

Email us at konpnortheast@gmail.com to request us to make a presentation or lead a discussion with your Union, political group, church group, community centre, WI, Rotary, Knit and Natter, toddler group…. the more people who hear about these issues the better.

Talk to friends and family about what is happening to the NHS – too many people think the NHS is too loved to be destroyed. Sadly, this is not true and it is important that people understand that the NHS is being dismantled. This is not party political – all political parties have damaged the NHS whilst in power – and we feel strongly that all parties now need to make a commitment to work together to maintain our NHS.



Check out our Resources and Links pages for additional materials and further contacts, and also email us at konpnortheast@gmail.com – we would love to hear from you